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  • The Edge Of A Dream (M. Riperton R. Rudolph) - Minnie Riperton
    "The ripples run into the sun And your smile blends with the clouds that flutter by me As I sit on the edge of a dream What do I see? What do I see? I see the children playing in the sun And there"
  • Skinny Minnie - Bill Haley & his Comets
    "My skinny Minnie is a crazy chick, Six foot high and one foot thick Do I love her Does a boy love pie She is the apple of my eye, Skinny Minnie She ain't skinny, she's tall, that's all Tho' her shadow"
  • Skinny Minnie - Bill Haley
    "SKINNIE MINNIE - BILLY HALEY & HIS COMETS Well, my skinnie minnie has a clay as a cheek And I was 6 feet high and one foot thin And now I do I love her, does a boy love pie? Well now and she has the eye"
    "chciałbym się wyprowadzić do dużego miasta żeby mieć o czym pisać i mieć cie gdzie zabrać choć nawet nuda z tobą to jest dla mnie zajefajna powiedz co przyniesie nam przyszłość pod kapslem Tymbarka jestem"
  • Light My Fire - Minnie Riperton
    "(The Doors) You know that it would be untrue You know that I would be a liar If I were to say to you Ohh, we couldn't get much higher C'mon baby light my fire C'mon baby light my fire Try to set"
  • Seeing You This Way - Minnie Riperton
    "(M. Riperton R. Rudolph) la la la la la la la la la la... Seeing you this way makes me feel so happy Seeing you this way makes me feel so good You come alive You fill the world with magic When"
  • I'm In Love Again - Minnie Riperton
    "(M. Riperton - R. Rudolph) I'm in love again, this time I think that it's for real I'm in love again, I think I know just how you fee It's like waking early on Christmas morning And finding the"
  • I'm A Woman - Minnie Riperton
    "(Riperton - Rudolph - Thedford) I'm silk and satin And I know child and lover's pain But don't be fooled 'cause I'm tender hearted I'm stronger than a hurricane I like fire, I like ice I can cut"
  • It's So Nice - Minnie Riperton
    "(M. Riperton R. Rudolph) It's so nice to see old friends 'Cause we've all gotten very much higher It's so nice when you come around again Sits, and laugh, have a smoke by the fire I know it won't"
  • Inside My Love - Minnie Riperton
    "(M. Riperton - L. Ware - R. Rudolph) Two people, just meeting Barely touching each other Two spirits greeting Trying to carry it further You are one and I am another We should be one inside each"
  • Love Hurts - Minnie Riperton
    "(Riperton -Rudolph - Henderson) You've been found shot down Crossin' over love's borders, yeah You found out with out a doubt Now that she did it back to you You never knew Love hurts when love"
  • Could It Be I'm In Love - Minnie Riperton
    "(M. Riperton R. Rudolph) You move me... I'm burning Such passion I'm yearning One thought keeps returning Could it be... I'm in love? You touch a place in me that feels so divine I can't recall"
  • Stay In Love - Minnie Riperton
    "(M. Riperton R. Rudolph) And lately I've been thinking About what we have together Our own special harmony Makin' love by heaven's light Oooh it feels so right Lovin' you...lovin' me Let's stay"
  • Young Willing And Able - Minnie Riperton
    "(M. Riperton R. Rudolph M. Henderson) I'm young willing and able ... to make you come apart at the seams I'm young willing and able ... think of me as peaches and cream Just step up to my table"
  • Adventures In Paradise - Minnie Riperton
    "(M. Riperton J. Sample R. Rudolph) I believe any dream that I want to That ain't the only way of keeping hope alive And if by chance I give birth to my visions Life is so fantastic it will come"
  • Baby, This Love I Have - Minnie Riperton
    "(M. Riperton - L.Ware - R. Rudolph) Things I say and do may not come clear through My words may not convey just what I'm feelin' But I hope you'll recognize what's right before your eyes Oh, your"
  • Don't Let Anyone Bring You Down - Minnie Riperton
    "(M. Riperton R. Rudolph) I'm not gonna sing the blues Cause I don't wanna cry I only wanna be as free as the skies Don't let anyone bring you down Say what you wanna say But I've got it right"
  • Song Of Life (la-La-La) - Minnie Riperton
    "(M. Riperton - R. Rudolph - L. Caston - J. Wieder) la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la... Come sing the song of life There's a song that sings to me all of life's music in sweet harmony And you can"
  • Strange Affair - Minnie Riperton
    "(M. Riperton - R. Rudolph - M. Henderson) Hey there everybody, out there gettin down Steppin with the fashions, throwin love around You're hustlin for money, you playin' the big man's game Going around"
  • Memory Lane - Minnie Riperton
    "(Riperton Rudolph St. Lewis) I stumbled on this photograph It kinda made me laugh It took me way back Back down memory lane I see the happiness... I see the pain Where am I... back down memory lane"

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