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miss i now

  • I Miss You Now - Stereophonics
    "I feel numb wanna hold you wanna tell you that you'll be alright Sad news from todays call All the pictures are all in my mind I miss you now Older we're getting older are all my old friends gonna leave"
  • Miss You Now - Eric Dill
    "I try so hard to move forward But I keep looking back If I turned around I would find you But what's the point in that? Thought the place we built was invincible Or so I believed But the sky grew dark"
  • Don't Miss Now - Downhere
    "The life you chose There's never a list for it Of cons and pros You find what you love, and you commit And you're looking so far down The road so well That you could forget your crown Isn't just somewhere"
  • I don't miss you now - Colin Hay
    "Hey now babyYou never left me alone yeahYou used to own meI was wasting my life awayHey but latelyYou're no longer the onlyI must have been crazyBut there's no prize for the lonelyI don't miss you nowI"
  • Now That I Miss Her - Elefant
    "NOW THAT I MISS HER When I first saw her, I knew that I loved her When I said goodbye, I knew that I lost her Now that I miss her, I wish I could kiss her And tell her c'mon girl, you know that I need"
  • I Miss You - Schiller
    "(feat. Maya Saban) I miss you - where are you now I miss you - where have you gone I miss you - waiting my whole life for you I miss you - but i never met you yet I miss you - i believe in dreams I miss"
  • I miss you - Nomy
    "I still see you and me and me You've been gone now to long, to long But I miss you There's no one to save me now I'm standing on the edge and still I wonder how God I miss you. God I miss you I'm broken"
  • I Miss You - Flip N Fill
    "*talking* all i ever wanted is 2 know that u care but all these feelings i have for you i never knew it could go so wrong i miss you its to feel your touch against my skin i hear your voice deep within i"
  • I Miss You - Badfinger
    "Though you've been gone for just a week It makes me feel so sad to speak Lady come back I miss you And though before I didn't cry Now my eyes are never dry And a thousand jesters couldn't make me smile I"
  • I Miss you - JackSoul
    "Looks like I had (baby) My day in the sun (baby) There's no more sunshine And I miss you babe. The world starts to move around me And I should get up soon baby But there nothing in me And I miss you babe. I"
  • I Miss You - Klymaxx
    "VERSE ONE Thought I heard your voice yesterday Then I turned around to say that I loved you then I realized that it was just my mind playing tricks on me.... It seems colder lately at night and I try"
  • I Miss You - Aaron
    "I miss you I'm talking to you baby I miss you We used to talk, And laugh all night girl What happened to those days? Did they all just fade away Holding you in my arms Made me feel so happy Then you"
  • I miss misbehavin - Aaron Tippin
    "I used to smoke and stay out late Sometimes I drank more that I ate I used to think, man, I was bad Why, I'd fight at the drop of a hat I took a walk on the wild side I guess I'm lucky that I survived"
  • I Miss Misbehavin' - Aaron Tippin
    "I used to smoke and stay out late Sometimes I drank more that I ate I used to think, man, I was bad Why, I'd fight at the drop of a hat I took a walk on the wild side I guess I'm lucky that I survived"
  • I Miss You - Vaughan Penn
    "You were my Moses staff You were my heart's desire You were my miracle In this muddy mire And God I miss you I miss you I miss you Now I fall where I fall I just lay where I lay And I am what I"
  • I Miss You - Darren Hayes
    "Gimme a reason Why I'm feeling so blue Everytime I close my eyes, all I see is you Gimme a reason Why I can't feel my heart Everytime you leave my side, I just fall apart And when you're fast asleep,"
  • I Miss Her - Fun Factory
    "Music: Guy Simone Lyrics: Guy Simone deep in thought and oh so far away thinking about the pleasures that we shared night and day my life my love will never remain the same without you praying for my lover"
  • I Miss You - Miley Cyrus
    "Sha la la la la Sha la la la la You used to call me your angel Said I was sent straight down from heaven You'd hold me close in your arms I love the way you felt so strong I never wanted you to leave I"
  • i miss u - Jax Jones & Au/Ra
    "I only miss you whan it rains Ans when i listen to the radio Go past your station on the train And then i’ll think of you Can’t help but think of you Seasons change and i remember How you loved me liek"
  • I Miss U - Nicole Scherzinger
    "(Nicole) I M.I.S.S. you I M.I.S.S. you and I never ment to hurt you I never ment to pull you down and I never ment to brake you I really am sorry I really am sorry I made a big mistake lettin you go I"

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