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miss too you

  • Miss Me Too - Wyatt
    "Miss Me Too Nobody here does a single thing That could persuade me to see that everything's still open Have another drink well, it comes to think Maybe it's just that I stayed up late Or the coming to"
  • Don't You Miss Me Too? - Sofie
    "been alone this days without you nothing in this room passes through been angry without you that it's all about the truce right there you can't take all the breathness you can't make all the madness i"
  • Miss You - Eric Clapton
    "(Eric Clapton, Greg Phillinganes and Bobby Columby) Don't change your mind, I ain't got the time to sit and wonder. I'm doing fine. If you decide to leave, I won't go under. You know I've come this far"
  • Miss You - Sweetbox
    "(Verse 1) Don't be afraid to cry It wasn't wasted time We just couldn't win that fight And I knew you couldn't stay You had to go your way There's really nothing left to say But every now and then you"
  • Miss you - Cascada
    "I Miss You Remember the time 1989, When I grow up to see the sign, Without you, I can't breathe. I look upon to see the stars, The Milky Way, the Moon and Mars, I miss you, by my side. Who will"
  • Miss You - Aaliyah
    "Miss You It's been too long and I'm lost without you What am I gonna do? Said I been needin' you, wantin' you (Said I need you) Wonderin' if you're the same and who's been with you Is your heart still"
  • Miss you - Smokie
    "Now that you have gone awayYou've found someone else to sayThe same thing too never will believe inBut how was I to knowBut you were never really so in love with meAs it was me who did the givingNow I'm"
  • Miss You - Blues Traveler
    "Original performer: rolling stones I've been hanging out too long Waiting by the phone Lord I miss you I've been lying to myself Sleeping all alone Wanna kiss you I've been haunted in my dreams And then"
  • Miss You - Mariah Carey
    "Oo oo ooooooo Baby baby I miss you Longing for you everyday And I reach for you everynight Baby nothing's been the same Since the day we said goodbye And I can't go on Like this for too long Boy I need"
  • Miss You - Not By Choice
    "Now that you're gone yeah I see what you mean to me I know that it's wrong but I'm too blind and I can't see Now that you're gone I can't help feeling all alone I know that it's wrong I sit and wait by"
  • Miss You - Killing Heidi
    "I'm stranded in the vacant air My energy is all used up Pretending I don't care The distance is a wall between A signal interrupted Can't say what I really mean Sense suffocation everyday I share your"
  • Miss You - Trina
    "Hey..... yeah, yeah, yeah no,no,no,no,no,no It's been too long and i'm lost without you what am gonna do said I been needing you; wanting you wondering if your the same and who's been with you is your"
  • I Miss You - Mark Medlock
    "Imiss you like the sun in the sky. I miss you, I miss you, I miss you. You're my love paradise. Ineed you like the flower the rain. Oh I miss you, I miss you, I miss you. Will I see you again? Born to"
  • Miss You Much - Janet Jackson
    "Shot Like an arrow through my heart That's the pain I feel I feel whenever we're apart Not to say that I'm in love with you But who's to say that I'm not I just know that it feels wrong When I'm away too"
  • Miss You Much - Janet
    "Shot Like an arrow through my heart That's the pain I feel I feel whenever we're apart Not to say that I'm in love with you But who's to say that I'm not I just know that it feels wrong When I'm away too"
  • I Miss You - Badfinger
    "Though you've been gone for just a week It makes me feel so sad to speak Lady come back I miss you And though before I didn't cry Now my eyes are never dry And a thousand jesters couldn't make me smile I"
  • I Miss You - Darren Hayes
    "Gimme a reason Why I'm feeling so blue Everytime I close my eyes, all I see is you Gimme a reason Why I can't feel my heart Everytime you leave my side, I just fall apart And when you're fast asleep,"
  • I Miss You - Miley Cyrus
    "Sha la la la la Sha la la la la You used to call me your angel Said I was sent straight down from heaven You'd hold me close in your arms I love the way you felt so strong I never wanted you to leave I"
  • I Miss You - Honeydogs
    "Days are cold and gray It's hard to be away But I guess that's what I meant when I said 'I do' And you said it too I can't get used to this No matter how hard I try But if it goes on too much longer"
  • Miss You Love - Silverchair
    "Millionaire say Got a big shot deal And thrown it all away but But I'm not too sure How I'm supposed to feel Or what I'm supposed to say But I'm not, not sure, Not too sure how it feels To handle every"

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