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mistic diversion

  • Mistic - Paul Van Dyk
    "I love you, and always will love you my one and only girlSomehow i felt happy when i see you smile,Something tells me that you are worth while,You are worth every second of my life,And someday you will"
  • Wiedziałem, że tak będzie 2023 - MISTIC MOLESTA
    ""Skandal", 25 lat, wersja 2023 Mistic Molesta Vienio, Włodi (ja wiedziałem, że tak będzie) Warszawski Ursynów, ta rzecz się tutaj dzieje Ursynów Nie zamykaj mamo dzisiaj drzwi bo późno będę z chłopakami"
  • Glorifica - Mistic
    "Po łacinie. :("
  • Second-Hand Woman - Steve Winwood
    "Go down babe a slot machine to take my dime Cunning diversion to pass the time Flash in the pan a weekend trip in any town She'll light the fuse and watch you drown From a cut-price lady to second-hand"
  • The Locusts Ride - Sine Macula
    "(Sex, religion: an impossible dual concept?) Joel (1:2-3) Your nature ravage my conscience elating my soul Your indefinite sex betray divine meanings A s******a on your member a scarlet"
  • The Hinderers - DAATH
    "using your hands to murder to fasten minds that feel no mercy and who knows us who knows us? bound by diversion rehearsed endlessly through time hindered your life is measured by those inhibiting your"
  • Szacunek Za Klasyk - Otsochodzi x Pelson
    "robię to jak bum bap on jak znowu zamuliłem tylko daj mi czas tylko daj mi chwile nowy kolor to ja nowy styl to ja custome jeden egzemplarz na całe WWA miasto, stolika na Krakowskim ona wygląda słodko jak"
  • The Unconventional - Japan
    "Take Position and love will take a stand That is the way it goes No inquisition no cynical demands No-one should ever know Because I'm dancing Dancing to your heart Dancing to your heart now baby Oh"
  • Steppin' On Bugs - Huggy Bear
    "with no cash i consequently trash my heart goes by me equilibrium such an easy luxury contradiction or addiction to diversion just thinking what me & you could do with no cash i consequently TRASH i don't"
  • Jovenes Como Tu - Alessandra
    "Entre el fuego y ternura nace tu amor Entre la censura precio y contaminacion La juventud es la que a ti te hara llegar por encima De la vida te hara caminar Asi llegaras Canta conmigo ponte a vibrar"
  • Fireworks - Aereogramme
    "Welcome into my sweet diversion Tell me stories of love in your life And I am lost yet You claim I'm searching Quite what for I have yet to work out If I'm wrong And everything is wrong Welcome into my"
  • To Pacify - Neuraxis
    "Betrayer.. it seema you didn't get enough of my generosity Denial.. refuse to admit the moment of abuse you took upon me Resign... the facts about your actions that defy... the limit of diplomacy Gain"
  • Necro-Voyeur - Exhumed
    "Observing the forensic dissection, Espying the splayed chest cavity, His abberant sexual stimuli, The grotesquely displayed anatomy... Organs displaced with steel forceps, By the morbid anatomy technician,"
  • Hasta que salga el Sol - Don Omar
    "Cuando Hay Sol En La Mañana y Es Que Detona La Fiesta Se Formara La Contienda vamo A Bailar y Brincar Cuando Este De madrugada No Te Tomes una Siesta Todos las manos arriba vamo a bailar y brincar Oooo,"
  • Into The Light - Shadow Project
    "I'm calling out perversion In this city of glass My hammer knows it has me Spitting no Look at the light Bringing hope of diversion Someone said is gets dark Someone said it gets darker When I lift up"
  • The Longest Lasting Statement - Norma Jean
    "Will the body be abandoned? Will it? Improvement is no redemption. Unbelief is no diversion. Drenched in blood, soaked in grace Take this body. A sound that has no sight. 2,000 years, 2,000 years until"
  • As I Die - Paradise Lost
    "As I die Stare as eyes uphold me And wait to see right through And curse me... The love has crippled you Shadows haunt the night Burning my disguise As I die Reaping through the truth Life becomes"
  • Buena onda - Alejandra Guzman
    "Bi ba bolubabi lam bambunoches sin lunasombras de betunEl periferico, entero para miautopatrulla, busca por el sursexy madura en un camaro azulda gusto interferirla radio federalLa criminalidadque existe"
  • Persona Non Grata - Napalm Death
    "Trodden down like shit underfoot Be the downside to others upsides Last one to the table - just starve You'll get what you're given This is set in stone from the ivory towers Perception above all - When"
  • As I Die - Eternal Tears Of Sorrow
    "As I die... Stare as eyes uphold me And wait to see right through And curse me... The love has crippled you Shadows haunt the night Burning my disguise As I die Reaping through the truth Life becomes"

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