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mitchel musso -Get Away

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mitchel musso -Get Away

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mitchel musso -Get Away
  • Mitchel Musso You didn't have to walk away
    "i dont know how to let this go and i dont really want to know what its like with out you in this life your voice is breaking through the air i can ear but i dont care whats the matter anyway tonight? but"
  • Mitchel Musso How to lose a girl
    "Hey you when will you realize you're about to lose the green eyes? You take her for granted now shes tired of the change. She gives you clues you're clueless tell me why do you do this? You're so bored"
  • Mitchel Musso Odd Man Out
    "I could be the guy with all the clever lines. Beneath my breath is standing just outside. You started pulling me in but next to him. I'm falling further behind. You don't even know him but I see that three's"
  • Mitchel Musso Cheese Jerky
    "I'm the man who had the cheese. I'm the man who had the jerky. We pat'em both together and dude it ready workey. Cheese Jekry! Say what? Say what? Cheese Jerky! Say what? Say what? Mozzerella, moose, swins"
  • Mitchel Musso Movin' in
    "She looks so pretty. She's ruler of the world. And now the world, the movie, model. She's the all-american girl. He's got a hit record and sellin out his shows. He's got the car and the cash and the shoes"
  • Mitchel Musso Shout It
    "she's so innocent and when she speaks I listen she is my angel sent from up above-uh-oh-uh-oh she's my fire my only one desire she's in the front row yea she comes in every show-uh-oh-uh-oh and I want"
  • Days Away Days Away
  • Mitchell Musso The In Crowd
    "Spin away the combination for the last time Say goodbye to this year I wish I could avoid the empty summer days that we be. The fake a small goodbye celebrate it then your freedom I sit alone on the couch"
  • 7 Days Away Take Me Away
    "(Verse 1) There must be something, sworn to tear me down (Oh Yeah) My pain is building, tearing me inside out (Oh Yeah) Will i finish last again, here i wait for this to end, i forced the pain i struggle"
  • The Hollies Away Away Away
    "(Clarke / Hicks / Nash) I couldn't leave you if I tried. There would be no place I could hide away away away from you. When we are walking hand-in-hand, throwing a shell across the sand. It's grand,"
  • Epica Away
    "The days were brighterGardens more bloomingThe nights had more hopeIn their silenceThe wild was callingWishes were whisperingThe time was thereBut without a meaningAway, away, away in timeEvery dreams"
  • Assemblage 23 Away
    "Concentric circles Forever closing in Another travesty That never should have been The latest entry On an ever-growing list And yet you never change your ways Your denial still persists Run away, run"
  • Mercy Drive Away
    "For lack there of I can't define Is there another way? I've had enough, I've paid the price To keep the beast at bay Feel the undertow of words unspoken Hear them lunder from the masses broken You have"
  • Toadies Away
    "You say forever And I confess I shiver You say hope I say that's where I'm goin' To be in the shade The oldest trees above my head When I'm away I know in my heart there is a heaven If I'm out hunting Come"
  • Sonic Adventure Away
    ""Sonic....." "Hm?" "Is that alright?" "Yeah..." Far, far away from me! You take (take) the Soukl away! Don't forget the other Side, without other Side, it's not surprise! Take it, take it, away from meeee!"
  • Enrique Iglesias Away
    "Intro: Away aways, oh yea away away this feels like the coldest day in a hurricane looking through a glass window and ya screaming to the top of yours lungs, and the bells done rung and the crowd"
  • Crematory Away
    "Voices out of the darkness Shadowy bodies from eternity A soft breeze betrays the presence Milleniums imprisoned A life of suffering United in a dead soul United in a dead soul Voices out of the darkness Shadowy"
  • The Cranberries Away
    "(on Dreams/Linger singles) Turn away, turn away From me, from me And I pray, yes I pray For the, for the, for the-hi-hi Another world wrapped up inside another place And I hope, and I pray That the"
  • Hannah Fury Away
    "I heard he is missing in the river now They say he is nowhere to be found I hope she sang the sweetest lullaby So that he was calm when he went down Angels sing Glory Hallelujah But he will bring his voice"
  • Nightwish Away
    "The days were brighter Gardens more blooming The nights had more hope In their silence The wild was calling Wishes were whispering The time was there But without a meaning Away, away in time Every dream's"

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