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  • Swim - Dawson's Creek
    "Put your head on my shoulder, baby? Things can't get any worse Night is getting colder, sometimes? Life feels like it's a curse I can't carry these sins on my back Don't wanna carry anymore I'm gonna carry"
  • Leather Jacket - Ben Folds Five
    "Had a dream that you were in a leather jacket that didn't fit until we split in two mmmmmmm mmmmmmm mmmmmmmm mmmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmmmm half of you turned into quilt and half of me lashed onto you under"
  • Nobody knows you when youre down and out - Bessie Smith
    "Once I lived the life of a millionaire Spending my money, I didn't care I carried my friends out for a good time Bying bootleg liquor, champagne and wine Then I began to fall so low I didn't have a friend,"
  • Replace Them - Falling Teapot
    "Hey I'm a final straw A Casual Bat Hide your Roachful chilis the cats eaten the mat mmmmmmmmmmm....mmmmmmmmmmmm....mmmmmmmm....mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Egg is a gravy So am I Chickens die on chickens I'm afraid"
  • Kokomo - John Prine
    ""mmmmmmm" In a small fishing village Northeast of Guam Sits a fine young chap Holding hands with his mom As the fish swim by So does Joe For his body is in Guam But his mind is in Kokomo "Kokomo, Indiana Kokomo,"
  • Flesh - Paul Oakenfold
    "ahhh.. baby, i can hardly recognize myself mmmmmmmm.... touch me The light is going blue. Morning approaches. The pains still here. Im empty - empty - empty. Sounds of the world, Of laughter and"
  • Maybe This Christmas (Tradu - Ron Sexsmith
    "Talvez esse Natal ir significar algo mais Talvez nesse Natal o amor aparecer Mais profundo do que nunca E talvez o perdo nos far procurar Algum que amamos Algum que perdemos Por motivos que mal podemos"
  • Maybe This Christmas - Ron Sexsmith
    "Maybe this Christmas will mean something more Maybe this year love will appear Deeper than ever before And maybe forgiveness will ask us to call Someone we love Someone weve lost For reasons we cant quite"
  • Stones - Neil Diamond
    "Stones would play inside her head And where she slept, They made her bed And she would ache for love And get but stones La la la la la la la la la Lordy, child A good day's comin' And I'll be there to"
  • Fantas - Aterciopelados
    "La riqueza es pobreza El progreso, retroceso El planeta es testigo De quien es el enemigo Es el sueo americano Vestido de gran hermano La magia negra Se desintegra, ya va, ya va Igual que Roma ya desploma"
  • Next Time - Rollins Band
    "I saw this cat leave my pad And this made me awful sad But in the mean time I was gettin' mad And I said,"Baby what explanation do you have?" She said, "Mmmmmmm, Next Time" What do you mean Next Time? No"
  • Next Time - Henry Rollins
    "I saw this cat leave my pad And this made me awful sad But in the mean time I was gettin' mad And I said,"Baby what explanation do you have?" She said, "Mmmmmmm, Next Time" What do you mean Next Time? No"
  • No Ordinary Love (Interlude) - Dave Hollister
    "you know what I need a liitle something different, see you love me today but you hate me tomorrow I need a different type of love. Can somebody say not an ordinary Not an ordinary love, see that what"
  • F.u.s.s - Christina Aguilera
    "You know who you are This is for you hmmmm yeah ooh yeah ohh I thought i knew who you are I see now you were a lesson to learn no all I am to you now is a bridge that's been burn now i was first to believe i"
  • I love the heavens solo - Tanita Tikaram
    "Now - you can't tell me - well,That you know too muchWell, that you know too much to let goNow, I can't watch youBe anEasy visionWell anEasy visionLord I love the heaven's soloI love the heaven soI love"
  • Kiss - Serebro
    "I still remember that sunny day light I cherish the moment that painted my heart And all u were saying with ur angel lies Mmmmmm And u don't believe in what I feel for u It's just because u had sad love"
  • Manos Vac - Miguel Bose
    "Hoy ya ha vuelto a darme por pensar que el diablo vino a dar, hoy mi alma no es tan cara. En las calles de esta ciudad no te pares a buscar los secretos de las despedidas. No pensarias, que iba marcharme"
  • Everytime - Sweetbox
    "Everytime By Sweetbox Sometimes i question you and me the reasons that im here are hard to see but when i feel your fingertips brush mine i swear i see heaven for a moment in time been running been hiding so"
  • Finally - Fergie
    "MMMMMMMMMM Ever since I was a baby girl I had a dream Cinderella theme Crazy as it seems Always knew that deep inside that there would come that day But I would have to wait Make so many mistakes I couldn't"
  • Sex Appeal - Robert Palmer
    "mmmmmm, mmmmmmm, mmmmmmmm yeah, mmmmmmm, mmmmmmm, mmmmmmmm, yeah It is you, oh yeah, oh yeah It is you, oh oh, oh yeah I said Pressure drop, whoa pressure yeah, pressure's gonna drop on you I said Pressure"

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