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mnohaja lita midi

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mnohaja lita midi
  • Malice Mizer Apres Midi
    "Omote toori wa itsumo no you ni yasashii kaze wo hakon de kuru michi yuki hitotachi wo nagameteru dake de yasashii kaze wo hakon de kuruu Machi no hiroba de kataru koibitotachi no naka de mitsuketa"
  • Megamasso Number Midi
    "Kuroi yoru, se o mukeru sora, kigi ga magari hajimeru jikoku, kasaneru te no hira no atatakasa yo. Yururi nukedasu shiki no sukima ni sae. Kyuureki hachigatsu juuyokka ni, todoke to negai, kono kisetsu"
  • Charles Trenet Sous le lit de Lily
    "Oh quelle heure est-il ? Il est midi Qui vous l'a dit ? C'est la souris O est la souris ? Sous le lit de Lily Quelle heure est-il ? Il est midi Qui vous l'a dit ? C'est la souris O est la souris ? Sous"
  • Suspyre I See (MIDI Vocals)
    "Music: Rossetti, Lyrics: Barton These are revelations to welcome grace Your witness birth to the colder days A message to the fallen seven You will forever be in sight We struggle beforethe hands"
  • Saga Nine Lives Of Miss Midi
    "You're confused and desperate And there's no help in sight They've got you going round in circles They've got you running for your life All your cries for help Have fallen on their fears They're lost inside"
  • Suspyre Father Of Hate (MIDI Vocals)
    "I am the god of pain The one that stalks you at night So hold your dear pillow tight, here's your father The evil has you now, A thing you can not escape The demon's grasping you tight, Leave your past"
  • Keren Ann Midi Dans Le Salon De La Duchesse
    "Midi dans le salon de la Duchesse Elle me dit "qu'as-tu fait de ta jeunesse?" Elle est ceux qui s'aiment encore J'avais beaucoup de gloire et peu d'amour Et ma raison est reste dans la cour Prs de tous"
  • World Wrestling Entertainment When I Get You Alone-Lita
    "Every day, every night I find myself dreaming of all the things I might Do To you, and do for me behind closed doors where nobody else will see I know when I get you alone There's gonna be trouble Just"
  • The National Lit up
    "My bodyguard shows her revolver to anyone who asksAnd yeah she comes to attention when you come up to me too fastFor a little while you'll be here, the only good part of meFor a little while you'll be"
  • Blindspott Lit Up
    "(Ready? Now go) Hate is a gift, its sick and twisted There's a knife in your back, and for fun I just twist it All of the shit you need to get you lifted Is a rock in the bone, what it takes to get you"
  • Vallee I'm lit
    "Do You Know I'm Thinking You? Can You Feel Me Drinking You? Is Any Other Sinking Through? Neatly So Completely Bent By This Brilliant Accident Couldn't Seem to Circumvent Your Dizzy Exhileration Clouding"
  • Buckcherry Lit Up
    "Oh yeah Ya wanna find it Come on yeah I'm on a plane, with cocaine And yes im all lit up again Cough up love, and touch up Your mama said packing lines is sin And yes I'm all lit up again On the couch,"
  • SHeDAISY I'm Lit
    "(Kristyn Osborn/Marcus Hummon) Do you know I'm thinking you Can you feel me drinking you Is any of this sinking through Neatly so completely bent By this brilliant accident I couldn't seem to circumvent Your"
  • Emilie Simon Dernier Lit
    "Allonge sur son lit rveuse, elle sourit La vieille dame, jadis aguicheuse, perd la vie Sr ce soir, c'est son dernier lit Demain c'est sr sera sans elle La mort lui susurre d'tre en dentelles De bonne"
  • Emilie Simon Denier lit
    "Allonge sur son lit rveuse elle souritLa vieille dame jadis aguicheuse perd la vieSr ce soir c'est son dernier litDemain c'est sr sera sans elleLa mort lui susurre d'tre en dentellesDe bonne augure pour"
  • Madder Mortem Necropol Lit
    "Here I am in Necropolis Run my fingers down my spine 'Neath my feet a thousand ruins Coming here in my own time Here I am and here I'm staying Queen of all that crawls and dies Queen of crippled, blistered"
  • Dave Matthews Band Cigarette lit
    "Cigarette Lit My plans to quit And I know I can and I know I will forget it Stuck here I need something quick Just to stop me thinking Always out Always in Is coming to me Excuse me please What have you"
  • Lush Lit Up
    "(Anderson) You feel like I do Like the whole world's forgotten you And your life is so dull and predictable Your room seems like a cell And you don't sleep very well And your friends only talk to point"
  • We Are Scientists Chick Lit
    "I wouldn't be caught dead with your kind and all the hot-shot carrying on that you do. It's your only move. I wanna see you all buried alive and I'll be up top carrying on over you, only for you. I asked"
  • Chimaira Sp lit
    "Late night comes are you home? No you're not You're out with urge to satisfy yourself it's your vicious plot Looking back I realize that it's my fault I'm not around so your love comes to a halt You have"

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