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modern talking you are my heart you are my soul

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modern talking you are my heart you are my soul

  • The Modern Talking Space Mix - Modern Talking
    "Roger, roger. Calling, calling, roger, roger, can you read me? 78-78-9, 78-78-9, do you read me? Roger, major! This is Modern Talking spaceship 1998, we need authorization to land. Major, major? Landing"
  • You Are My Heart - Lara Fabian
    "How did I ever get to here Why do I need you Why do I have to cry these tears Where do they lead to I used to be so strong alone When I was standing on my own Now I don't know what to do Was I too proud"
  • Just My Heart Talking - Ron Sexsmith
    "My eyes are telling me leave well enough alone My feet are telling me keep walking Another voice is saying please dont go Thats just my heart talking Its always leading me where I do not belong To doorways"
  • You're My Heart, You're My Soul (New Version) - Modern Talking
    "97.8 on your FM dial, you're listening to the funkiest station in the nation and today we're just Modern Talking! Here's the number one track for the love of my life Everything I sacrifice just to make"
  • Dogs are talking - Angel City
    "(There comes a time in a young girl's life When she first meets a man There comes a time in a young girl's life When she becomes a woman) Highway number nineteen The moon's shining bright She's been in"
  • Are You Talking To Me? - Lazlo Bane
    "She's on the plane to San Diego If we should all go down she'll tell us where to go And when she smiles and says, "hello", I just wanna know, Chorus: Are you talking to me? Are you talking to me? How 'bout"
  • Are You Talking To Me??? - Torpedo Boyz
    "I got a little story to tell you guys here It starts like this I go to this bar Actually it's not a bar, it's more like a club Like the Pelican on 23rd Street or something You know, the Pelican, it's a"
  • Are You Talking To Me - Clawfinger
    "Are you talking to me, I didn't hear what you said Was that a word in your mouth, was that a thought in your head Are you moving your lips, I can't hear any words have you got something to say, was that"
  • Are You Talking To Me - Fieldy
    "(Fieldy) Alone at home, laying in my bed Hearing voices in my head Leave me alone I can't cope with this pain (Helluva) Do you feel insane? Do you crave for 'caine? (Fieldy) Nope there's other dope Zanex,"
  • You Are My World - Double You
    "I don't know why people talk Get the biggest feeling in your life People come and people go See the biggest feeling in your life Oh when you're looking down And you're on the floor Everybody feels"
  • Don't Take Away My Heart - Modern Talking
    "Electrify my heart, electrify my soul Oh baby don't, don't lose control Electrify my skin, electrify my brain Oh baby don't leave me again No matter what I do, I do it just for you Love will last forever You"
  • You Are - Jimmy Wayne
    "Baby when i look at you You know it breaks my heart in two How beautiful you are I've seen you in a million dreams Now you're finally here with me We will never be apart I wanna hold you forever That's"
  • You Are - Kem
    "When you are standing here with me I can see everything in you You are the light that feeds the soul oh yeah Girl you are everything divine In your love I will learn my wings to fly In your heart I will"
  • You Are - Wynonna Judd
    "How do you do it anway? Like there ain't nothin to it To make me stay No tricks with smoke and mirrors Not anything up your sleeve A second look and it can't be clearer There's no mystery.... (Chorus) Its"
  • You're My Heart, You're My Soul '98 - Modern Talking
    "Deep in my heart, there's a fire That's a burning heart Deep in my heart, there's desire for a start I'm dying in emotion It's my world in fantasy I'm living in my, living in my dreams You're my heart,"
  • You Are - Lights Of Euphoria
    "(The truth became your enemy) I have seen these eyes before Shivering eyes, shine bright I have seen that smile before Frightened hands, hold tight Your shiny eyes alight Show who you used to be Your"
  • You Are My Song - Fred Hammond
    "Lord I want to bless your name today because you're so good and you're so kind, I just have to say this one thing you are my symphony yeahhhhhh perfect in harmony yeahhh you are hehhheehhh you are my"
  • You Are My Stronghold - Watermark
    "Lord you are my light and my salvation Whom shall I fear if you are near Lord you are my peace when there is war all around me And even here inside me I will have no fear Oh Lord you're my protection"
  • You are my world - Perry Como
    "If I told you, how I feel inside Would you understand the love I'm feelin' Would you run away and hide ... I do, love you, And I always will Love's not a word I've often spoken You make my restless heart"
  • You are my kind - Santana feat. Seal
    "Stay with me baby And thats all I ask of you And I know that someday You wont remember The way that this moment feels to you Dont let it go Dont turn your back on what you think you know You never know"

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