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modestep paradises

  • Paradises - Sade
    "SMOOTH OPERATOR Sade (Music & Lyrics : Sade Adu - St. John) He's laughing with another girl And playing with another heart. Placing high stakes, making hearts ache. He's loved in seven languages. Diamond"
  • Show Me A Sign - Modestep
    "this is for the ones who care the one who isn't always there this one's for you, now show me a sign this is for the ones who care if you already know what has been said this one's for you, now show me"
  • Another Day (ft. Popeska) - Modestep
    "Tomorrow is another day No worries, no troubles Erase your mind and find a way Keep smiling, keep fighting Live for each moment and day While we're rising Life's been compromising So just live for the"
  • Sunlight - Modestep
    "Put on those shades And wait till yesterday This sunlight hurts my eyes Put on those shades And wait till yesterday This sunlight hurts my eyes Put on those shades And wait till yesterday This sunlight"
  • Strange Eyes - The Magnetic Fields
    "Strange eyes, blue clocks without hands two lives lived in distant lands little blue mysteries what did they see in me Strange eyes, early Picassos call me even when you don't if only from pictures it"
  • Promise - God's Bow
    "It's a cold evening It looks like a storm A bloody ray of sun Disappeared behind the horizon You open Your hands for reality Persuading yourself that there's only one The one God has promised us And you"
  • Phantasmagore - Deadsy
    "In the blackest of light You try to sell the sooth, you try to turn me on And undercover at night In times of ill refute they play a distant song When there's a sudden surprise And they're not trying to"
  • Little Britain - Dreadzone
    "In this green and pleasant land We have a dream to understand In the mountains of the mind There is a spirit you will find Just like the angel from above Sent to deliver words of love Ancient cross and"
  • The Way Of All Flesh - Creepmime
    "Severed from unearthly mythomania I lay to rest te ghosts of past seductions leaving false paradises unfathered I sing swan songs for stability No quarter for facade, falsity shall go the way of all flesh the"
  • Dedication - Burning Heads
    "200 percent, straight to the wall, we're going fast, but not alone. today is your last chance, to start the dance, since tomorrow is gone. it's a song for: the stars so bright, trees in amazonia,"
  • Lustrous Heart - Draconian
    "Oh, lustrous heart persevere through life and dishonor The tears of Sophia remind you how beautiful you were Before they made you Before they made you to forget Before they made you Before they made you Unknown"
  • Be Lucky - The Who
    "Be lucky Be lucky Be lucky, son /3x Be lucky gotta make it your own Get from a bottle squeeze it from a stone Might not remember the best way home But come December you won't be alone Be lucky Be lucky Be"
  • Mr. Kashchei And The 13 Prostitutes - Freak Kitchen
    ""New in town? Got it all, ya wanna buy a gram? Funny accent, a Russian in Amsterdam? Looking for a job or need a place to stay? Go see Kashei..." What the hell, I said, how bad can it be? And checked"
  • Paradise Lost - Day One
    "Shhhhh.. be quiet now, be still my darling I can see you lying there in your bed Even know you're ?only in my head I'm so far away X6 And if you could see what I can see And if you could hear me now"

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