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monika borzym tidal wave

  • Tidal Wave - Monika Borzym
    "Pink, freely dreams Have never be my thing I don’t believe in fantasies So tell me why are the stars in my eyes Did you fall from the sky? Did you fall for me? I’ve been happy for And .. never more I"
  • naiVe (feat. Monika Borzym) - VNM
    "Z tym pierwszym wersem już pieprzę się pół godziny Nie mogę eksplodować Dlaczego tak? Będę kolaborował Usłyszałem bit i wiedziałem, że musi pierwszy na płycie być Jeszcze jej wtedy nie zacząłem, jak wygrywać"
  • Tidal Wave - Nickelback
    "Utwór 'Tidal Wave' z albumu 'Get Rollin'' Nickelback (premiera 18.11.2022r.)"
  • Tidal Wave - David Gray
    "Ever since your fingertips Ever since your eyes Talking with the lights on Bluer skies Even if I wanted to How could I explain Coming through my head now this Tidal wave All your favourite eyelashes All"
  • Tidal Wave - The Killers
    "He's always trouble with his non-complacent Shotgun eyes, shotgun eyes His subtlety, his mystery Not like the other guys She's always taken by his reputation He's so bad, he's so bad On Saturday night"
  • Tidal Wave - John Foxx
    "Chorus: Tidal wave Tidal wave Tidal wave Goes by my window We're swimming It's morning No sound at all Through floors of apartments Background dissolves (Chorus) You're balancing bravely It's been so long You're"
  • Tidal Wave - Spoons
    "I ride the wave The tidal wave of love to you If that is what it takes To shake you up The city sleeps Under stormy skies The palm trees sway As you close your eyes And the wind comes down Like a hundred-ton"
  • Tidal wave - Ian Thomas
    "Taking the world on, nothing can stop youYou're ranting and starting to raveNo time for sympathy, don't need no companyYou're riding a tidal waveTakin' it easy life is so breezy'Cause you never take time"
  • Tidal Wave - Nicotine
    "When I'm alone I see the ghosts They are lost No place to stay The wind blows to turn off the light of the fire from the torch Turn on the radio I hear the voice of stereo It sounds like a metronome"
  • Tidal Wave - The Sugarcubes
    "Einar The diesel is so nice I just need something! Bjrk The barometer is falling down, I feel so sultry Something is simmering and boiling inside me If I ignore it and squeeze out laughter I charge up"
  • Tidal Wave - Skye Sweetnam
    "Feel me coming- feel the tremor- hear the thunder Of your heart pound You're surrounded- no way up to- no way over To the higher ground I'm sweeping closer- roller coaster on the seven seas- feel the"
  • Tidal wave - Lloyd Banks
    "Feel me coming- feel the tremor- hear the thunder Of your heart pound You're surrounded- no way up to- no way over To the higher ground I'm sweeping closer- roller coaster on the seven seas- feel the breeze"
  • Tidal wave - Josh Kelley
    "Just stormed into my life, like a hurricane comingSpinning around like a devil, from horns to toesI was so damn comfortable 'til you jumped into my oceanI may not understand you, but I'm learnin' as I"
  • Tidal Wave - Ozark Mountain Daredevils
    "(GUITAR INTRO) runnin' fast climbin' to the sky a piece of pie hit me in the eye tidal wave got me on the run now I'm out lookin' for an answer got a date with a Spanish dancer butter weighs half"
  • Tidal Wave - Kicked In The Head
    "Multiple choice Pick and choose Who do you think will win? 'Cause someone's got to lose Will you draw the line? Will you pass the test? Now that you're trapped inside Of this hectic mess! This life's tidal"
  • Tidal Wave - Longwave
    "take me down in a tidal wave take me down when im wired the hardest thing you ever gave away is the hardest thing to keep i am everything you wanted i am everything you wanted i am everything you need take"
  • Tidal Wave - The Apples In Stereo
    "A foot in the street and a foot in the gutter That's one foot in the morning rain Just round the corner, a hole full of water, And hot dog, it's a holiday Splish splash in a pool of puddle, Don't trip"
  • Tidal - Diffuser
    "Drink me like a Dixie cup And throw me out with all the used love You think you might finally had enough I don't think you're ordinary Hopefully not temporary Quicksand is the water I am treading Here"
  • Refuge (ft. Robert Cichy, Monika Borzym) - Pawbeats
    "If I know, If I know If I know that I'll be A wealthy guy with the biggest team Then I hope, then I hope Then I hope, that I'll give Everyone something just for free So let me know, let me know Let me"
  • Dzień zgody (Niedziela) + Monika Borzym, Kuba Knap - Ten Typ Mes i Lepsze Żbiki
    "Znam potęgę pauzy na majku. Nie wiem czy dadzą za to tauzen lajków. Jo, podaj mi dłoń, po prostu od dziś zgoda, bwoy, Ungh, zgoda girl? Złamałaś mi pompkę krwi, ale dawno za nami są te dni. Hmm, ledwo"

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