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morandi midnight train

  • Midnight Train - Bryan Ferry
    "Midnight Train rolling down the track Taking all my dreams, never coming back The way you look, the way you hold me tight Midnight Train rolling down the track Taking all my dreams, never coming back The"
  • Midnight train - UFO
    "(instrumental intro) Oh my darling will you come to me Shaking now just like a willow tree So tell me what's the story This track we'll ride to glory Coming home Pretty Karla and her Russian clothes Clapboard"
  • Midnight Train - Buddy Guy
    "I was standin' at the station, ten to midnight in the rain I was mindin' my own bus'ness, waiting for that midnight train Nobody in sight, starin' at my shoes, I took out my paper to find me some good"
  • Midnight train - Ayreon
    "My daddy was a gambler He gambled with his life He didn't give a damn about his wife (So) she left him in the night time While hiding from the rain I was born - on the midnight train Grew up a desperado"
  • Midnight Train - Roy Acuff
    "The sunshine comes from lonesome valley And all alone I must remain While far away through lonesome vallay Comes a dying cry of the midnight train How many tears how many sorrow How many hearts are died"
  • Midnight Train - The Spencer Davis Group
    "Well midnight train hurry on down that track Well midnight train, won't you hurry on down that track 'cause you took away my baby, now you gotta bring her back I've been standing at this station, singing"
  • Midnight Train - Fatal Flowers
    "Bought a ticket to this train God knows I paid my price I don't mind going on this trip Any evening but not tonight I'm going down Time is closing in on you Anytime now this train will move It's too"
  • Midnight Train - VINCE GILL
    "(Vince Gill) I'm a long long way from home Mendin' a broken heart Runnin' away from a love gone wrong Tryin' to make a new start An old friend called me up to say That you've made some wedding plans I'm"
  • Midnight Train - Kelly Groucutt
    "Ain't no use if you keep comin' round I've packed my bags and I'm getting out of town This crazy situation has to end And if I stay you'll drive me round the bend I'm leavin' I'm leavin' on the midnight"
  • Midnight Train - Steve Miller Band
    "(Kenny Lee Lewis, Chris McCarty, and Steve Miller) Woooo oh oh oh oh ohh whoa Woooo oh oh oh oh ohh whoa In the middle of the night You're all alone, no one is in sight You don't have to worry, don't"
  • Midnight Train - Joe Ely
    "That midnight train is a long and a slow one The Timetables set,- the brakeman is tired Your seat is reserved with exceptions for no one No luggage allowed no ticket required. It will be there right"
  • Midnight Train - Charlie Daniels Band
    "Midnight train, roll on Midnight train, roll on Clear them tracks and keep that whistle blowin Take this stranger on to Santa Fe It seems like romance and danger Follow this here tall dark stranger all"
  • Midnight Train - The Monkees
    "Now listen just a minute while I sing this song, Don't you worry baby it won't take long. I'm just about ready to draw the line, So don't be surprised if I leave this time. Well I'm goin' north and I'm"
  • Midnight train - Lyfe Jennings
    "Take the kidsYour heartAnd twenty dollars from your pocket bookTake a planeA carAnd don't worry about how you lookCause I don't careI see moreThan physicalI am hereWaiting on youYour beautiful Get on that"
  • Midnight Train - The Stanley Brothers
    "No matter what I say or do you're never satisfied I've tried and tried so many times I'm leavin you now good bye I'm ridin on that midnight train my head's a hangin low These awful blues will follow me"
  • Midnight Train - Ludacris
    "(feat. Chimere) Ooh, hey yeah Do you know how to leave, ride...ride Ya see, it started off in St. Paul from the street of Old Nash And it feels so good to escape and just kick it and laugh My clan"
  • Midnight meat train - Manilla Road
    "Inside the Big Apple's subway I slept upon the midnight train I woke to horror and demise What I now call end of the line The Butcher's here The bodies hung and all fileted Inside this Midnight Meat Train"
  • Midnight Train To Georgia - Human Nature
    "Ooh, LA, proved too much for the girl (Too much for the girl) She couldn't make it (Oooh) So she's leaving her life mmm she's come to know oo yeah She said she's going She said she's going back to find What's"
  • Midnight Train To Georgia - Gladys Knight & The Pips
    "L.A. proved too much for the man (Too much for the man, he couldn't make it) So he's leaving a life he's come to know, ooh (He said he's going) He said he's going back to find (Going back to find) Ooh,"
  • Ridin' That Midnight Train - Ricky Skaggs
    "No matter what I say or do You're never satisfied I've tried and tried so many times I'm leavin' you now, goodbye. I'm ridin' on that midnight train My head's a-hangin' low These awful blues will follow"

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