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  • Quizas (Ken-Y) - Rakim Y Keny
    "S que han lastimado ya tu corazón Y que tienes miedo a otra desilusión Se que tus sonrisas han cambiado Que muchos sueos se marcharon Cuando aquel se fue y te dejo Pero si me dieras a mi una oportunidad"
  • Mor - Dulce Maria
    "Y preguntas por m, que como me va Haber como tom, tantas cosas que habl De la soledad, que si estoy bien o mal Que si puedo rer, o si puedo llorar Y preguntas por m, por curiosidad Y quisiera decir que"
  • More And More - Perry Como
    "More an' more, this heart of mine confesses More an' more, I'm caught in your caresses Warmed by the breath of your sighs Cooled by the blue of your eyes More an' more, I find it more than thrilling"
  • Tell Me (Remix) (Featuring Frankie J & Ken-Y) - Pitbull
    "Mamita why we gotta keep going through this Talk to her Frankie (verse 1) Just Yesterday you said you loved me That there was nobody else above me that i was yours and you were mine that there was no"
  • Ken - Kate Bush
    "YOWWW! Ha! We look to the left and to the right We need help but nobody's in sight Where is the man that we all need Well tell him he's to come and rescue me Chorus: Do do 'n do do 'n do dow Do do 'n"
  • More Peace - Culcha Candela
    "War! So much injustice and so many lies now people get together for love and unity is our only way Everybody sing more peace Inna die world and all around every nation all human sing more peace People"
  • More Bounce - Heavy D & The Boyz
    "One two, one two, one two I am the Overweight Lover MC, Heavy D This one goes out to my man DJ Eddie F Trouble T-Roy my partner G-Wiz This also goes out to my money earnin Mount Vernon crew J. Daddy, James"
  • More Game - RBL Posse
    "*(Richie Rich talking)* Rest in peace, Mr. Cee. Check it out, off the top, dedicated to all the, Yay Area mutha f**kaz who don't know nuthin about, what they supposed to know sumpthin about. So a understand"
  • Mae Hiraeth Yn Y Mor - Charlotte Church
    "Mae hiraeth yn y mor a'r mynydd maith Mae hireath mewn distawrwydd ac mewn can Mewn murmur dyfroedd ar dragywydd daith Yn oriau'r machlud ac yn fflamau'r tan Ond mwynaf yn y gwynt y dwed ei gwyn A thristaf"
  • More Money, More Cash, More Hoes - Jay-Z
    "Jay-Z Talking: Turn the lights even lower! Hovah Memphis Bleek Beanie Seigels (uh huh) Roc-a-fella y'all (yeah yeah) DMX: Jigga, my nigga, rhyme all night Verse One, Jay-Z: To the top wit my"
  • More Money, More Cash, More Hoes (Remix) - Jay-Z
    "(feat. Memphis Bleek & Beanie Seigel) Turn the lights even lower! Hovah Memphis Bleek Beanie Seigels (uh huh) Roc-a-fella y'all (yeah yeah) DMX: Jigga, my nigga, rhyme all night To the top"
  • Y - AFI
    "You keep on sayin' that you want to know me but you never show me your true self. How can you ever expect someone else to know you when all you're going to do is just pretend you're someone else? You"
  • Y - Son By Four
    "People say and I agree If something goes away And it returns it's yours for keeps But that is not working for me Every night and every day I realize that she possesses Power over me And only her eyes I"
  • More Dangerous - Lil' Cease
    "(Lil' Cease) Uh, yeah All my BK niggas, uh All my niggas on the corner Pull your macks out All my jail niggas, maxxed out B.I.G. niggas Forever, nigga What, yo, yo, yo Nigga what, uh, my gun busts like"
  • No more - Ken Hensley
    "You've been cheating me so long Giving me the run around Spreading evil everywhere you go But I tell you here and now You will pay the price somehow You can say goodbye To everyone you know 'Cause I won't"
  • Ask For More - F4
    "*Jerry* yong gan zhui zhe shi zui hao de ji hui *Ken* gan jue xiang guang yi kou mao zhu bao de kuai le *Vic* xiang qiang fei wu fa fu zhi de tie hui *Vanness* wei you ni jie wo de ke *Jerry* yang"
  • One more tequila - All Saints
    "Sexy Senorita!! Its five the club you still haven't called me Boy you must be out your mind Hey chico mi amigo Stand me up you ain't what ...?? Its 12 o'clock I'm hot and I'm ready I call my girls"
  • Who Undergoes More - Puya
    "Ahora si, que va a llover pero despues, siempre vuelve la sed, dame cafe para afincar, un ritmo asi vamo arrancar. Educacion, opresion, del espiritu por la razon de la ciencia obsecion de buscar perfeccion mundo"
  • One More Tequilla - All Saints
    "It's five the club you still haven't called me Boy you must be out your mind Hey, chico Amigo mio Stand me up you ain't guarapa It's 12 o'clock I'm hot And I'm ready I call my girls for a night on the"
  • Makin' More Music - Esham
    "(INTRO) This is the season... To fear young black men, hell black men period. Espically while they kill themselves. It is contagous, this virus, this violence. (splatter his blood) Huh? What did (splatter"

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