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more mexin ha

  • Ha Ha Ha - Yung Prince
    "*Chorus* (X2) I don't know where the coochie at? I don't know how to hit the cat? You didn't think I could handle that? HA HA HA-HA HA HA Check this now put it on ya check list I beat the pussy real good"
  • Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha - Abby 6
    "this is my weed, Oh no this is my weed, It's all I know. there is no doubt in my mind, there is no doubt in my mind this is my weed, and as of now I'm smoking. look at my eyes. visualize laughing applies"
  • Ha Ha - Melanie Blatt
    "Ha, ha. ha, ha. ever laugh ... ha ha ha ha. ha, ha. ha, ha, ha. ever laugh ... Today I left my mother round my father and my sister. looking for enough to pay the rent and buy my dinner. found it ..."
  • Ha Ha - All Saints
    "Ha Ha, Ha Ha Laugh out loud Ha Ha, Ha Ha Ha Laugh out loud Could it be, I left my mother, and my father, and my sister Looking for a job to pay the rent and buy my dinner Found it, soooo boring You see"
  • Ha! Ha! Houdini's Laughing - Rainbirds
    "I used to live close by the river I used to let my heart go with the stream I knew I held the key to any door I held the key to everything and more Once upon a time I took it easy Once upon a time"
  • Fa Ha - LL Cool J
    ""Don't you knowwwwww, don't you knowwwww.." See this is worldwide baby "That it's wrong.." Germany, Italy.. France, Japan "To take what is given.." Many foreign lands.. Talkin bout {HA!} Queens I'm talkin"
  • Ah Ha - B.G.
    "B.G. Checkmate Ah Ha Ah ha, look You'll never see me hangin' from no tree You would see me hoppin' out a new bentley You'll never catch me broke on my ass You would catch me gettin' head in a jag Won't"
  • Vill Ha Dig - Freestyle
    "I. I've been with you boy for years is quite a while getting to sensual is really not my style you know i love you and i like it just like this sometimes i feel like giving you more than just a kiss but"
  • Ha ha, don't waste your time - Vanessa Petruo
    "Ha-ha you are wasting your time baby ha-ha dont waste your time baby You are wasting your time trying to do everything yeah to be loved by everyone to get some attention You are wasting ur time living"
  • Ak Ha Ha! Ak Hoo Hoo? - Akinyele
    "It's the ak ha ha, the ak hoo hoo (Akineyle) Verse One: Yo, y'all know what's about to happen When I proceed to give you what you need and the Ak start rappin I throw rhymes like children throwin"
  • Ha Ha Ha - Flipper
    "Isn't life a blast It's just like living in the past We go downtown to do our shopping And we live in Suburbia And I say Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho He he he he he he he he Ha ha ha"
  • Ha (Jay-Z Remix) - Juvenile
    "Bounce, bounce, bounce J-j-j-j-j-Juvenile and Jigga The remix You at the point of no return, ha If your daddy get out the way with you, you gon to let him learn, ha Life's a bitch, ha Niggas be fakin"
  • Ha ha ha ha - Lamb
    "I could be wrong Didn't you say I couldn't do this Well, who's sorry now It's always the same You could have been there Could have done that but So, who's to blame? I don't wanna live with a point that"
  • More Human Than Human (Meet Bambi In The King's Ha - White Zombie
    "Yeah I am the Astro Creep A demolition style hell American freak Yeah I am the crawling dead A phantom in a box Shadow in your head Say Acid suicide freedom of the blast Read the fucker lies yeah Scratch"
  • Ha ha ha - Ramsi Aliani
    "na ha ha ha ha das ist hip hop/rnb credebelity ina ha ha ha ha das sind 2 brder mit dem gleichen ziel ina ha ha ha ha kein hate kein neid lieb unsere musik ina ha ha ha ha hre und staune sei ruhig fasziniert"
  • Ha Ha Ha - Bijelo Dugme
    "Moje je ime sef tamne strane mjeseca Gospodar muha, ljubavnik kurvi i kraljica Na mojoj vatri pohuju ratove, pikantne jeze za boje i krstove Uz ples, i sve uz ples U mojoj kadi plesu krstarice Marinci"
  • Ha - Juvenile
    "That's you with that bad ass Benz ha That's you that can't keep yo' old lady cause you keep fuckin her friends ha You gotta go to court ha You got served a subpeona for child support ha That was that nerve"
  • Ha - Koncz Zsuzsa
    "Ha n rózsa volnk, nemcsak egyszer nylnk, Minden vben ngyszer virgba borulnk, Nylnk a finak, nylnk n a lnynak, Az igaz szerelemnek s az elmlsnak. Ha n kapu volnk, mindig nyitva llnk, Akrhonnan jnne, brkit"
  • Ha - Zanzibar
    "Ha rdekel, mg most lekopogom, Hogy tz percen bell Megszólal a telefonom jra vgighallgatom, Szerinted lopom a napom Te leszel ott a tloldalon Ez nem az a nap, Mikor hiszek majd neked Nzz csak krbe nlam, Itt"
  • Ha - PTP
    "Jakby nie było Tego jestem pewien Ale kiedy to wyjdzie Wtedy to was rozjebie RÓB HAŁAS ! Weź ty rusz to krusz to luźno Nie powstrzymasz nas Idź do domu bo już późno Jesteś cipą ale chuj bo Przypierdalasz"

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