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morning and evening gongyo

  • Evening Prayer (Safe ?til Morning) - Eden's Bridge
    "The night closes in I draw down the fire Make hold, make safe For another hight Door closed and last Of all, the shutters My nightly prayer By candle light My Pointed finger Takes in my family From old"
  • Evening Blue - Traffic
    "(Winwood/Capaldi) Sitting all alone by the fireside Listen to the wind in the chimney top Haven't slept for days, and I'm still wide eyed Try not to think, but my mind won't stop Evening shadows making"
  • Evening - The Moody Blues
    "(Evening: Time to Get Away) Evening has come to pass, The time of day doesn't last. Evening, has earned its place today, I'm tired of working away. Working, living it brings, Only way to have those things. Toiling"
  • Evening - Pat Benatar
    "Evening, every night you come and you find me And you always remind me, that my baby's gone Evening, you got me deeper in your power Every minute seems like an hour Now that my baby's gone Shadows fall"
  • Evening - The Browns
    "Lying here beside you in the shadows With your body close to mine I can't help but wish that I could have you Here beside me all the time Knowing that I cannot keep you From your going when the day"
  • Evening - Unfinished Thought
    "I've Got A Crystal Clear Conscience And An Alibi An Accidental Overdose That Flew Too High If It Weren't For This Ambivalence I'd Feel Alive If You're Looking For Advice On Broken Hearts And Tragedies I've"
  • Evening Of Love - Vaya Con Dios
    "How could she let a man like you Slip through her fingers? I guess she didnt know A good man is hard to find I would have cherished and treasured that love If I had been her I would have thanked the Lord Every"
  • What Will This Evening Bring Me This Morning - Frank Zappa
    "Mark Volman (vocals) Howard Kaylan (vocals) Ian Underwood (keyboards, woodwinds) Aynsley Dunbar (drums) George Duke (keyboards, trombone) Martin Lickert (bass) Ruth Underwood (orchestra drum set) Jim Pons"
  • When The Evening Comes - Undead
    "(Steele) Sitting here all morning Trying to get in touch with you All day long Wondering what I'm gonna do You know I want you baby You know I love you and it's true And when the evening comes This is"
  • Ladies Of The Evening - Ray Charles
    "Poor little daughters of the moon When the sun is dawning What is as sour as a day in June For the ladies of the evening In the morning? Lost is the music of the night For the daily clamor. Noses are red"
  • The Evening... ...And Then Came The Night - Galadriel
    "Sorrow was falling in the rain and tears There was night when your eyelids fell down Your eyes were closed And dew ran through dust of hopes Voices were calling into your mind Throwing down meaning of"
  • See Me In The Evening - Hound Dog Taylor
    "(Hound Dog Taylor) Spoken: Well I know you got them I got them too I got the blues tonight Yes I know you don't love me now baby I know the reason why Because you got somebody now baby You treating me"
  • Evening Rain - Moby
    "I can't stand to see the morning come While the evening rain's still falling I can't stand to see the morning come While the evening rain's still falling I can't stand to see the morning come While the"
  • Quiet Evening - Carly Simon
    "Quiet Such a quiet It's a quiet Won't somebody tell me Won't you let me know Quiet evening I'm sleepy and I'm holding on I've got nowhere to go Quiet evening You know you still have friends And they'll"
  • Evening sun - The Strokes
    "They love you or they hate you, but they will never let you beThey thrill you or sedate you, but they will never let you seeIn the evening sunIn the evening sunEncourage and derange you, watch you walking"
  • Evening star - Judas Priest
    "I travelled to a distant shore I felt I had to go An inner voice had called me there But why I did not know I saw the evening star rise up Shining out to sea And now I understand at last what it means"
  • Evening Dress - The Smithereens
    "I've been waiting for you all my life And now that you are here I can't believe How wonderful it is to be here by your side To see you in the light In your evening dress tonight Everytime I think you've"
  • Evening Shadows - Van Morrison
    "(Van Morrison/Acker Bilk) When evening shadows fall Minutes seem so long When evening shadows fall I'm waiting for the dawn I miss you every night Just about this time You're always on my mind When evening"
  • Good evening - Splender
    "I believe in chemicals,sulking eyes and pretty pink water slides.I believe in mother,tragedies and tortured butterflies.Hello, hello,welcome to our show.Hello, hello,welcome to our show. Hello, hello,welcome"
  • Evening Star - Bee Gees
    "If you never rode west of the arizona border You can turn the other way boy, but you'll never get far You be living a lie If you wanna see the wonders of the age you must follow the evening star Evening"

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