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  • Chest Hair - Spiderbait
    "He used to live with a knife in the wall Blonde to the bone, liked to piss out the door Maidens of Eire licked his arse every day Thought he could talk, just had nothing to say He loved to say "Don't"
  • The View From Here - Dubstar
    "Walking home from work tonight Your letter warm, I'm holding tight Said you want to see me soon I phoned you late this afternoon The bar we first met seems alive I'll see you there at eight tonight Shouldn't"
  • Populace In Two - From First To Last
    "your memories will always haunt me like a ghost to put it nicely I hope you choke a poet of sorts but I'm not enough to give you an eyesore it's hard to swallow with your hands around my throat I'm sick"
  • Dark Skinned White Girl - Murs
    "(Verse I) She got that mocha-chino baby on the back of the bus If you close your eyes and listen she would be one of us Never did trust, her family at home So she kicked it in the hood, raised her self"

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