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morrissey interlude

  • Interlude - Morrissey
    "Time, is like a dream, Now, for a time, you are mine. Let's hold fast, to the dream, that tastes and sparkles like wine. Who knows if it's real, or just something we're both dreaming of. What seems"
  • Morrissey Was Right - Kid Gorgeous
    "These are for you. These black roses have succumbed to time. There's blood on the petals but no tears in the blood. Not enough to make these flowers grow. Don't cry. Say goodbye to sad songs. Say goodbye"
  • Flower Fight With Morrissey - Cherry Poppin' Daddies
    "Hurt your pride, staggered into bed and fell asleep by your side Gone all night numbing my brutality, you sleep with your back to mine Vanity fair, vanity fair it's all a game for us. A come on to remain"
  • Interlude - Timi Yuro
    "Interlude Performed by Timi Yuro *Time is like a dream And now for a time you are mine Let's hold fast to the dream That tastes and sparkles like wine Who knows if it's real Or just something"
  • Interlude - Adeaze
    "Interlude (Adeaze) (Eeeeiiiiiiiiiii) Love Love, love, love, love, love, love uhhohhhhlove, love, love, love Uuuhhwee When my life is crowded down, And I don't know which way to turn Cause I'm blinded"
  • Interlude - Kirk Franklin
    "Interlude: Rebirth of Kirk Frankllin (Background) He's not guilty What are you doing He's the son of God He's the son of God Stop beating him He's our savior He's not guilty Get your hands of him Let"
  • Interlude - Siouxsie and The Banshees
    "Time, is like a dream, Now, for a time, you are mine. Let's hold fast, to the dream, that tastes and sparkles like wine. Who knows if it's real, or just something we're both dreaming of. What seems"
  • Interlude - Tank
    "I am the one they call the G, the R, the A, the P and I didn't write this, it's coming off the top of the dome So what you wanna do and whatcha wanna go home And tell your mama that I'm one wit all"
  • Interlude - Will Smith
    "So dad, like did you like have real good friends and potnas when you was growing up Will's dad: I had two real good friends all the way through high school Who you had? Thomas Jones and Jacob Curtis Jones Were"
  • Interlude - Kelly Rowland
    "I never thought that we would break up for the better Should've never made the promises to each other So many things I should've said that you didn't know Coming in from the past with a heavy load But"
  • Interlude - Diam's
    "- C'est a la beaut de la musique...Ne... Ne pas te l'enlever. Vous n'avez jamais ressenti a avec la musique? - Heu...J'me dbrouillais pas mal l'harmonica...Mais j'ai plus continu ici...Ici a na plus aucun"
  • Interlude - India Arie
    "John Coltrane Miles Davis Dizzy Gillespie This is a song for you Jimmy Hendrix Stevie Ray Vaughan and Robert Johnson Charley Patton And my list goes on and on and on Ooh... Ma Rainey Bessie Smith and Memphis"
  • Interlude - Elisa
    "Wake up in the morning sun work til I'm done never look at the clock living out of time in my cocoon smooth like water running down my throat days slide away drawing signs I look ahead, and back behind to"
  • Interlude - Coolio
    "Coolio man what'cha need ta do man is kick that old gangsta shit man some of that rolin down ya street in ya 6 4 slangin ya dope blastin on fools ya know Coolio what about the women I mean dont'cha"
  • Interlude - Tamia
    "I don't know just who you are there's a stranger in my house took a while to figure out there's no way you could be who you say you are you gotta be someone else cause he wouldn't touch me like that and"
  • Interlude - Jay-Z
    "This is a public service announcement sponsored by Just Blaze and the good folks at Roc-A-Fella Records. Fellow Americans, It is with the upmost pride and sincerity that i present this recording as a"
  • Interlude - Outkast
    "D.J. Mrs. Boi: OutKast... Tea's long... Tea's strong... Lastin' long vs. long lastin'... Education, however, the difference between the two... Which do U live in, yo'self?... 2 draw a master plan without"
  • Interlude - C-Murder
    "please baby look in my eye look in my eye and let me put my dick in your mouth dick in your mouth girl, please don't you act like your shy like your shy and let me bust a nut in your eye please baby look"
  • Interlude - Kumbia Kings
    "Que tal Damas y Caballeros Bienbenidos a Un Episodio mas de las Aventuras de Manolo y Jose. en esta ocasion les presentamos el capitulo como consegir chikas. Ponga atension ohmbre estacionate ahi. oye"
  • Interlude - Common
    "Intro: On the southside. Ha gon get down with that get down let me spit rounds this is how that shit sounds check it out ch'all. Ha. It's the, metaphysicals some say the score the revolution therefore"

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