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mother moscow

  • Defence of Moscow - Sabaton
    "As the Wehrmacht overryn, Russia 1941 They don’t belong We stand our ground A milion strong We are ready for their strike Face the army of the reich A milion strong This is our land They don’t belong Hear"
  • Moscow - Wonderland
    "So suddenly she put the hurt on me The guiding light that used to make the darkness bright. And I can never never never love again I will forever ever ever feel the same She's gone back home again without"
  • Moscow - Coma
    "Dead lock into Moscow I’m flying back to Warsaw from Bangkok Freezing winter out the window She’s asking me for a light but I’m not smoking What’s your name? I love you Baby stay with me for a while It"
  • Moscow Calling - Gorky Park
    "Getting on a phone with a busy line Talking on a phone and losing my mind Never never never never realiza It feels so far, like a millions miles Give me give me give me give me little hand Just listen"
  • Moscow Nights - Chad Mitchell Trio
    "Nje slyshn fsad dzhe sharakhj Fsjo zdjesj zamjirló da utr Jsljip znlji vy kak mnje daragj Padmaskóvnyje vjechir Jsljip znlji vy kak mnje daragj Padmaskóvnyje vjichir Stosh ty mlaja smótrjish iskas Njska"
  • Moscow Song - Kris Delmhorst
    "Came to a land where the morning don't wait for the break of day And the nighttime comes as a surprise Picked myself up, took myself far far away Far away from a big hearted man who looks into my eyes"
  • Radio free Moscow - Jethro Tull
    "Tune into messages from the Eastern avenue. Lock on to the ether --- squeeze the signal through and through. War of the air-waves making scare-waves. I'm getting pictures from my radio (Free Moscow). Moscow"
  • Suburbs Of Moscow - Kim Wilde
    "Written by Ricky & Marty Wilde Out on my own In the suburbs of Moscow Out in the rain Walking down this long avenue Out to the crowds in the square Feelings are high everywhere But the feeling is gone And"
  • Stranger In Moscow - Michael Jackson
    "I was wandering in the rain Mask of life, feelin' insane Swift and sudden fall from grace Sunny days seem far away Kremlin's shadow belittlin' me Stalin's tomb won't let me be On and on and on it came Wish"
  • Moscow Never Sleeps - Dj Smash
    "Vse krutyje telki sbezhali v Moskvu What the fuck, Smash, ja ne pojmu Kak budto na kasting novyje lica Opiat' prinimajet stolica Studentka, aktrisa, prostitutka Zhena oligarkha eto ne shutka Pevica ili"
  • Crown Of Moscow - Kingdom Come
    "The day I won't forget - so long for it to come We played the house of houses - the kreml's come undone A heart felt show it's been - a lot of give and take So many things I felt - emotions on the break Leaving"
  • Stranger In Moscow - Michael Jackson & Jackson 5
    ""Stranger in Moscow" (Escrita e composta por Michael Jackson) I was wandering in the rain Estava andando pela chuva Mask of life, feelin insane Escondido, sentindo-me louco Swift and sudden fall from"
  • Roads to Moscow - Al Stewart
    "They crossed over the border the hour before dawnMoving in lines through the dayMost of our planes were destroyed on the ground where they layWaiting for orders we held in the wood - word from the front"
  • Moscow State Circus - Eugene McGuinness
    "Did you drop a clanger? A spanner in the works? Did it all pour out the wrong way, Bent out of the shape through the Chinese whispers? Oh Clarence, I I do believe This life is killing me It's become"
  • Fly To Moscow - Modern Talking
    "Woman is a man's best friend And I was crying in the night for love Baby, to the rainbows end I'll run for that sweet sweet stuff Oh, side by side I'll give all my love and emotions Don't lose my number,"
  • Mother - The Police
    "Well the telephone is ringing, Is that my mother on the phone? Telephone is ringing, Is that my mother on the phone? The telephone is screaming, Won't she leave me alone? The telephone is ringing, Is that"
  • Mother - Sting
    "Words & music by andy summers Well, the telephone is ringing, Is that my mother on the phone? Telephone is ringing Is that my mother on the phone? The telephone is screaming Won't she leave me alone?"
  • Mother - Roy Orbison
    "The eagle perched on the flying pole He arched around the wire This isn't what we intended for you Wake up, no don't lie Mother What have we done to you, mother Can we make it up to you, mother What can"
  • Mother - Way Out West
    "No-one looks at me, how they looked at me. No-one talks to me, how they talked to me. And it feels so strange, Now that we are three. Nothing is the same as it used to be. And I'm frightened too,"
  • Mother - Cyndi Lauper
    "Over land and over sea She reaches out to me Weaving and threading the loom From womb to womb Slaves and merchants Pilgrims and thieves Felt her hand and charted skys By following her moon Mother ..."

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