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mousse noire
  • Superbus Ca Mousse
    "J'entre pieds-joints dans mon bain de penses J'ai pris le temps de mouiller mon savon parfum Je laisse laisse aller mon dos dans l'eau douce Un peu de couleur sale aller dans la mousse Les bulles de savon"
  • Anjali Strawberry Mousse
    "If you wanna know me, know me Gotta show what you know and then show me Ooh, it's a feeling And I know, do you know that I'm dealing If you wanna throw me, throw me Gotta show that it's love that withholds"
  • Bryan Ferry Bete noire
    "I know you - inside me Like poison like wine Now theres no sense in falling Say youll be mine Give me the world around you Give me the time Only a dream without you Say youll be mine Ive got - inside me"
  • Harmonium Chanson Noire
    "I. "Le bien, le mal" Le bien, le mal a fait couler des larmes a nous rend vgtal On passe toujours des mains blanches aux mains sales Tout est bien qui finit mal La vie, la mort a divise tout ton corps a"
  • Forbidden Site Renaissance Noire
    "Des tnbres o je rgne Seul et dshrit " triste Lucifer Accorde moi la paix Les anges m'ont dlaiss Recueilli par les ombres Je ne suis qu'un regret Errant parmi les tombes Des tombeaux insondables De mystres"
  • Nieznani Emmanuelle noire
    "Budzi mnie deszcz, przestraszona rzucam w kąt starą książkę Więdnę jak kwiat, jak kwiat w Twoich oczach Jedna cisza, jedna myśl, jeden cichy głos, jedno słowo Wiatr zrywa się, przestraszona, głód napełnia"
  • Persona Bête Noire
    "SHAPESHIFTING BLAZE! A GHOST FROM YOUR SCREAMS! I prey on memories you BURRIED IN HAZE! CONCEALED IN YOUR DREAMS! On scars veiled and unconfessed! I'm toxic ice! A deadly tide! I'm the cry of doubt you Try"
  • Behemoth Messe noire
    "I believe in Satan Who rend both heavens and earth And in the Antichrist His dearly misbegotten The anguish ov our future A Bastard spawned from lie Born ov a harlot nun Reign high in luxury Aloft the"
  • Anggun La perle noire
    "Longue est la nuit solitaire Oubli le temps des dormeurs Je marche au blanc des lumires De ces rues lassent des pays d'hiver Apprends-moi le jour, mon pcheur de perles Pas de longs discours, dshabille"
  • The Gutter Twins B?te Noire
    "I come unhinged How hard I can't recall I climb and I stumble and I crawl Wings are singed Like Icarus to fall What's left is a shadow of it all You better run now honey run Run your race to ruin A long"
  • Iam La mousse a riton
    "Allez viens quoi, sois sympa J'ai rencontr Riton ct d'chez moi, II tait accoud une barrire en bois, J'ai dit viens Riton on va s'faire une Valstar (bis) Pour boire de la Valstar pas besoin de troquet,"
  • Simply Red Your Eyes (Mousse T Accoustic)
    "Who's to know where time will lead us now? I can't believe this is happening now I'm not scared, I'm just wondering how I wanna see your eyes I wanna look into your eyes again I wanna look into the windows"
  • Haggard De La Morte Noire
    "Born through astral constellation Those pictures are now getting clearer inside his head And sent by the highest god They start to rise from the deepest depth My King - dead - no! Dying by the lance..."
  • Timbaland & Magoo Cop That Shit (Mousse T Main Mix)
    "(Missy) (Timbaland) (Oh, huh) We are the V-A players Love to the Neptunes and the Clipse (huh, huh) To ya bootleggers we breakin' off both of ya legs, whoo The underrated Maganoo comin' with the unexpected,"
  • Novembre L' Epoque Noire (March the 7th 12973 A. D.)
    "(A breathing machinery), injecting liquid madness (into my veins) In a torturing pain Damaging my mechanics with synthetic, corroding rains In chambers of future science, my liquid crystal eyes Recall"
  • Mousse Pop Music
    "I never thought I would say this But it seems I was wrong Cos since I met you girl Ive had a feeling that is so strong Its taken so long to realize what I have So dont get me wrong when I say this"
  • Mousse T. Pop Muzak
    "(Ft Roachford) Chorus Your love is like my favorite pop music Coming out the radio sound And if I tried I couldn't refuse it It lifts me when I'm feeling down Your touch is like a sweet soul melody I'm"
  • Mousse T. Turn Me On
    "(Ft Kathleen Chaplin) Get together party people We're gonna change today Grooving like there's no tomorrow Rock the night away Love the jams coming out my speakers DJ daddy play All my people hangin'"
  • Mousse T All nite madness
    "Taste of vengeance on my tongue Break the silence Ive become glamorous for everyone on my scene Cant denie that I deserve Praise and glory boys and girls Immortally Iam centre stage Gracefully Now I can"
  • Mousse T Bounce
    "The question is what are we here for An exceptional difference why ask for more Dont underestimate this here is real Our personalities do not appeal Chorus Ha Let me see you bounce Pound for pound Ounce"

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