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move it the right direction gossip

  • Move In the Right Direction - Gossip
    "One step closer and feeling fine Getting better one day at a time I'm moving forward with all my might I'm headed toward a new state of mine So I hold back tears Move in the right direction Face"
  • Right Direction - Sugar Ray
    "Stop, cause your by yourself come on, your someone else no time for another line, nonstop, around the clock right, born beyond attention, point yourself in the right direction everybody knows somebody"
  • Gossip - Classified
    "They wanna judge, Class, and tell lies too! Verse 1 Walk in a room with my hands on my side, head raised All this gossip and talking reminds me of my WebPage Y?all people give me headaches, it?s hard"
  • Direction - The Toasters
    "Too mnay people tell me What to do and how to be I got 97 channels but there's nothing on TV Information superhighway Modem is on full May as well hotwire a socket Right into my skull Direction! Direction!"
  • Right Direction - En Vogue
    "Standing on this dusty road Listening to my radio If you could see me, I'd know you swear I'm a thousand miles from anywhere Well it may seem stong insane to you, baby But I guess it's just what I gotta"
  • Gossip Files - Kanye West
    "Niggas gossiping, it runs the city, they don't know who watching them When they coming to get me, so I hit the block and bend Do about 60, and I put my glocks to them, like plow plow plow Im gonna"
  • Gossip Folks - Missy Elliott
    "(feat. Ludacris) Yo, yo yo move out of the way We got missy Elliott coming through Girl that is missy Elliott she lost a lot of weight Girl I heard she eats one cracker a day Oh well I heard the bitch"
  • Move In My Direction - Bananarama
    "It's been seven days since my last confession And I really don't know where to begin I should have called a taxi Should have gone straight home But we could just stay here and know one will know Move"
  • Gossip - Marty Robbins
    "Don't listen to gossip whatever you do It's usually lies that you'll hear What they say about me they say about you So kiss me and dry up your tears And don't you believe what they say about me They're"
  • Gossip - Breathe Carolina
    "Hey World are you afraid Hey World be very afraid Baby girl baby girl I'm not afraid (Keep talking) So dream on, your sleeping with the lights on, I know I'm the one your thinking of Don't try to run"
  • Gossip Folks Remix - Missy Elliott
    "Yo, yo, move out the way we got Missy Elliott commin' through Girl that is Missy Elliott, she lost a lot of weight, I heard she eat one cracker a day! Girl, what I heard the bitch was married to Tim, and"
  • Celebrity Gossip - Virus
    "Have you read the papers and heard the s**t they say? Everything I don't want to know, will we be blown away? See, nothing really matters just who is f**king who Nothing that affects our lives, nothing"
  • Niggas gossip - Kanye West
    "Chorus 1]They gossipin, it runs the city, they dont know who watchin them When they comin to get me, so I hit the block and bendDo about 60, and I put my glocks to them, like blaow blaow blaow Im fittin"
  • Direction - The Cribs
    "I may be leaving, but it's okay To say what you're feeling, but baby not for free It's called direction So many times I can see That the way that you are is rubbing off on me It's called direction Did"
  • Direction - The Scenic
    "Breezy Sunday after noon, I was strolling along the sidewalk Stripes, down on seventh avenue, a stranger asked me for direction I said I don't have a clue. I swear I'm just as lost as you. You belong,"
  • The Direction - Richard Ashcroft
    "Seeing the world through imposters eyes against my life it'd feel real nice walking down corridors of ice i know that it's thin but it still feels right slipping in and out of time im glad you're in here"
  • Direction - Planet Smashers
    "Direction, I lost my way Away from this mess I've made Help me out, I need a friend To set me straight, to start again Direction, out of here Decisions made were misguided Can't see right in this haze Need"
  • Direction - Midtown
    "Run away when you are down. Pick up the pace cause you fear the sound of mistakes that are getting closer every time. Time is catching up to you. You keep on trying to escape your problems, but problems"
  • Headed in the right direction - India.Arie
    "Chorus: Headed in the right direction I can see the light of day I've got love as my connection There's an angel showing me the way Been reaching for love all my life I couldn't find it always one step"
  • Right in the wrong direction - Vern Gosdin
    "Well your office called and said you wouldnt be long say, when did your boss get a jukebox of his own when i called to see how long youd be they said you've been long gong your headed right in the wrong"

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