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  • Moving - Red Box
    "Well there's a small time breeze And he goes where he goes Taking the wrong way down To a mountain who says "I see the seven seas Hair and toes of the world Not in a million years Blow you hot, blow you"
  • Moving On - 911
    "Moving on our way Moving on our way I will always remember Our first days together It felt like we had known each other forever We were dreamers And we were believers To give up everything To"
  • Moving On - Weekend Excursion
    "Glance out the window See the lines pass me by on the road I'm moving onward as another chapter unfolds Chorus: And I wonder who will I love? And who will I see? Most of all I wonder Who will I be? It"
  • Moving On - Loraine McFarland
    "Verse 1 Times have been so hard Eyes began to cry My past is still within in me Won't forget it The time I spent Holding my head It's my time to shine I'm feeling fine Im moving on in life Chorus Moving"
  • Moving On - Leonard Cohen
    "i love your face i love your hair your t-shirts and your eveningwear as for the world the job, the war I ditched them all to love your more and now you’re gone now you’re gone as if there ever was a you who"
  • Moving On - Kimya Dawson
    "she was reunited with the father of her kids he said "it wasn't me it was the booze; i know not what i did" she said "you filled the bathtub with my blood when you bashed in my head you can go to hell"
  • Moving on - NEEDTOBREATHE
    "Can we put back all the pieces to the puzzles left behind? We will soon be back together just before the stars align. When the curtain falls for one last time and closes out the show. Marching left, right,"
  • Moving On - As It Stands
    "Since I've talked to you you're always on my mind it's like I've got a new best friend and I can't think of anything I'd rather do. Backing out because you've walked away backing out because it's hard"
  • I'm Moving On - Scott Cain
    "Hey! Oh yeah.... feels good I've had it with your lies I've always had to hear That I'm not good enough for you to be near I've given all my heart, you only give me tears So I aint givin you the best"
  • Keep Moving - Ivy
    "There are traces of the people And the faces I have known As the bus stops at the building The place that I called home Thought I'd left forever Never thought that I'd return But everyday, I make my way I"
  • Moving in - Ken Hensley
    "I've been standing on the edge For a little too long Waiting for the door to be opened I?ve been hanging on the brink, biding my time Wondering if the spell would be broken I?ve seen a million words Of"
  • Moving Under - Banks Tony
    "Banks Tony Fugitive Moving Under Into the night, but out of the dark, To be cornered and yet to survive. The jester performed, with his body he scorned, With his voice he amused, and a little confused His"
  • Keep Moving - Sage Francis
    "I keep moving I go from house to house I stay committed Like one foot in, one foot out I bounce Yeah I'm leaving this place Divorce papers falling out my briefcase Miss Intuition, the half-truth harlot Got"
  • Moving - Michael Giles
    "Moving along Moving on a holiday Moving everyone Moving far away Where the ferryman Sings to a feathery crowd And they dance hand in hand To an imaginary band Moving away Moving from the city air Moving"
  • Moving - Suede
    "shame on me well I had the beast you see and if he can take it I can take him home with me shame on her she's a lovely little number and when we go lassoing you get lassoed, all of you If you can take"
  • Moving - Kate Bush
    "Moving stranger, Does it really matter, As long as you're not afraid to feel? Touch me, hold me. How my open arms ache! Try to fall for me. How I'm moved. How you move me With your beauty's potency. You"
  • Moving - Travis
    "Another day, I feel the weight of the atmosphere’s pressure And I can’t escape I try to run, I try to find my feet, My soul is sticking to the street I get a move, I got to get myself to clean my shoes And"
  • Moving - Eight
    "In my soul there's silence and i just can't keep going on like this and if i go its violence it's gone beyond us holding on to this and in this soul-less science the lines I've drawn still leave this"
  • Moving - Across The Border
    "(Out of the dreams) (open your smorid eyes) out of your bed put your feet back on the ground (curn the way) let the sunshine in your heart open the door and out into the world '' '' Into, into the world you"
  • Moving - George Thorogood And The Destroyers
    "I'm going to leave this town And I'm going back down south I'm going to leave this town And I'm going back down south Where the women treat me like a king Eat chicken in every house I drink wine every"

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