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muslim magomajew swadzba

  • Muslim Praise - Sinsemilia
    "It begins with a voice That rises through the air Here comes now The muezzin's words Coming to wake his mind Gonna make him get up now It's muslim praise Under the sun It's chant and psalms For the Most"
  • Muslim For Life - Soldiers Of Allah
  • Muslim Scholars For Hire $$ - Soldiers Of Allah
    "Salaam alikum to all my brothers and sisters even the non-Muslims that are in the audience. Islam is no different than any other religion and now has a democratic system, which allows Muslims to participate"
  • Bismillah (I Am A Muslim) - Yusuf Islam
    "(Teacher): Now children, who knows what we should say before we start some new job or begin eating or go on a journey? Can anyone tell me? (Children): Teacher! Teacher! Me! Me.... Bismillah! (Teacher):"
  • Treachery Repeating In Kufa - Voices Of Passion
    "Treachery repeating in Kufa In the place where Ali had been slain Karbala your seeds are sown 1 Kufans you wrote to Husayn inviting him to come and guide you Muslim went there with young sons, his mission"
  • Anti-Nazi - Angelic Upstarts
    "Why are you asking? Do you want to know? Understand the meaning A lot to know If the answers hurt your brain My questions feed the pain Do you want to hurt me For the words I say? Don't it make you find"
  • Fanatic Assassins - Grave Digger
    "[1] I'm the old man of the mountains leader of Muslim warriors I hand them the revelating pipe Then they know the after-life Wherever I order suicide You will sacrifice Jump, jump off the wall Allah will"
  • Cryogenic Husk - Agoraphobic Nosebleed
    "thaw the quaaludes from disneys cryogenic husk. lift the curtains, flip up the skirt. lets have a look at that old cunt. sarin nerve gas and the four noble truths, rebirth and again raised the infinite"
  • From The U.W. - Alastis
    "Stay close to us and look at the decadent world Follow us in this unknown who scares you Find the answers you didn't dare to find Forget all prejudices, erase all their lies Dive into the light, comfront"
  • Telebloodprintmediadeathwhore - Alice Donut
    "Alice Donut Revenge Fantasies Of The Impotent Telebloodprintmediadeathwhore Pretty you make it look so eaasy So pretty you make it look so sexy Blood's dripping from the headlines In censored lust With"
  • Fun things to fuck - NOFX
    "Fun things to fuck Fun things to fuck Fuck the front door Fuck the back Fuck the girls with the knack Fuck the government until the fuck you back Fuck a muslim Fuck a jew Fuck fans of Blink 182 That's"
  • Roman - The Church
    "Oh what a feeling baby, knowledge and brutality Whose soul you stealing baby, lost your immortality Another empty conquest, Venus set me free Oh what a ritual father, father why you leaving me They've"
  • Part One: Fulfilling The Contractual Obligations - Television Personalities
    "Part one: fulfilling the contractual obligations Poor people dancing in shopping centres Bargains galore on November and Sundays Raining cabbages and church-like sales Children with chainsaws and Catholic"
  • Framing Armageddon - Iced Earth
    "Centuries pass step by step Revelations coming threat Sand of time dark intent Divise creeds breeds discontent Prophecy, stars collide Born is he who turns the tide Ancient rage, vehemence Indignation"
  • Joe - Inspirial Carpets
    "All that I possess Is my existance and faith more or less Children on the pave Mind if I would help me through the day This bar of cigarettes For which my heart will leap, and live and laugh A debt to"
  • Fuck America - Choking Victim
    "TV tries to sell me stuff that I don't really need The government hypocrisy is intertwined with greed All I need now is another media blitz About Jesus down in Waco and the odour he emits Whoa, ho, fuck"
  • Anno Domini 1476 - Marduk
    "But since Stefan failed his word and let Draculs enemys come from every side Dracu has no choise but with his two hundred men into death ride During the last battle the turkish lines begin to scatter And"
  • Love Conquers All - Nanci Griffith
    "She's a brown skin girl from El Paso City He's a sweet tempered soldier from Fort Bliss They ran off one July evening All concerned said this one is anyone's guess (chorus) Love conquers all Love conquers"
  • Terrorism - XTC
    "Terrorism You're writing your diary in innocents' blood You're vain and you're ugly, you're no robin hood You don't steal from the rich to help the poor You just take life from both and what is more You"
  • Brown-Eyed Man - Murray McLauchlan
    "Born in Karachi Grew up North American Mother in a sari Father dressed like a businessman One foot in the old world One foot in the new And always the pressure To choose between the two There was a wife She"

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