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  • 3 - Chief Keef
    "This bitch wanna smoke all my weed I don't want no sex so ho get on your knees Baby, you won't regret the day that you fuck me But you gotta hold my pistol and my weed Man, I wish a nigga would try me He"
  • 3 - Grammatik
    "yeah(Eldo)Jestem wolny dzięki temu pisze teksty na kartce,obdarzony szczęściem bo ktoś zapalił latarnie,to siedzi w nas jak drugie ja jak szósty zmysł,delikatne jak puch i pył relacje,między tymi którzy"
  • Cela nr 3 - Cela nr 3
    "Jakoś dziwnie się złożyło Że stoję tutaj na scenie W głowie mi się zakręciło Czuje w gaciach podniecenie Biegam jak szalony Bramkarz znów oberwał gola Choć nie byłem zaproszony Zadzwoniłem po doktora To"
  • 3 Strikes - Hot Boys
    "I got popped in 94' them people caught me with some coke But I pleaded as a user so the judge let me go Now I'm back on the streets with six months of probation Can't go out the state so I can't take no"
  • 3 Strikes - Hot Boy$
    "I got popped in 94' them people caught me with some coke But I pleaded as a user so the judge let me go Now I'm back on the streets with six months of probation Can't go out the state so I can't take no"
  • 3 D - Cheap Trick
    "Look at me, I appear in the night Look at me, I'm made up of lights Look at me, I am really a sight A sight to behold To hold with your eyes Look at me, I can move like you Look at me, I can zoom in on"
  • 3 days - Renton
    "I was with a devil Was I with an angel? I was so happy Was I in danger? 3 days to love made a mark Ive never been do happy why? For 3 days more with you Id give away my life its true! Who said red bull"
  • 3 Hours - Blue Rodeo
    "Blue Rodeo Small Miracles 3 Hours Cant get used to what you told me You said better brace yourself There's changes coming in I wake up to a brand-new story Stop the clock that's ticking on the shelf Then"
  • 3 Balloons - Stephen Lynch
    "Call from my car to say I'll be there in awhile Short plane ride and I will get to see your pretty smile Nothing on the radio I fiddle with the dial Then I see a sign the airport's just another mile I"
  • Bezimienni 3 - Bezimienni
    "Bezimienni terror Bezimienni terror Ej Ty Bezimienni banda Verba Veritatis A później była Granda Ej Ty Bezimienni Banda Płyta po raz trzeci nie kręci filmów Wajda Ej Ty Bezimienni 3 Wbijamy się jak CBŚ"
  • 3 Words - Cheryl Cole
    "I met a guy at the club, I let him know I'm love, I met a girl at the bar, I let her know who you are. I told her you are the love of my life and, one day your gonna be my wife. We are gonna have some"
  • 3 Am - Holly Tree
    "it seems so hard, fucking time i'm all alone and there's nothing to do i'm sick and tired of starting at the fucking walls of my fucking bedroom i think of her, but she's far away i wonder if she's thinking"
  • 3 Words - Guy Sebastian
    "If actions speak louder than words I'll be speechless I'll show you that i can do what i can do if i saw that id say its the one that works Then I'll sing it forever for you Cos im not someone who confesses"
  • 3 Weeks - Tiga
    "Well, it's been.. 3 weeks since we said goodbye nd now how am i hard, as i try supposed to last a whole lifetime the days are fine i keep my mind occupied and satisfied i keep my eyes on the consolation"
  • Number 3 - The Mitch Hansen Band
    "You won't believe how many things Are wandering through my head You're next to me its plain to see That maybe you would like me dead I see it in your eyes They're as black as night Here is the surprise: One,"
  • 3 Killas - The Game
    "The Game (Chorus) 3 Killas on the rise, come through scremin homicide when we ride (when we ride). 3 Killas on the rise, come through screamin homicide when we ride (nigga westside). 3 Killas on the rise, come"
  • 3:30 - Viki Gabor
    "I heard so much about you Thought you was the one for me But I guess it switched up so easily Can’t believe them things that you said to me And I know I was wrong but I kept it going on Was this thinking"
  • 3:16 - Slim Thug
    "(*talking*) Yeah, Slim Thugger, Boss Hogg Outlaws Got plex, with the Boss, ha Something you gotta deal with baby, ha, fa sho (Slim Thug) What's up motherfuckers, it's the show stopper Lil Yo dropper Kappo"
  • Agresivo 3 - Arcangel
    "aha probando me copia austin el fue con esa gata perrendo yo sigo por eso yo vivo castigo a lo primitivo con o sin preservativo A-GRE-SI-VO aunque me tiren mi pana yo sigo perreando yo vivo castigo a lo"
  • 3 Way - Eve
    "Phone ringin'* Eve: Hello Erex: What's up shorty, what's goin' on? Eve: What's up E? Erex: Everything alright? Eve: Yeah, I'm chillin'. What's up with you? Erex: Yea, I'm jus chillin'. Everything alright"

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