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my angel lara fabian

  • Lara Fabian - Lara Fabian
    "Eu sonhei E esperei Por seu amor E o meu corao se acostumou A sonhar com voc E de repente eu te encontrei Eu vi no seu olhar A paixo que eu sonhei pra mim Quando eu te vi, Acreditei Que o amor No era"
  • For Always (Duet With Lara Fabian) - Josh Groban
    "Lara: I close my eyes And there in the shadows I see your light You come to me out of my dreams across The night Josh: You take my hand Though you may be so many stars away I know that our spirits"
  • Angel City Feat Lara Mcallen - Angel City
    "ooh baby love me right , so let me love you till u get it right , why cant you let the others be , cause with you is where i got to be , ooh sugar , where've you been , hangin out with your male friends"
  • Lara - The Moffatts
    "Searched this world all over for that one special girl Who was lookin for love not diamonds or pearls From outta nowhere you entered into my life like a ray of sunshine so warm and bright Touched my heart"
  • Yeliel (My Angel) - Lara Fabian
    "Just like the sea No one possesses you And no one can go down to The deepest side of you Just like a tree Decades and memories Articulate and seal Every one of your dreams When I need you I secretly sing"
  • Surrender To Me (Feat.Lara Fabian) - Richard Marx
    "Is it that we've been together much too long The answer may not be in black and white We're always tryin' to prove who's right or wrong And now we're givin' up without a fight But I know when you're"
  • Lara my love - The Moffatts
    "I've searched this world all over for that one special girl who was looking for love not diamonds or pearls. From out of nowhere you entered into my life like a ray of sunshine, so warm and bright. You"
  • Fabian - Tripod
    "Fabian, Fabian Fabian, Fabian Fabian, Fabian this songs for you This is the tale of a reindeer that nobody knows shoved down the back and largely ignored on account of a nasal disfigurement Not unlike"
  • You're Not From Here - Lara Fabian
    "I dont know what is going on you turn around and touch my heart a silent moment speaks the truth something has happened all at once it should have scared me in advance but I was falling in those eyes"
  • Da?lar Da?lar (Mountains) - Sertab Erener
    "The one that I helped grow in my hands The one that I revived with the sun, You plucked my flower And gave it to someone else You plucked my flower And gave it to someone else refrain: Mountains, mountains Please,"
  • Angel - Angel
    "When I'm upside down You turn me right side up By the simple words you say When I'm south of you, Well your north of me And I know your here to stay well your fingers walk and your body talks to me sweetly"
  • Lara - Kim Frank
    "Du hast schon zu lange zugesehen, unser Leben lief zu bequem. Viel zu oft ging ich erst zu Bett, wenn Du wieder aufgestanden bist. Vorbei, vorbei... die Zeit zu zweit. Ich fhl mich bereit fr die Einsamkeit. Also"
  • Angel - Angel Faith
    "oooooh, oh angel, i'm talking to you. when i'm upside down, you turn me right side up, by the simple words you say. when i'm south of you, well you're north of me, and i know you're here to stay. well"
  • Review My Kisses - Lara Fabian
    "I'm only happy when I'm with you I only feel good when I'm talking to you & I'm a mess when you don't call me Call me at night Where did you go Where did you go And did you think of me It's hard to breathe &"
  • Light Of My Life - Lara Fabian
    "Wandering like a leaf upon the wind I have been searching for someone Holding out for a love to shake my soul Heaven or nothing Then you walked into my life In a blaze of light I've never wanted someone"
  • You Are My Heart - Lara Fabian
    "How did I ever get to here Why do I need you Why do I have to cry these tears Where do they lead to I used to be so strong alone When I was standing on my own Now I don't know what to do Was I too proud"
  • Part Of Me - Lara Fabian
    "Look in these eyes you'll see the dark That little space inside my heart The darkest side withholds the light The light that brightens me inside You don't know Angels don't fly, they have no wings It"
  • Je T'aime - Lara Fabian
    "D'accord, il existait d'autres faons de se quitter Quelques clats de verres auraient peut tre pu nous aider Dans ce silence amer, j'ai dcid de pardonner Les erreurs qu'on peut faire trop s'aimer D'accord"
  • Adagio - Lara Fabian
    "I don't know where to find you I don't know how to reach you I hear your voice in the wind I feel you under my skin Whithin my heart and my soul I wait for you Adagio All of these nights without you All"
  • So In Love - Lara Fabian
    "Strange dear, but true dear, When I'm close to you, dear, The stars fill the sky, So in love with you am I. Even without you, My arms fold about you, You know darling why, So in love with you am I. In"

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