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my baby, russ

  • Something About You - Russ Lee - Natalie
    "(Chorus) When I'm without you, I think about you Baby boy, all day There's something about you, I like about you Something about the ways When I'm without you, I think about you Baby boy, all day There's"
  • Russ' Song - Ann Beretta
    "I'm heading wes bound ont the interstate today never looking back because I can't see anyway and there's no point in going where I've been and seeing things I've done & people I've left behind we fought"
  • The American Ruse - Mc5
    "They told you in school about freedom But when you try to be free they never let ya They said "it's easy , nothing to it" And now the army's out to get ya Sixty nine America in terminal stasis The"
  • Aint Nobody Takin My Baby - Russ
    "I don't care about an argument I'll still be here tomorrow For you I gotta room up in the city we can play finish the bottle I'll pour you up We'll work on us Cuz ain't nobody taking my baby I wanna be"
  • Der Russ - Ringsgwandl
    "Schaffen wir uns ein paar Kinder an, lauter liebe kleine Spatzen, machen wir uns noch ein paar schne Jahre. Ziehn wir sie auf zum berleben oder blo zum berfahrn, oder da sie ein Depp dann mal erschiet? Solang"
  • Baby - Baby Vox
    "want you call me baby tell me baby your my life idero ni gyothe issulge na I want you love it baby fly me baby to the heart shiwonhan barami narul mundug suchyogasso amu yegodo obshi niga negero odon nal hyongijungchorom"
  • Baby - Quality Control, Lil Baby, & DaBaby
    "Ej, ej hummm rest in pece to bankroll show ‘em how to do it baby goin’ crazy he been getting’ straight to it I done caught so many flights I end up fucking; all the stewardesses catch me in Atlanta mno"
  • BET - Russ
    "Bet, bet, bet, bet Bet, bet, bet, bet Bet, bet, bet, bet Bet, bet, bet, bet I know exactly how all of this goes Too real for the cameras, I don't like to pose When I go out, a few weeks on the road One"
  • Yes Sir - Russ
    "Baby I'm a boss, they say yes sir Yes sir, yes sir Yeah Yes sir, baby I'm a boss, they say yes sir So shout out to myself that's my investor Made another mill, let's run it back like Devin Hester Pistol"
  • Are You Entertained (Feat. Ed Sheeran) - Russ
    "Are you not entertained? Are you not entertained? Every time, every night is a loose one And every flight, you know that I put the crew on You say that I dropped off, well then tell me what you've done? I'm"
  • NASTY - Russ
    "Yeah, I want you to get nasty, nasty Yeah, I want you to get nasty, nasty Yeah, I want you to get nasty Do that thing you know I like No one watching, it's just me and you, alright Yeah She a shy girl,"
  • Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby - R.Kelly
    "Anything you want baby Anything your heart desires Because you've been there for me (Truly there for me) I'm gonna give it to you Listen [1] - Baby, baby, baby, baby, baby Baby, baby, baby, baby, baby"
  • My Baby - The Temptations
    "My Baby - The Temptations (R.Rogers,W.Robinson & W.Moore) Whose hair styles are out of this world whether it's straight or bu'font or it's curled My Baby My Baby My Baby ... hey hey hey My Baby, Baby"
  • My Baby - Britney Spears
    "Tiny hands, yes, that's you And all you show, it's simply true I smell your breath, it makes me cry I wonder how I've lived my life 'Cause without you How did I get through? All of my days without you? Now"
  • My Baby - Rosey
    "I love, I love, I love my baby you know he is the only one for me my baby he's the cutest little baby yeah, uh-huh, ooh ooh baby... I love, I love, I love my baby you know he would do anything for me my"
  • My Baby - Jesse McCartney
    "My, my, my, my She steps to the groove, her body in tune She stops the whole room, she got to everybody The red of her lips, so hard to resist The curve to her hips, I gotta tell somebody I'm helplessly"
  • My Baby - Deborah Allen
    "My baby gives me satisfaction. My baby gives me all his love. Lets me know I'm his main attraction, No-one else is gonna feel his touch. I love the way he drives me crazy. All night long, you know, I love"
  • My baby - LeAnn Rimes
    "My baby gives me satisfaction My baby gives me all his love Let's me know I'm his main attraction No one else is gonna feel his touch I love the way he drives me crazy From now on I'm gonna love my baby"
  • My Baby - The Yardbirds
    "(Mort Shuman / Jerry Ragovoy) Anderson Theatre version And when they say that lovers feign, Well, to me, you know, it don't matter no how, All I gotta do is call your name, Well then I've got, My baby. You"
  • My Baby - Jackopierce
    ""My baby don't love me anymore She's tallied up the tickets and She's laid out the score My baby don't love me anymore I used to come in the front entrance Now I'm getting kicked out the back door It"

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