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my body blow my mind

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my body blow my mind

  • Girl, You Blow My Mind - The Friday Night Boys
    "We're out of time, and I don't know what to think about We've lost control, but you'll never know Mixed up between one with the other This girl is too much There was plenty of time to sit wonder So this"
  • Blow - Rick Ross
    "(feat. Dre) Designer jeans, and a hand full of dough (Yeah) Bottle of the Jos, pass me some mo' I got, mo' cars, mo' cars, mo' clothes, mo' clothes Mo' money means mo' dough to blow (Bloooowwww) Mo'"
  • Blow My Mind - Janis Joplin
    "You got the mind like a child, girl, You got to fight like a woman. Well, I think you're so wild, girl, Like the sun in the morning. I'm gonna turn you on To where you belong Pull you tight I'm gonna show"
  • Blow My Mind - Davido, Chris Brown
    "never waste your time never let you go talk down back-to-back you’re the best I know oh yeah, you dey blow my mind blow my mind blow my mind for your love I go change my life change my life change my"
  • Blow My Mind - Big & Rich
    "Tell me brother, sisters do you listen when it rains Are you worried something's going to end it all today Is there anything that you had wished that you had said Or is it all just bouncing like a buble"
  • Blow My Mind - The Benjamin Gate
    "Water running in my desert land Images falling into blinded eyes Ice cooling on my fevered brow Fire blazing on my coldest night (Chorus:) You are good, You are fine You blow my mind I see You and"
  • Blow My Mind - Robyn
    "Straight up from my heart you're my number one And hey here's the part I'm still having fun It's like you're the cloud underneath my feat And you're the reason that breathe Because you blow my mind Because"
  • Blow My Mind - Dogs With Jobs
    "Black leather for my saddle Hard chrome for my reins My iron horse is flyin' In the midnight rain I'm leaning fast into the wind, rain whipping in my face I couldn't give a flying fuck Hell's fire couldn't"
  • Blow My Mind - Appleton
    "You're a star in your hall of fame Now I can't explain, How you made your name Now I know in my heart It's not happening Even though you were something, You're not everything Can you stand tall"
  • Blow Ya Mind - Ruben Studdard
    "Girl, you been on my mind all day And I been thinking of what I was gonna say When you got here, um, I want you to relax Let your hair down cause tonight is the night For me to blow your mind It's time"
  • Mind Blow - Zion I
    "I'll take a runaway train from the reigns of shame And focus things so my head don't hear my brain It's how I'm seeing - keeping it even with balanced breathin When the Zion train come it's the last one"
  • Body - Meshell Ndegeocello
    "Come on Come on You know what you like Come on You know what you want Come on You know what you like Come on You know what you want I wanna watch ya baby Show me, baby I like the way you move All around Touch"
  • Body - Sean Paul
    "Turn the lights on! Soaking wet She can't keep dry I need a bed Me not tell no lie Put both your hands Upon the wall Fleed up girl I won't let you fall Gotta friend 'round see There as you there Put it"
  • Feel My Body - Asami
    "I blow your mind. Check it on me tamerawazu so crazy karamatteku no My deep wave modaeru yubi no mukau hou e atashi wo nazotte [1:] itsumo yori daitan na koe de jirashitari nanka shinaide uh~ (I like your"
  • Blow Your Mind - Jamiroquai
    "Oh oh yeah Don't you know, That now you blow my mind Honey, You're sweeter Than anything, I need you Want to get closer to you I want you get closer to you now Love ya I need ya I think I wanna squeeze"
  • Blow Your Mind - Nick Carter
    "Girl I saw you dancing I'm lookin like trash And yet you're glancin I said 'hello I'm a rockstar' She said 'I don't care who you are Just take me with you And I will blow Your Mind' This girl"
  • Blow Your Mind - Be Your Own Pet
    "Everyone thinks that you're so cool Too bad I hate you all as much as I hate school Go read a book and flunk a test Cuz you're a loser like all of the rest Going to school is a waste of time I'd rather"
  • Blow Your Mind - Monster Magnet
    "Mister, have you tickled the witness He couldn't catch his breath in the storm Man, you've got to love your position You're feeding baby food to the whores I said, "My, my, my" said the spider to the fly "You"
  • Blow Your Mind - Jesse McCartney
    "I've been watchin' you Can't believe just what I'm seeing You've been watching me Yea baby, better believe it If you wanna dance Here's your chance to make it right If you want romance Baby I'll take you"
  • Blow ya mind - Eve
    "Uh, uh, uh, huh Yo, yo Drop your glasses, shake your asses Face screwed up like you having hot flashes Which one, pick one, this one, classic Red from blonde, yeah bitch I'm drastic Why this, why that,"

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