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my burning sun

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my burning sun

  • Burning - Fatal Flowers
    "you wanna play, you want some fun take a trip right to the sun come on in, give it a try feel like the worlds greatest guy let the boy kill the man, 60 bucks burning in my hand theres a red light on your"
  • Burning Up - Alpinestars
    "Burning Up lyrics The lights in all the cities have now gone Restless hearts and minds are moving on Baby take the best escape for all Don't know if I'm coming back for more Burning up again I found"
  • Burning Ground - Van Morrison
    "And I take you down to the burning ground And you change me up and you turned it around In the wind and rain I'm gonna see you again In the morning sun and when the day is done And you take my hand and"
  • Burning Down - R.E.M.
    "From the back of my neck, oh oh oh Wired a glass jaw, oh oh Plantation burning your boat is coming in Strum your jew's-harp, you're reeking gin Running water in a sinking boat Going under but they've"
  • Burning Desire - Highlord
    "(Music Alessandro Muscio) (Words Alessandro Muscio) In this morning The sun seems not shine My mind is stifled by the memory of your eyes Remembering the days When the sun still shone on us I don't know"
  • California's Burning - Augustana
    "California's burning, burning, burning to the ground... and my head is turning, turning, turning round and round... alie's stomach's churning, churning, like a storm today... and your mother's crying,"
  • Burning Bridges - Mest
    "It was a late Thursday night, when I decided to write this song Just me, bow wow, my dirty floor and all the herb is gone Everyone's asleep, but the TV is still on Debating the past three years, what I"
  • Something's Burning - Dolly Parton
    "(Mac Davis) You lie in gentle sleep beside me I hear your warm and rhythmic breathing I take your hand and hold it tightly Listen, can you not hear our young heart's beating I kiss the sleep from your"
  • Something's Burning - Kenny Rogers
    "You lie in gentle sleep beside me I hear your warm and rhythmic breathing I take your hand and hold it tightly Listen, can you not hear our young hearts beating I kiss the sleep from your eyes Your smile"
  • Something's Burning - Kenny Rogers & The First Edition
    "(Mac Davis) You lie in gentle Sleep beside me I hear your warm And rhythmic breathing I take your hand And hold it tightly (Listen) can you not hear Our young hearts beating I kiss the sleep From your"
  • Burning Out - Sebadoh
    "Burning out the thoughts that once were true Can't help but wonder if I use you But oh, the time has come now that I've learned how To rip you into little shreds Til you're my little sleepy-head oh oooohhhhhhh Not"
  • Burning Star - Symphorce
    "The shadows are on your side as lights go down In the darkest place you find a tune of it?s own Like the haze of the afterglow jaws will part When the storm is about to blow words fall out For rumors in"
  • It's Burning - Sizzla
    "The sunball... When ah de sky... Jah create it and it cyah stop shine Fire,fire,fire-burning! Fire... It's burning so high and they can't put it out Don't be ashame,don't be shy to sing and shout"
  • Burning Angel - Arch Enemy
    "Dark shadows from above Ravens fly, obliterate the sun "It's a sign of the devil He will come for His servant tonight" These are dark times Suspicious minds breed like rats Guardians of corrupt morality Spread"
  • Burning Cosmos - Meadows End
    "Bow before my eyes to hear the mourning cries, of the souls inside. Now let the silence long in, into an endless night, the spirits dance in the mist of the day. The crimson starlight collides within,"
  • Burning Bridges - Freak Kitchen
    "The sun is kind of annoying As I try to sleep in the back of my van It is supposed to be autumn Did someone mess with The Plan? Feels like my skin doesn't fit me But it's one mother of a tan Barbecued"
  • Burning Red - Machine Head
    "I see the sun begin to rise and I'm blinded too I've seen the world through painted eyes that I'm crying through I watched the darkness hypnotize and confided hold on, I'm falling can't breathe anymore"
  • Until We Touch The Burning Sun (Oikea) - Thunderstone
    "I'm watching through the frozen window. through the reflection of my face. There's a cold world out there. And i'm here,and deceitfully fine... This is my world. My haven, my home. Where i can be alone."
  • The Burning Sun - John Holt
    "Livin' in the city but the life ain't pretty and the burning sun, the burning sun Livin' in the city but the life ain't pretty and the burning sun, the burning sun When will I be released from this burden"
  • Burning - Impellitteri
    "Deep in the night I see you stand there Shadows in my mind Closing my eyes The dreams come rushing back And they've got control of me You've taken me by surprise, oh You've got me hypnotized Burning, Burning"

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