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  • Language - Scott Matthew
    "Memory's a secret handshake Shakes you with It speaks my language It ceases, I cease to believe You're gonna leave And acting out of a fight When you're not around With ease, I cease to exist I slip through"
  • Language - Henry Rollins
    "So! Being a fan of the use of language Being a fan of English, um I got this amazing letter from a fella named Boris. And I wanted to read this to you. He's, he's from um, the Czech Republic. And I wanted"
  • Speak My Language - Anderson Laurie
    "Anderson Laurie Bright Red Speak My Language Daddy Daddy. It was just like you said Now that the living outnumber the dead. Where I come from it's a long thin thread Across an ocean. Down a river of red. Now"
  • Speak my language - Inner Circle
    "African hey, Jamaican hey European hey, Australian hey Africa, Swahili, Japan, Ichiban Sending out a message to each and everyone Aribi-bong, aribi-bong, skeng Stanishi, stanishi, aribi-bong-beng Aribi-bong,"
  • Body Language - INXS
    "If you say something to me An' you mean, you mean what you say An' you're wanting my attention There's a game you must play Body Language Body Language Body Language Body Language yo o o o o o Use your"
  • Speak My Language - The Cure
    "It was only yesterday Waving arms across the street Your white face left me blue... How can I say all the things I have to say to you? Oh! all the people here All look the same... The little time I spend"
  • Body Language - Queen
    "Give me, body - give me - body - body give me your body don't talk, baby don't talk body language give me your body just give my your body don't talk body language you got red lips snakes in your eyes long"
  • Future Language - Mihimaru GT
    "DeepMelody Future Language Microphone Hip-Popmihimaru GT My home Hello !! check 1,2Show Case Flavor yeah3 It's al right Feel so nice Rhymes My Like a sunny place Future Language () miyake MC Track"
  • Sign Language - Bob Dylan
    "You speak to me In sign language As I'm eating a sandwich In a small cafe At a quarter to three But I can't respond To your sign language. You're taking advantage, Bringing me down. Can't you make any"
  • Body Language - Heidi Montag
    "(Body Language) (Ohhhh....Ohhh....) I see what i need to do i see you watching tell me is there something you like?, like cause i feel your eyes as they undress me no dont you stop it love it with your"
  • Strange Language - Vic Chesnutt
    "up on the bluffwhere I wish I wastwisting up the pages of history my cold feet danglingmy bony arms gesturingto summon up a little chunk of that history in the corridor the shadows are longand it messes"
  • Body Language - Jesse McCartney
    "Ooo, that body's like music to my ear Ooo, that body's like music to my ear Ooo, that body's like music to my ear 'Cause what you want is right here Oh she, oh she so international The way, the way she"
  • Sign Language - Eric Clapton
    "(Bob Dylan) You speak to me in sign language, As I'm eating a sandwich in a small cafe At a quarter to three. But I can't respond to your sign language. You're taking advantage, bringing me down. Can't"
  • Love Language - Ariana Grande
    "I know you’re probably thinking what’s the use I promise it’s the little things that you do That make me want to give it all to you You know I do, babe You soothe me You hold it down with every word"
  • Language City - Wolf Parade
    "Language City is a bad old place We all know Where eyeballs float in space We all know We're tired We can't sleep It's crowded here None of us leave Language City don't mean a thing to me Audiences,"
  • No Language - Linda McLean
    "This much I know, this much I 'll remember You held my hands and taught me how to row And I never got to tell you I love you in my way Had no words you could understand to make you want to stay But"
  • Body Language - Kali Uchis
    "I wanna know if you want to I wanna go if you want to go I’m sick and tired of talking told you everything you need to know cause the rest is in the body language do you hear me? can you feel me now? yeah,"
  • New Language - Pursuit Of Happiness
    "Don't make me speak in a new language Just let me tell you The way that I feel about you I sure don't want to offend anyone But if you take away my words How can I tell you the truth An old-fashioned"
  • Language Problem - The Only Ones
    "My parents told me that love don't exist just for pleasure So I guess I'll throw in some pain for good measure Good measure Ah ha, ah ha You'll be possessed and I can't be the possessor I love my"
  • Body Language - John Holt
    "Youre so beautiful Black love is in the garden So sweet and kind (I want you to be mine) Little girl, you dont have to talk to me Your body language is saying it all You dont have to walk with me Girl,"

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