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my last breath

  • Last Breath - Body Count
    "Oooooohhh am I dreamin' ? Oooooohhh am I dreamin' ? Am I alone ? Oooooohhh am I dreamin' ? Am I alone ? Yeah I like to wait 'til late nite, 'til you Muthafuckas sleep I crawl in through your window and"
  • Last Breath - Mad Caddies
    "Still awake on a winters day Skies are grey and it's cold Smoke signals from my last cigarett Lets me know that it's finally getting old Everybody hates me for the night before The man you saw wasn't me And"
  • Last Breath - Project Deadman
    "(Prozak) Just relax and let it go Let your heart beat fade away to the sounds of my syllables Incredible how immeasurable death is innevitable Mind body and soul inseperable Until the valley of the shadow"
  • Last Breath - Don't Look Down
    "I find it hard to be the one you only come to when your down I'm broken by the days I'm empty and cold now I'm still waiting, for you to watch me fall I'm lost and longing, you always haunt me Cause"
  • My Last Breath - Valley's Eve
    "Worn out I'm lying in my bed My head is filled with emotions I hear the hands of the clock and feel The coldness conquer my body Now it is noon and the sun is shining Through the window in my eyes Then"
  • My Last Breath - Evanescence
    "hold on to me love you know i can't stay long all i wanted to say was i love you and i'm not afraid can you hear me? can you feel me in your arms? holding my last breath safe inside myself are all my"
  • My Last Breath - Novice
    "I give up, I'm staring at these four walls again with this paper in pen in hand and I don't think I have what it takes I fall down, just like the stars from the sky I hit the ground with blood shot eyes I"
  • My Last Breath - Made Of Hate
    "The flame of candles is lighting up your face I've been waiting for this moment You look so pure like in my dream This feel is like touching heaven I'm here for you So take my life Let my soul fly away My"
  • My Last Breath - Ataraxie
    "I see blood flowing like an endless river Red is my blood, pale becomes my skin I creep like a snake so as to reach my last bottle Like a painter with is picture, I spread my own blood on the floor Cruel"
  • Breath - Dudley Saunders
    "oh I'm a-feared for my life I'm afraid it's gonna murder me and you'll leave me behind boy you've guessed it about right I've been digging your grave for the best part of last night and now I see you"
  • Breath - Sweatshop Union
    "(feat. Creative Minds) did you want the house, the dog, the white picket fence the wife with three kids that helped your life make sense the friends, petty trends, the mercedes benz keep the picture on"
  • Breath - Damian Michael
    "What's the World Coming To?Where Are We All Running To?Not All Our Dreams Are Coming TrueWe Can't Let Them Break UsWhen Two Hearts That Beat As OneCan't Let the Clouds Cover the SunIf I'm Rambling I'm"
  • Breath - Justin Timberlake
    "(Chorus) (Nelly Furtado) Im alive i can feel the blood rushing thru my veins an thats all i need know cuz im not looking for a change.Cuz i got friends and enemies but it just dont bother me, cuz as"
  • Breath - Swollen Members
    "im alive, i can feel the blood rushin thru my veins an thats all i need to know, cuz im not lookin for a change. cuz i got friends and enemies, but it just dont bother me, cuz as long as i believe, i can"
  • Breath - Nelly Furtado
    "(MadChild) Uh huh Uh huh (Nelly) I'm alive, I can feel the blood rushin' thru my veins And that's all I need to know, 'cause I'm not lookin' for a change 'cause I've got friends and enemies, But it just"
  • Breath - Sean Paul
    "Sean paul and blu cantrell remix that gona make ya head swell yo yo hey yo bo yo hey yo (Chorus) so what's that supposed to be about baby ya'll free up ya mind and stop actin crazy reminisce about"
  • Breath - Sean Paul feat. Blu Cantrell
    "Sean paul and blu cantrell that gona make ya head swell yo yo hey yo boop yo hey yp so what's that supposed to be about baby ya'll free up ya mind and stop actin crazy reminisce about all the good times"
  • Breath - Liberty X
    "Spoken) Breathe Breathe with me baby Don't say goodbye Don't leave me baby Breathe (End Spoken) Don't say I'm giving you some attitude I'm just taking my own time Now you're questioning where I draw the"
  • Until My Last Breath - Tarja
    "Cannot cry it loud enough I'm giving up this ghost How can I still justify When you deny my voice In this nothing I'm not allowed I just follow alone Words as weapons without a sound Echoes dying unborn Until"
  • My Life's Last Breath - Acumen Nation
    "radiate some force and post-enlightened attitude see the world for the first time without your eyes take my hand as we walk head-on into the fire total loss of fear will free you from their holy chains we"

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