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my love ...cocaine

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my love ...cocaine

  • Cocaine - Project Pat
    "(feat. DJ Paul) Cocaine... cocaine... cocaine.... cocaine We can snort it we can flip it, we can snort it we can flip it We can snort it we can flip it, we can snort it (cocaine) We can snort it"
  • Cocaine - Nomy
    "You are in pain Take your life, take your life with cocaine But I am who I am so I do what I can, when I can but I can't really do a damn thing So fine this day all your problems has gone away but tomorrow,"
  • Cocaine - Axe Murder Boyz
    "So now your feelin' like your healin' and you are the queen Everythings perfect and worth it your life don't miss a thing When you sniff it get lifted your on top of the world But whens it's distant you"
  • Cocaine Carolina - Johnny Cash
    "(feat. David Allen Coe) Morning found me lyin' on a floor in New Orleans, Looking like the patches was about to eat my jeans. Feeling like my belly was a warehouse for the blues And I sure miss my sweet"
  • Cocaine Habit - Old Crow Medicine Show
    "Well the cocaine habit is mighty bad It's the worst old habit that I ever had Hey hey honey take a whiff on me Take a whiff on me Take a whiff on me All you rounders take a wiff on me Hey hey honey"
  • Cocaine Socialism - Pulp
    "I thought that you were joking / When you said "I want to see you To discuss your contribution / To the future of our nation's heart and soul Six o'clock, my place, Whitehall" / Well I arrived just after"
  • Cocaine - Townes Van Zandt
    "Everytime my baby and me go up town police come and they knock me down Cocaine all around my brain Hey baby, better come here quick. This old cocaine is making me sick. Cocaine all around my brain. Yonder"
  • Cocaine - Frankenbok
    "Cocaine, cocaine I think it's my choice of drug Cocaine showed me a life that's less cynical Soap and open with the knives of the critical And wash away today the effects sorry and typical Cocaine, cocaine"
  • Cocaine - Jackson Browne With Warren Zevon
    "nd delete this entire line) - Cocaine Lyrics (Jackson Browne) Jackson Browne - Cocaine Lyrics (Rev. Gary Davis, additional lyrics by Jackson Browne & Glenn Frey) You take Sally and I'll take Sue Their"
  • Cocaine  - Thicke
    "Baby Beverly Hills Hotel 4am Its my birthday I wanna stay young I wanna have fun I dont wanna be the only one no way Movie stars models and blondes and cocaine New York LA its all the same The angels look"
  • Cocaine - Robin Thicke
    "Baby, Beverly Hills Hotel, four AM It's my birthday I wanna stay young I wanna have fun I don't wanna be the only one no way Movie stars models and blondes and cocaine New York, LA, it's all the same The"
  • Cocaine - Jackson Browne
    "You take Sally, and I'll take Sue There ain't no difference between the two Cocaine... Runnin all 'round my brain Heading down Scott, turn up Main Looking for that girl that sells cocaine Cocaine... Runnin"
  • Cocaine - UGK
    "(talking:) (cocaine cocaine), I'd like to introduce you all to (cocaine cocaine) UGK, UGK bitch my man Bun B Pimp C in the house y'all, put your hands together Big Dick Cheney and Snowy Snow, (cocaine"
  • Cocaine - Royce da 5'9"
    "so low door is closed trust is broke words got choked in my throat can’t let go of my high hopes my high hopes my high hopes papa came home form another dayof hard work and handed my his key told me:"
  • Cocaine - Akissforjersey
    "She screams bloody hallelujah To the altar, these lungs of mine are closing in. And in her nasty dress like her mother's, She falls between the skin, And the lines on her forehead. I have found my place;"
  • Cocaine - Rammstein
    "Were the friends weighed for methe white fairy stretches her bowshe shoots into the face of my worriesand on the two halves breaksthe father of all mirrorsHe waves for me and I bendhe whispers quietly"
  • Cocaine - The Game
    "( Verse One ) I'm too gangsta for the streets, watch me when I creep I put five in ya, jeep - leave a nigga sleep Now you six feet deep over bullshit Got a Mac 10 mouth ain't never pull shit The ghetto"
  • Arms Of Cocaine - Hank Williams Jr.
    "Some ladies love diamonds Fast cars and freedom Trips to the island Castles in Spain Las Vegas card sharks Blues men that blow french harps but no strings to her heart just the arms of cocaine. Yeah"
  • Cocaine habit blues - Grateful Dead
    "Tell it to me, tell it to meDrink cold liquor let the cocaine be cocainell kill my honey deadWalking down the street with a dollar in my handLooked for a woman aint got no man cocainell kill my honey deadLove"
  • Arms of cocaine - Hank Williams
    "Some ladies love diamondsFast cars and freedomTrips to the islandCastles in spainLas vegas card sharksBlues men that blow french harpsBut no strings to her heartJust the arms of cocaine.Yeah she likes"

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