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my love come home emily jaye

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my love come home emily jaye

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my love come home emily jaye
  • One Fine Day Emily
    "Do you dare our love, That covers everything. Are you scared about us, Scared about love? You are part of my way And I am part of yours. Oh come what may Emily I wonder If you're happy Walking there"
  • Jewel Emily
    "Woke up to find I lost my mind Lost heart, lost nerve I lost my favourite word - Emily I take my cigarettes I give 'em a smoke Oh god My heart feels froze I've lost something it seems I've misplaced my"
  • Adam Green Emily
    "I just don't care about the evening news I never listen to the crackhouse blues They say the city is the place to be I wanna dance with Emily Everybody come around the window shop I guess they never"
  • John Cale Emily
    "Oh Emily, I'd love to be Down by the sea with you Having tea with you Walking hand in hand On the shifting sands Maybe we'll love again Maybe we'll love again Soon the time will come When we must say Goodbye"
  • Joanna Newsom Emily
    "The meadowlark and the chim-choo-ree and the sparrow Set to the sky in a flying spree, for the sport of the pharaoh A little while later the Pharisees dragged a comb through the meadow Do you remember"
  • Pigeon John Emily
    "I met you at the age of 21 Lookin so fine like a young ripe plum I was the gardener, you were the nun I was maverick, you were the girl on top gun I pursued you with young freshman eyes Stomach too small"
  • Velvet Chain Emily
    "Words and music: j. stacy I had a dream I could leave you behind Looking back over my cold shoulder Little girl stepping down to the river You call for me but I do not answer In a daze I was walking"
  • Los Lobos Emily
    "(David Hidalgo/Louie Perez) Emily, take me 'cross the water home Emily, look how much we have grown Emily, I still remember the day Waking up, chasing the shadows away It won't be long 'til I see your"
  • Fastball Emily
    "Emily shrugs and drags her heels as she takes the guided tour It seemed like such an amazing deal when she was looking at the brochure Stuck on a bus with strangers wishing she could be at home with me"
  • Kelly Jones Emily
    "Emily worked at the diamond store She wanted all the rings that she couldn't afford One long day A tall man came Asked her to marry him And he bought her a ring He whisked her off to the seven seas Wined"
  • Gaba Kulka Emily
  • Lower Than Atlantis Emily
    "Alarm clock rings, another day in hell begins I'm going out of my mind, until she walks in They say love is blind, but my vision is fine Angels sing, when I look in her eyes I'm like, Emily, won't you"
  • Nine Days Emily
    "Now Emily hides in a way she is waiting for a knight in shining armor and I know that nothing I'd say could make her see me as a man of honor but I am now sometimes I wish she could see through all the"
  • Anadivine Emily
    "Emily's under blankets, tucked in by paramedics. A lullaby of sirens flood this town. And I've got a bad idea where envy drinks till my eyes get heavy. My alibi just seems so watered down. (chorus) And"
  • Quindon Tarver Emily
    "Woke Up to FindI Lost My MindLost Heart, Lost NerveI Lost My Favorite Word -EmilyI Take My CigarettesI Give 'em a SmokeOh GodMy Heart Feels FrozeI've Lost Something It SeemsI've Misplaced My Favorite Thing"
  • Home Made Kazoku Come back home
    "Come back home for me baby mou ichido Furikaeru to soko ni kimi ga mada iru kiga suru yo Ima wa doko de dare to nani wo shiteru no? Yuugure no machikado ni hibiku aishuu no melody Kimi no kaori ya nukumori"
  • James Come Home
    "It's that time again when I lose my friendsGo walkabout, I've got the bends from pressureThis is a testing time when the choice is mineAm I a fool for love or foolish with desireYou can throw him out you"
  • Anthony Evans Come Home
    "Drifting away so many times Searching for something I could never find Living the live on my own Wondering why I felt so alone Knew I was wrong but my pride Stood in the way I was so blind That's when"
  • Back Door Slam Come Home
    "I got your letter today Said you gone for good I would get you back If only I could I don't know where you gone I don't know who you with All I know is that I'm lonely back here and I can love you better"
  • Joss Stone Come home
    "My love I had so much to say but now it's lost My words still burn inside at such a cost We had so little time to show our love And it were never enough Never enough And all the time spent On tears and"

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