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  • Prologue For R. R. R. - Turisas
    "As you sit in your quiet home, surrounded by peace, comfort and civilization... Do you, listener, remember those memories... Grand and tearful, which still, after hundreds of years, Remain now radiant"
  • R N R - Faith No More
    "Don't put that thing too close to my head It took this long just to get ahead, he says He knows for sure, but that he can't decide Between his decency and this matter of pride So he's growing up on time,"
  • U R My Baby - Bananarama
    "I can see everything from here tonight And who knows my destiny up in the sky I wanna ride, I wanna fly I wanna see the 7 wonders of the world I wanna live, I wanna die I wanna see the heavens in"
  • My Hometown Circle R - Hank Williams Jr.
    "Tomorrow night I'll be appearin' with my band and my guitar And I'm gonna sing my heart out at my hometown Circle R I've made a fortune singing songs and they say I'm a real country music star But I remember"
  • My hometown circle R - Hank Williams
    "Tomorrow night i'll be appearin' with my band and my guitarAnd i'm gonna sing my heart out at my hometown circle rI've made a fortune singing songs and they say i'm a real country music starBut i remember"
  • We R Who We R - Woe, Is Me
    "Hot and dangerous If you're one of us then roll with us 'Cause we make the scene girls fall in love When we got our tight pants on and up And yes, of course it does We're running this town just like a"
  • R - Hedningarna
    "Rda lppar dljer dina tnder och din tunga r s strv Eld och rimfrost r i dina gon r du kvinna eller rv? Jagar slugt och vilt i natten Lnga rmar dljer dina klor Leker lystet med ditt byte munnen"
  • R - April
    "Hello Miquel Sombrero 'la Mexico Buena vista Havana Social Club Lipek Szczecin i Said Palestyna Różnorodność Współtworzy lepszy świat Przestań pieprzyć Że całe zło przez żydów Ja już żygam Na każdy taki"
  • R - Your Shapeless Beauty
    "Rcital Pour Une Agonie Cleste (music: Abate, lyrics: Blachier) out in the cold embrace of night I wonder why life is so dark my beloved goddess withered away leaving me hopeless, sad and unsane. ...whispers"
  • R - Nega
    "I tell a story for myself. Therefore, it is an irrelevant thing to you. However, you will feel something. It vomited so my thought. It is only it. I and you have no relation. Why are you here? Can you"
  • R - Zacier
    "Moja trawa, to jest twoja trawa Moja trawa, to jest twoja trawa Mój kompot, to jest twój kompot Moja kobieta, to jest twoja kobieta Jednym jedziemy pociągiem do nikąd Jednym jedziemy pociągiem Idą"
  • R - Project Pitchfork
    "This dream is filled with angry men A world dreams all they do invent A nation free from any heart A lie that damned it from the start A tower built in confidence An abused mind can't give a hand There"
  • R - Piersi
    "Przy kompie siedzę wciąż na gadu-gadu patrzę i wiem, że robię źle lecz tego już nie zwalczę. Wystukam ci parę słów komputer się zarumieni jesteśmy razem znów miłością w sieci złączeni. Od paru chyba już"
  • R - Skalar
    "/A teraz ręce w chmury/ Nie siedź sam, nie czekaj tak, marzeniom z nami porwać sie daj, tracisz czas na smutki, spójrz wkoło krąg przyjaciół masz, słyszysz już tej muzyki dźwięk daj się ponieść chwili"
  • R - Sopor Aeternus
    "Over there that little mountain rises, while some others dissolve into a plain. Time redefines itself and falls in sadness, grain by grain ... "Time, my dear, heals all the wounds", the two-tongues echoes"
  • R&R - New Model Army
    "Days into weeks of Sunday afternoons Nothing much for us to say nothing real for us to do Just watch the carousel go round and round in endless circles in the pupil of the Deadeye until you just feel numb It's"
  • R. Kelly - R. Kelly
    "Down low double life 1, 2 equals us, she, she and me, I fell in loves How could something so right go so wrong Just coming in on flight 412 But she was listening on the phone I thought I had it all together But"
  • Everything U R - Lindsay Pagano
    "love can b complicated 2 often mistranslated 1 word for all dynamics leads 2 problematic emotions & affections feelins in all directions sometimes a simple action creates satisfaction & as long as u r"
  • Beautiful U R - Javier
    "hey girl do you have time Can we sneak off somewhere and have a talk Cause I've got things to get off my chest Something's you may not have heard yet, Oh Baby You would be the only love that I need You"
  • Who U R - Chipz
    ""Like the wind will never stay Like the water, moved away" Wish you all my life for who you are There is so much I would tell you But this night is gone too fast Who will find the raisers? The sun"

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