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  • Slow - My Bloody Valentine
    "Oh well, you know it's up to you Sugar think what we could do Can I have a question I'll make you smile, smile, smile, smile, smile Sugar sugar you're up to my lips Licking over everything I miss And I"
  • Slow - Reverend Horton Heat
    "made up my mind a long time ago Ain't no reason not to take it slow It took a long time but I learned what they like Once you've learned my lesson it's like ridin' a bike Slow, Slow, learn my lesson Slow,"
  • Slow - The Cardigans
    "Slow, slow, slow There is something you need to know There's a feeling I don't understand Here it comes again Glow, glow, glow There was love ten seconds ago In it's place, now a tiny pain It comes again There'll"
  • Slow - Ignite
    "I thought there was o bond i sure learned i couldnt have been more wrong your looking out for number one now youre not the only one slow theres no direction slow theres no objective slow take it slow i"
  • Slow - Kylie Minogue
    "Knew you'd be here tonight So I put my best dress on Boy I was so right Our eyes connected Now nothing's how it used to be No second guesses Track in on this feeling Pull focus close up you and me Nobody's"
  • Slow - Jamie Foxx
    "Oooh oooooh ooohohohhhooo (oh oh oh oh) Oooh oooooh ooohohohhhooo (oh oh oh oh) Theres so much that I wanna do, to you (you you you you) First you gotta step into this room (room room room) Look into"
  • Slow - Sammie
    "Oooohhh ooohhh oooohhh No Noo Oh Baby Girl We Need to Take It Slow Take It Slow Take it Slooow Anything that you want Do you not get it all When u need me Do I not pick up the phone and call This ain't"
  • Slow - Hurts
    "I can’t breath I can’t sleep I know, I can’t afford you But all I can think When you take off your … It’s you! I just wanna love you I just wanna hold you close What you do me its murder When you move"
  • Slow - Poor Old Lu
    "This song is probably one of the 'filler' tracks on 'Sin'. It wasn't a single. It wasn't much of a concert hit. In fact, this song was rarely mentioned at all. Why is that? Who knows. Maybe it's just not"
  • Slow - 13 Faces
    "Procreation That's where my life had died It's like I'm never wanted Why me, why me, why is it always me Institution Thats where my childhood died It's like they love to hate me Make it stop, make it stop,"
  • Slow - Fuel
    "All this time I thought this coming down was fine Now everythig i fought to grow Is whithered hanging on that vine Chorus: And all i wanted Was all i needed you know And everything good in my life If you"
  • Slow - Danger Radio
    "She makes it hard for me to read her Makes it seem like the energy between us May or may not be functioning with her There is no questioning the love that I have deep inside I know there is nothing I"
  • Slow - Something For Kate
    "behaving like a ten year old slap me and i'll shut up spilt some milk on the table can you help me clean it up? i think too much find something that'll fit me and you won't hear another word i'd appreciate"
  • Slow - Collective Soul
    "Morning like thisMake me feel like I could never floatGlimpses of peacePortray all that you never could showI'm not weakened by the fearsThat you have appliedSee I'm now learning in these wallsThat you"
  • Slow - Professional Murder Music
    "Sink through the floor seems no different today I'll tell you it's like the sky's getting further away Still close without a reason Still the same when I hold it in sight Still close without a reason Still"
  • Slow - DAATH
    "I'm not going to die I'm not going to die Going to find out if I'm really alive Going to find out if I'm really alive Going to find out going to find out Eyes in a stream float away Treetops, dead hornets,"
  • Slow Slow - Ayo
    "What have I become is that really me? Look what I have done this is not who I wanna be I gotta face myself gotta chase my Soul Gotta free my mind get back my glow I got to go Yes I got to Run run"
  • Slow, Slow - Ayo
    "What have I become is that really me? Look what I have done this is not who I wanna be I gotta face myself gotta chase my Soul Gotta free my mind get back my glow I got to go Yes I got to Run run run"
  • Slow, Slow - Dies Irae
    "I want to give you a piece of myself I want to smell you from your skin to your veins I want to lick all your body and suck all your neck and then what?... Slow, slow my eyes are lost in your soul Slow,"
  • Slow Slow Disco - St. Vincent
    "I sway in place to a slow disco And a glass for the saints And a bar for the road am I thinking what everybody’s thinking that I’m so glad I came but I can’t wait to leave slip my hand from your hand leave"

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