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my way your dream

  • My Dream - Shaggy
    "My dream, my dream, My, my , my Dream ha he Dream ha he Now I got to wonder if you dreaming or not 'Cause everything seems so real Shaggy (cha) As my days grow old and my night grow cold And yearn"
  • Dream - Boy George
    "To the beat to the beat to the baby baby boom Whatcha gonna do, gonna please me? Some black night, who's lurking in the shadows Full sweet lips, who's gonna take my love Yeah you hang around here full"
  • Dream - Jasmine Villegas
    "Nothing comes to sleepers, but a dream You see I'm ahead of mine yeah (yeah) And I won't let nothing stand in my way listen I can't stop wondering, am I the only one watch'in passion fade away (watch'in"
  • Dream - Texas
    "When I'm lost You take my hand and make me burn All of the time Turn my life around I feel lost, take my life and make me shine You feel life, life won't let you down With the love we take Have I ever"
  • Dream - Godhead
    "If you'd listen to what I have to say to you You would never be the same again You're like porcelain Close your eyes, feel inside You wonder why I brought you here If you'd open up just once and hear my"
  • Dream - Nixons
    "Some poor soul is crying For reasons few may come to find But soon the picture is clearer They see what we are hiding behind We're all a part of the dream If you hide behind your face You will never be"
  • Dream - Nikki Flores
    "Ohh, yeah I sit in my room thinking bout the look in your eyes when you stare at me I'm wirting your name a billion times in my head Dreamin of you is getting me through when I start to lose my sanity"
  • Dream - Alexis Schuster
    "last night you came to me in a dream couldn't believe you were right before my eyes it was hard to see you, the light was at your back and the memories came back again i woke up blushing and embarassed i"
  • Dream - Sisqo
    "Told myself time and time again That I'm not in love with you and then You came to me one night in a dream You meant more to me than I wanted to see There was nothing I could do to stop it Even though"
  • Dream - Axe Murder Boyz
    "2:30 in the mornin, I slipped in my sheets It takes like 3 fuckin hours before I fall asleep But not tonight, vycodone pills are gonna knock me out And after that, it ain't nothin but sweet dreams and"
  • Dream - Rhyn
    "Hate is easy when you're hurting It comes on you like the plague It makes you shout at all your loved ones Words you never meant to say And love is harder when it's one way And to yourself you're forced"
  • Dream - Alice Smith
    "When I wake up in the morning time I like to see you sleeping by my side I think about the nights we had before Wanna give you this and more, let you know I truly adore you Being with you, loving you this"
  • Dream - Dizzee Rascal
    "I used to dream about crazy little things like fame in the days hangin out-side the off licence we used to run around the streets reckless with no shame mainly upto no good a whole world of nonsence and"
  • Dream (Remix) - Dream (US)
    "uh yeah, come on, Bad Boy, baby This - is - the - re - mix, eh heh heh you know how we do DREAM- Melissa, Diana, Ashley, Holly Let's go baby, come on Oh boy, I'm not the one who broke your heart before And"
  • Live Your Dream - Reel Big Fish
    "You say, I do everything the wrong way Why don't I do it your way Then maybe someday I'll be just like you But I say, I'm gonna do it my way Then I might fail but I'll try my way Well that's been done,"
  • Dream Your Way To Me - Shannon Lawson
    "I can't be with you now But I know how you are You're staring up at the sky And wishing on a star That I was still there But I'm closer than I seem Just close your eyes And dream your way to me Dream your"
  • In my dream - Elli
    "I am lying awake in my lonely bed Feel the cold crawling in from the night Think about last night and the dream I had See your face shining bright as a light Never seen, never known, never touched this"
  • My Favourite Dream - Lyriel
    "He is nice, he is young He is graceful, the son of the king, A part of my favourite dreams In the night, his eyes always light, only for me And one day it will be. What ever you'll see in me One night"
  • My Way - Black My Heart
    "i think i might be beat i watch my blood hit the ground it's only been one round beat down broken you can break my bones but you'll never get a word outta me my life my way this is me fight for your life i"
  • Always: Your Way - My Vitriol
    "Another day is gone Some other time maybe I'd come out And step into the sun A little time ago I didn't wanna see us falling out But everything has gone I wish I could, sometimes I wish I would Always"

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