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mystery skulls

  • Skulls - Misfits
    "the corpses all hang headless and limp bodies with no surprises and the blood drains down like devil's rain we'll bathe tonight i want your skulls i need your skulls i want your skulls i need your skulls"
  • Skulls - Jawbreaker
    "(Misfits Cover)The corpses all hang headless and limpBodies with no surprisesAnd the blood drains down like devil's rainWe'll bathe tonightI want your skullsI need your skullsI want your skullsI need your"
  • Skulls - Royksopp
    "If you want to ride with us tonight /2x We will be the hands that lift you up and we will be the hands that hold you high We will make you say our name forever, we will make you want another try If you"
  • Two Skulls - Zeromancer
    "You try it with me You had me in stitches And you wrapped me around your Little fingers Tease me and I please you Teach me and I beat you We're drawn together Flesh and heart Even death won't do us apart It's"
  • Backyard Skulls - Frightened Rabbit
    "All our secrets are smothered by dirt, underneath paving stones Lying, waiting to be told Some stay hidden, while some get found Like a long lost soul, like a skull beneath the ground Backyard skulls,"
  • Painted Skulls - Benediction
    "From the museum of sleep Unliving eyes see death's subtle jest In my sorrow they mourn the past Yet celebrate their eternal rest Relieving the worlds pain In a church of misery Dampening the lantern flame Upon"
  • Skulls & Stars - CrazyTown
    "Chorus: I was a skull in the ground now I'm a star in the sky I went from crawling around to being able to fly Saw no future for me until I opened my eyes I was a skull in the ground now I'm a star in"
  • Crystal Skulls - Wolftron
    "Sink to me, my love to be We're growing old alone Stand against the starry fence That keeps us from your home You and I, we're lost in time tonight Maybe in another life We will find our way back Visions"
  • Sugar Skulls - Wolftron
    "We are blessed. I am cursed. I'm staying in the dark and drinking from my heart. And I, I'm feeling blessed but something in the air will drive me to the start. It's the same things, the same things that"
  • Sugar Skulls - Envy On The Coast

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