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na na na step up girls

  • Na na na na - Nasri
    "Yeah, sometimes you so in love but you cant find the right words to say So say this. na nanana nana nanana na nananana See my girls been number one since the day that we met And I just couldn't resist"
  • Further Up (Na, Na, Na, Na, Na) - Static & Ben El, Pitbull
    "Static & Ben El & Worldwide everybody put your hands up high get M’s and the stack ‘em Further Up don’t let nothing distract us Further Up Excuse me, Mr. DJ Further Up Pretty girls get loud Further"
  • Na Na Na - Hazel O'Connor
    "Hazel O'Connor - Gerard Kiely Your script it was perfect, perfect seduction line, lines like I will back you up - up to when I needed you I really believed in you It hurt when you had no time, no time"
  • Na na na - One Direction
    "Liam : We've got a bit of love hate You take me to the edge then you hit the brakes I say it's over one day But then I'm crawling back begging you to stay We make up then we break up all the time Liam"
  • Na Na Na - Cozy Powell
    "Na na na na When I was a kid my old man said to me When you grow up son what cha gonna be? You gonna go to school and get a degree? Or you gonna go to work in a factory? I said Na na na na I know what"
  • Na Na Na - Sean Paul
    "This is the Long Long He Love fe the gal dem, Na, Na, Na Na, The Rapper Don and 112 he nah gon stay pon the shelf. I wanna see you rock that ass Rock that ass Rock that ass Rock that ass Work your body"
  • Na Na Na - My Chemical Romance
    "(Na Na Na...) Drugs, gimme drugs, gimme drugs I don't need it, but I'll sell what you got Take the cash and I'll keep it Eight legs to the wall Hit the gas, kill them all And we crawl, and we crawl, and"
  • Na - Zazie
    "Qui a piqu mon cartable, qui a mang tous mes bonbecs Qui a dormi dans mon lit et qui m'a tromp aussi sec ? Qui c'est qui m'a dit tout est fini, c'est pas moi je regrette C'est celui qui dit qui est (refrain) Na"
  • Na Na Na - Silkk The Shocker
    "(Master P) Sizz Shocker (Silkk) Son of a oh (Master P) You ready whodi; let's go to war (Chorus x2) Na Na Na (uh-ha, uh-ha) Y'all niggas in trouble now (uh-ha, uh-ha) Y'all niggas shouldn't have fucked"
  • Na Na - Continental Drifters
    "This is the story of my life Somebody's little girl to someone else's wife What happened in between Is the dying of a dream And that's the story of my life This is how I spend my day Wake up with the"
  • Na Na - Baby Bash
    "ahh who got it who got it huh young bash jim johnson uh oh she's so yummy yummy yummy ohh she's sweet as honey ohh I gotta get some na na, na na she's so yummy and delicious ohh with tender"
  • Na, Na - Superchick
    "(electric guitar intro) You're building a case against me Prosecutor, judge, and jury We've this conversation in your head 'Cause I wasn't there, you made up what I said- Or what I would of said; you"
  • Na Na - Superchic(k)
    "You're running a case against me, Prosector judge and jury, Weve had this conversation in your head, cause I wasnt there,you made up what I said, Or what I would have said,you know me so well, you heard"
  • Na Na - Superchick
    "You're building a case against me, prosecutor, judge and jury We've had this conversation in your head Because I wasn't there you made up what I said Or what I would have said You know me so well You've"
  • Na Na - Pretty Willie
    "Intro] you ready, don't you know dawg? J.L., Big Al, come on and roll wit me Suella (laughing) This is for all y'all, look Just cause I call myself Pretty they think I'm arrogant or somethin' Dawg I'm"
  • Na Na Na Na Naa - Kaiser Chiefs
    "Na Na Na Na Naa Na Na Na Na Naa Na Na Na Na Naa Na Na Na Na Naa It does not move me it does not get me going at all Na Na Na Na Naa Na Na Na Na Naa It does not shift me it's not the kind of thing that"
  • Ohh Na Na Na Na - Ashanti
    "ohhhh oh yeah im so horny baby so come on touch me baby ooh ooh babe * chorus ooh na na na na im so horny and i want u to f*** me im tired of masterbatin got my body shakin no orgasim fakin w/ me ooh"
  • Say na say na - Arash
    "Say na say na how you said it to me sone do na do na how you did it to me dholi dhol baja raj raj ke ho aaisa yaar manana ai nachke ho say na) - 2 Seer pe duppatta lehriya nachteen de kudi de naal chehriya"
  • Say Na Na Na - Serhat
    "Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na you look san and lonly is something wrong tonight? why this rush to run away? things will be alright just be strong"
  • Ooh Na Na Na - Donell Jones
    "yo you know wasup oh whoa whoa you know you got somehtin I want tonight do do do do do you ready baby (verse 1) It's only been a day.. and I aint tryna wait no more oh na na na na cos imma show you things.. that"

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