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  • Prie - Jurga
    "Toli prie alio vandens u giri, jr inau mano laim gyvens, kur sau ibriau velni, maa ir ilta iede papario Sds dang irs vaigdi suartą. Nurims, nebgs taip irdis nuo jos ramybs Umerks ir em akis, bei ims"
  • Naomi - Neutral Milk Hotel
    "Your prettiness is seeping through Out from the dress I took from you So pretty And my emptiness is swollen shut Always a wretch - I have become So empty And please, please dont leave me I'm watching"
  • Naomi - Mr. T Experience
    "Your days of going through a phase are finally lashing back at you there's more to shut up and ignore but there's even less and less to do and there's nothing to say, and they're looking away what have"
  • Naomi - The Hollies
    "There was magic all aroundPeople swaying to the sounds of the musicThere was laughter in the airThere were lovers everywhere such romancingThere was dancing in the streetEveryone was on their feetYou just"
  • My Naomi - Paul Gilbert
    "I will always love you Till the end of time If I had the never to ask you Would you be mine I will always be there When you need a friend I will stay right by your side Until the end Chorus My Naomi Won't"
  • Naomi (feat. Dwa Sławy) - Bonson
    "Miała nogi jak Naomi I lubiła wpaść w nałogi Więc ochrzcili ją znajomi jak? Naomi Plan był wbić się na salony Dać im w pi*dę zgarniać plony Pan wystygnie zamiast dzwonić jak szalony Ustawiała ich do pionu"
  • Speechless (Naomi Scott cover) - J.Fla
    "here comes a wave meant to wash m away a tide that is taking me under swallowed in sand left with nothing to say my voice drowned out in the thunder but I won’t cry and I wants stare to crumble the never"
  • Taurus (Feat. Naomi Wild) - Machine Gun Kelly
    "I seek you out, slay you alive One more word and you won't survive I didn't leave a letter on my desk saying goodbye people Think I left, even though I'm still here Pressure made it's way through my chest"
  • Naomi Gonna Be With Ruth - ApologetiX
    "Ruth and me, We come from different worlds. She was a Moabite; I'm a Jewish mother's girl. Somehow she married a son of mine. It's such a shame because my sons and husband died. But there's nothing I could"
  • Glass House (feat. Naomi Wild) - Machine Gun Kelly
    "all alone in Glass House lay away til the sun’s out pink sky’s when you come down and we in the driveway caffeine for the heartache never wanna have it in my vein"
  • Lose It All (x Mandee) - Naomi Prie
    "I'm staying in the corner Had to overcome my fear of the dark Jumped into the water And i knew i had to swim with the sharks Been scared to fall too deep Been losing so much sleep But now the feeling's"
  • Liar - Naomi Prie
    "I got lost in your blue eyes, blue eyes Don't be afraid, just give yourself a break Thought I'd get all the good vibes, good vibes Such a mistake, you turned into a snake Oh, I went from being sorry that"
  • Flesh For Bones - Terra Naomi
    "Im sitting here frozen in this bed I made Considering the weight of the bricks I laid now that Im through One by one sealed every crack that I could slip between to find my way back Find my way back home"
  • Say It's Possible - Terra Naomi
    "I see the lights are turning And i look outside the stars are burning Through this changing time It could have been anything we want Its fine salvation was just a passing thought. Dont wait act now This"
  • Say It's Possible (Tradu - Terra Naomi
    "eu vejo que as luzes esto acesas e eu vejo l fora, as estrelas esto queimando isso no pode ser nada do que a gente quer bom, mas a salvao era só um pensamento de passagem. no espere uma ao agora essa"
  • Mama - Terra Naomi
    "Mama Im alone now I a big town, Mama Im alone now and its getting cold, Mama all the people here are different, Mama Im alone now and its very frightening, its very frightening, its very frightening And"
  • What About Me - Terra Naomi
    "You left Nothing unturned Nothing untouched when you left this town And i know The only thing you promised Was to be with me When you were around But what about me I wanna know What about me Did you"
  • The Weight Of Air - Terra Naomi
    "Don't think of me When you make your choice Not to be I'm not the voice Of your misery Only the face that you see The truth In a bed of lies You cannot find You will not try You know what's right Or maybe"
  • I'm Happy - Terra Naomi
    "This city's just waiting to crack This house is not a home This is me under attack This is my self control And i thought you were somebody else I thought you were somebody else I thought you were somebody... I"
  • Better This Way - Terra Naomi
    "Trying to get the sun to rise for me Is not that easy Trying to get the sun to rise for me Is not that hard And i'll be Better this way I'm better this way... Trying to get my feet up off of the ground Is"

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