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  • Napalm - SOLVER
    "Czy znasz lekarstwo na moje dłonie? Co drwią z radości jak u lunatyka. Gdy czytam maile od Ciebie to płonę Boję się tej miłości jak bomba tyka. Jak bomba tyka I jak bomba tyka. Jak bomba tyka. Jesteś"
  • Napalm - Azad
    "Ich wurde geschaffen um zu burnen mit Beats und Metaphern idee zerstren bin die Bestrafung fr Amateure und mach, dass die Straen auf mich schwren mit krassen Phrasen die dich turnen whrend Hasen blasen"
  • Napalm - Schweisser
    "immer super drauf immer nur viel Spass und immer Party immer gut gelaunt doch das reicht nicht niemals ein Problem und alles geht immer easy doch ich weiss dass da noch was ist ich weiss dass da noch etwas"
  • Napalm - Dreadlock Pussy
    "I am so hard coming down on your face when I find myself now I'm depressive enough to fuck now I've been so bored looking down on your shit fucking everything now I'm depressive enough to fuck now"
  • Napalm Shower - Wehrmacht
    "One flick of the switch, and we're all dead. One nation destroyed, it moves on ahead. Bombs destroy everything here, no time to live, or cry a tear. Beg for your life, down on your knees. War- mongers"
  • Urban Napalm - Down By Law
    "I think it began back in 1992 - flames and riots and my innocence was through the flames got put out but the hatred stayed so strong burning up the streets like an urban napalm white boy white boy -"
  • Napalm Existence - 8 Foot Sativa
    "this is my promise to you the broken, who bleed silently, outlined in sickly red their masters, with glazed eyes and numb hands when skies fall, burning with disease to eradicate and reverse the error"
  • Napalm Love - Air
    "I'm falling in love I'm falling down, falling down Down on the ground I'm falling in love I'm falling down, falling down Down on the ground How strange is your love How strange is your love How warm is"
  • Love And Napalm - Gary Numan
    "Call me Deadliner Nothing in here but dust. Are you afraid dear listener? Nothing in here but us. I'll give you black rumours 'Stay away from everything I've seen.' I'll give you black rumours 'Stay"
  • Fear Of Napalm - Vader
    "From the sky You'll see it fall Nowhere else left to hide People screaming Burn to ash Fear of dying Guess who's lost Pray to live No more hope Day of doom Scorching flesh Radiation Lost control Bust"
  • Napalm In The Morning - Sodom
    "decease is just an irony of fate multiple rites i'm gonna lose my way paraphilliac body control to slay the phantom from my soul ...you're gonna die ! unholy evil prophets rise fire is raining from the"
  • Napalm Brain / Scatter Brain - DJ Shadow
    "Ah, ah, ha ha ha well, hello there little buddy, come on in! Whatcha got there with you? That your dog? Guess there's no reason you can't have dogs up there on the moon, that's a good pretty good looking"
  • Set It Off Like Napalm - Emarosa
    "Out of place, put him down, he's all strung out Don't hold your breath for too long, this moment's fading out now Our souls have caught on fire Well I don't really wanna walk that line I don't really wanna"
  • Drop The Hate (Santo's Napalm reprise) - Fatboy Slim
    "Tonight, we not only speak, to the members of the greater Jerusalem baptist church We not only speak, to baptist people tonight We not only speak to, the methodist people tonight Church of God and right, Catholic,"
  • (The Public Gets) What The Public Doesn't Want - Napalm Death
    "Name your price for progress Impoverished settle the bill Clear a path--coming through! Clear a path--coming through! Stylize Making it easy/ on the eye Keep our distance--too underformed to grace the"
  • Antibody - Napalm Death
    "Showering with your respect Luring all with trinkets Benefits are in effect Take time to reflect on all true commitments Now the big-noise reject Communication breakdown You shrug off the resolve Riddled"
  • Awake - Napalm Death
    ""we aren't their cattle. We're not being bred for slavery..." Thought trained to succeed. From here on the pain begins. We're maggots cast in a sea of struggle, bait for the big fish. Crawl, forever"
  • C.S. (Conservative Shithead) (Part 2) - Napalm Death
    "Tiresome/ out-grown/ rebel's seen the light Re-a/ djusted? Disowned his staunch defiance. The Anti-Christ shifts to the right He wears his x and reviled mine. Music to righteous ears (x4) Moved out of"
  • Cause & Effect - Napalm Death
    "Reproach envelopes me. a hierarchy through violence - street Society. Street society. I voice my contempt. Convinced of my immunity. Yet on a smaller scale, in my conflicted world, my resistance is Stretched. You"
  • Cause And Effect (Part 2) - Napalm Death
    "Reproach envelopes me. A hierarchy through violence - street = society. Street society. I voice my contempt. Convinced of my immunity. Yet on a smaller scale, in my conflicted world, my resistance is = stretched. You"

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