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napoli my universal')

  • In Napoli - Dean Martin
    "In Napoli beside the sea It happened on a night like this In Napoli our hearts were free And we surrendered to a kiss There 'neath the stars I saw heaven in her eyes There 'neath the stars I knew this"
  • Universal - Nate James
    "See now im not the picky type, but im gonna go out and get whats mine got to quest my appetite, so much choice yeah so little time. Some may think that im easy, unlike some guys are hard to please wanna"
  • Universal - Insight
    "(Mr. Lif) just as you order tight, amplified ribs served on a platter, make your mind chatter my data is that of a chef and yesterday's special is fresh emcee chest take a closer look, you'll notice he's"
  • Napoli - Nino D'Angelo
  • Universal Luxury - My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult
    "Elemental fool, baby give it to me. I want it now. Shower me in universal luxury. Turn me on Mr. Hot, wild and free. Come on, Come on, sweet baby mystery. Take it like a man, boy. Come on baby. I hold"
  • Universal Blackness - My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult
    "My dear that is not an act of love Expressionless...faces Staring at the novelty Nobody's foolish enough To shed a tear Incidental music Sick Sick Smell it in the air Everywhere It helps us forget the"
  • Universal Traveller - Air
    "I know so many Places in the world I follow the sun In my silver plane Universal traveler Universal traveler Universal traveler Universal traveler If you have a look Outside on the sea Everything"
  • Universal Pussy - Chicks On Speed
    "My my my my Pink, yellow, blue Sealed it in a bag And sold it back to you Put it on a shelf Filed it under p Its a universal pussy No longer me my universal pussy and a superstar my universal"
  • Universal Radio - Nina Hagen
    "I'm driving in my car I'm looking for a job And I'm talking to myself, talking to myself, Talking to myself, talking to myself I'm my own radio, my own radio Miss Universe, Universal Radio I'm walking"
  • Universal Daddy - Alphaville
    "(Gold-Lloyd-Echolette) If you want a new connection I'll be just a step away Come on move in my direction Leave your dollshouse at the breaking of the day Get this message from your heartbeat There's"
  • Universal Traveler - Air
    "I know so many places in the world I follow the sun in my silver plane Universal traveler If you have a look Outside on the sea Everything is white It's so wonderful Universal traveler So far, so far So"
  • Universal Song - Waltari
    "I can't reveal my real world to you I can't show how I need you Things in my mind make a mess of me I am weak and I know it well CHORUS: But I'm safe behind this universal song In my mind I know how to"
  • Universal (Remix) - Seigmen
    "I ask myself if there is A melancoly god up there Dissolved in tears I cross my heart For death to bring us back to start The boy outside Is universal And I ask myself if there is A reward for tragedy Please"
  • Universal Mind - The Doors
    "I was doing time in the universal mind. I was feeling fine. I was turning keys, I was setting people free. I was doing all right. Then you came along With a suitcase and a song, Turned my head around. Now"
  • Universal Prayer - Jamelia
    ""Universal Prayer" Jamelia and Tiziano Ferro woh woh~ x3 na na na na (Verse 1) I'm just the same as you I could be the same age too Listen to the same music you do Everyday No matter what separates"
  • Universal Flood - Autumn Leaves
    "Gazing obsessed into the sky The blue gate turns black Watching dark clouds float by As the memory appears Of the planets so distant and vast As a sign from those to the earth An object of once burning"
  • The Universal - Scariot
    "He gracefully speared my malleable young heart With a spear of sulfur and his knowledge of the dark There, in a split of a second - it all was gone The moon, the stars and the majestic sun Since then"
  • Universal Magnetic - Mos Def
    "Yeah, ha ha ha A-B-boys rock the world CD's and tapes help generate papes E-F is the important Def G-good, H is what style be When I grab the microphone and MC Roll off the tongue like L-M-N-O-P And when"
  • Baby universal - David Bowie
    "Baby Baby Baby Baby Baby(getting) Baby (care)Baby (talking)Baby(well) Baby (thinking)Baby (walk)Baby (lost) Baby (found)Baby (getting)Baby (care)Baby(talking) Baby (well)Baby(thinking)Baby(walk) Baby (lost)Baby"
  • The Universal - Faces Small
    "There's such a lot of good ways to be bad And so many bad ways to be good, haven't paid my rent yet I tell them sorry but I haven't got the money anymore Just for today I thought I'd leave home alone,"

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