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natalia lubrano Alibi

  • Kokon (feat. Natalia Lubrano) - PanPan
    "Budzik 7 rano znów potargał sen Po omacku szepta kawa żeby przetrwać dzień W głowie milion myśli Chce dogonić zwinny czas Ile jeszcze siebie we mnie Ile ciebie w nas Kolejny dzień W biegu Kolejny dzień Znaczy Kolejny"
  • Alibi - Elvis Costello
    "You did it 'cos you wanted Alibi, alibi And you took it 'Cos you need it Alibi, alibi But if I've done something wrong there's no "ifs and buts" 'Cos I love you just as much as I hate your guts Alibi,"
  • Alibi - Mina
    "Alibi falsi e inutili improbabili parole senza verit che si aggrappano a ragioni troppo fragili che si piegano a passioni colme d'anima. Alibi non colpevoli, sussurrate a volte urlate a facce increduli, bugie"
  • Alibi - Nothing More
    "I walk through silent streets and now I can't find my way Lost in the labyrinth of my mind And I'm tongue-tied And I can't find The words that define the way I feel My heart, my fire, my love, my desire"
  • Alibi - Vasco Rossi
    "Comunque non questo il modo di fare disse il commerciante all'uomo del bar domani sar festa in questo stupido paese ma non per noi che stiamo a lavorar L'uomo del bar fece finta di niente se ne and tranquillamente aveva"
  • Alibi - Ringo Starr
  • Alibi - Subsonica
    "Le tue dita fredde puntano sul mio cuore Le tue labbra strette sono un taglio sottile Stringo le mie spalle senza niente da dire. Si alza la corrente e ora ti vedo svanire Un punto all'orizzonte di una"
  • Alibi - Trapt
    "Don't be ashamed, Closing your weary eyes, Nervous and in disguise, Covered in white lies. Don't be afraid, No reason to run and hide, You know I'm on your side. How much do you have to cover up? What"
  • Alibi - Ingram Hill
    "Stuck in time, cause I can't decideWhat to do or what to sayDon't know how, to make up my mindSomething I go through everydayI try to explain myself to youWhy can't you take my word?I don't know what I"
  • Alibi - Duncan Sheik
    "Did you come down to give me or take me away I had so many things to tell you But now I don't have much to say This feeling like we're hiding out, is getting in the way Let's quit the town just look around There's"
  • Alibi - Teena Marie
    "Photographic memories Scanners of our love affair Like we were the L.A. Times The headlines read "Beware" I don't deal in hearsay Calculation ain't my game But today I see you And I hang my head in shame Lipstick"
  • Alibi - Maleo Reggae Rockers
    "Ref. Nie będę tłumaczył się - jak winny ktoś, Co złego w tym, że kocham Cię? Mam alibi co dzień, pytaj o co chcesz, Co złego w tym jest? Nie będę tłumaczył się - jak winny ktoś, Co złego w tym, że kocham"
  • Alibi - Christopher Cross
    "It's a calm wind blowing on my skin And I've been dreaming again Now that we're all here We can share these notes and all this madness We can talk of innocence And of all the things we believe in Is it"
  • Alibi - Krewella
    "always been a black sheep living in a daydream in too deep /2x I;ma give you everything /2x for ever everything you and me go no sleep gonna keep it O.G. on the same team same damn team till my body 6"
  • Alibi - David Gray
    "Stone blind alibi I will eat the lie Find the word Could break any spell that binds you Prayers like ammonites Curl beneath the lights How i long to Bite every hand that feeds you more Where d'it"
  • Alibi - DC Talk
    "I'm trying hard to understand you And your over-rated state of mind Sometimes you try to move me to you And make believe that it's all fine You say you love, yes you do But i know who I'm talking to You"
  • Alibi - Tait
    "I'm trying hard to understand you And your over-rated state of mind Sometimes you try to move me to you And make believe that it's all fine CHORUS You say you love me, yes you do But I know who I'm talking"
  • Alibi - Lisa Stansfield
    "It's no use you saying That you can't be staying 'Round this place anymore Then there's no point remaining That the sky keeps on raining 'Round this particular door Then it's no surprise All you keep"
  • Alibi - Vandenberg
    "Something's rotten, things got outta handToo far gone, someone's gonna understandShe controls my mind, makes me do things I don't want toShe's the dangerous kind, there was nothing I could doI'm standing"
  • Natalia - Grzegorz Turnau
    "Natalia!W mych dłoniach jej talia a w nozdrzach konwaliai bez.Natalia, Natalia, Natalia wciąż cierpię ten żal jado łez...Natalia, Natalia, Natalia !Jej oczu emaliawciąż lśni.Natalia, ach, gdzież juwenalia,ach,"

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