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nattali rize like a lion

  • Rize - Outlawz
    "(feat. Big Syke) But we the last motha fuckaz breathin You don't beleive us then watch us ya tuned in To them Outlaw ridaz, block survivors Killa Kadafi beside us Reppin that thug shit until they bury"
  • Everybody rize - ICP
    "Jump HeyHaHehSmile! Ima blow a hole in your neckAnd leave you standing there looking stupid like BeckEverybody jumps to the juggalo soundFuck outta here if you aint down with the clown Fuck rednecks,"
  • Lion - Hollywood Undead
    "I am a lion and I want to be free Do you see a lion when you look inside of me? Outside the window just to watch you as you sleep Cause I am a lion born from things you cannot be How can I sleep at night,"
  • Lion - Coma
    "I’m not worried I’m not feeling this chivy I’m not worried And I’m not asking for help Yea, I’m not worried I’m just trying to bring out their pain I’m not worried Today I’m trying to forget I’m not"
  • Lion - Rebecca St. James
    "Mysterious That's what I call You I'm curious about You I'm scared and not sure that You are safe But Your eyes seem to say that You are good Chorus This is not a dream that I'm living This is just a"
  • Like A Lion - The Decemberists
    "How it delighted, born so black and cold and admired like yours... like yours... How it delighted us, hands over hand like a lion... like a lion... Still watching the world go down. Still watching it all"
  • Like a lion - U.D.O.
    "I had a dream today - it's telling me It's time to leave the older days This life goes on for you and me Gonna pay the price No matter how - no matter what I do So now I'll decide Just take me to a better"
  • Feel My Nature Rize - Brotha Lynch Hung
    "(Lynch): Feel my nature rise, blood shot red eyes Waitin' in your back seat, catch you by surprise Situations and circumstances make you take them dangerous chances Leave you in your front seat with your"
  • Rize Of The Fenix - Tenacious D
    "When the pick of destiny was released it was the bomb And all the critics said that the deed was done The sun had set and the chapter had closed But one thing no one thought about Was he d wound rise again Just"
  • Heart like a lion - Ten
    "As a midnight breeze from a silent coveFlickers candles through the nightYou look to the ocean in the depths of your soul for a torch to lightThrough the restless eaves of your Cliffside homeIts whispers"
  • In like a lion - Relient K
    "It's always nice to look out the windowAnd see those very first few flakes of snowAnd later on we can go outsideAnd create the impression of an angelThat just fell from the skyWhen Februrary rolls around"
  • Rock Her Like A Lion - Smoother
    "You don't think that I really love her But I let her hold my Gretzky rookie card My liscense plate is in her name This song is etched inside my brain Oh yeah She says I rock her like a lion But I don't"
  • One Day As A Lion - One Day As A Lion
    "Blood soaked earth that you call home close your eyes but don't sleep we comin' like peoples army for the people who can't eat who work with no sleep for the child with no shoes on their feet a generation"
  • Duke Lion - Big Dumb Face
    "He's the son of man and God and lion He's the one who keeps the good from dyin' We've seen the rest, he is the best, He's the best and his name is Duke Lion! His golden sword can shoot out balls of fire, His"
  • Little Lion - Ephemera
    "Not safe, not sure Less than ever before I cannot put a price on myself Like a little lion Trying to catch his tail I cannot keep on teasing myself So I'm going over familiar fields Almost blowing over"
  • King Lion - Weeping Tile
    "What if you and I were to go swimming in the afternoon and all the while pretend We could put two dollars in the can for some trusting soul and her roadside stand Get some flowers for the den We used"
  • Lion Eyes - Lil Durk
    "You Off Them Drugs, You Think You Macho You Gone Slide Tonight I Know You Will You Ain't Gone Kill If Someone Die Tonight Off These Drugs With All My N*ggas That's The Vibe Tonight If You Gone Claim What"
  • Lion - Years & Years
    "If I was a lion, I'd be silent, I'd keep you there Never let you go Grow into a giant, be the brightest I'm not scared, I'm invincible If I was a lion I'd be silent, I'd keep you there Never let you"
  • Lion - Toto
    "I got my feet back on the ground We were headed for disaster Woke up, I got ready for work You weren't around I was fast, but you were faster Such a night, feeling right Nothing I could say (Don't take"
  • Lion Skin - Hands Like Houses
    "I wonder, can you daydream at night? Lying awake, I've had too much time. I'm watching picture shows in the shadows Dance for the crowd tonight. Imagination is such a vivid place to hide, While stars watch"

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