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  • Nightmare - Nekromantix
    "Weird things happen Around twelve o'clock at night Screaming voices, creepy sounds Scary shadows in the pale moonlight The curtains are shaking And the furniture is jumping up and down This old house"
  • Spiders Attacking Manhattan - Nekromantix
    "Well I was running away from a broken heart I needed time to get a brand new start I crossed the city lights, went down the street When I felt these creepy things around my feet Yeah, spiders attacking"
  • Brain Error - Nekromantix
    "He was born with an error in his brain Some people call him mad some call him insane A little devil lives inside his head He can only be satisfied by the sight of blood and dead He was born with an error"
  • Graveyard In Your Memory - Nekromantix
    "i hear you laughing, laughing behind my back but i'm following you - yeah, i'm following your track a long long time ago you broke my heart and let me down i searched for love with you, but bitterness"
  • Ride Danny Ride - Nekromantix
    "riding down the road of life - he's driving fast the wind is blowing in his face, how long will he last spending all his money on beer, no women in sight looking for some action, again he ends up in"
  • Blood Tide - Nekromantix
    "See those women lying in a twisted pile of blood and bone See those spirits flying by and everything is good Take a walk on a beach of mine, enjoy the setting sun Seems like everything around, you know"
  • Hellstreet - Nekromantix
    "Don't go down that street at night, I was told If you do it anyway you're never gonna get old Little kids and rotting teeth, that's Hellstreet Oh I scream, oh I cry, I don't wanna die Don't wanna die"
  • Down In The Swamp - Nekromantix
    "Swamp! I'm going down down down, down in the swamp Better turn back around You can't get free You'll drown in misery, that swamp Well I've been running around this swamp so so long I've seen this swamp"
  • Electric Chair - Nekromantix
    "Convicted for murder, had no alibi They said I had a motive, but that's a lie They found me as guilty as hell So here I am, sitting in my death cell Now I know I've got to give it up They're going to"
  • Devil Smile - Nekromantix
    "Disillusioned demons bleed by alien illness, The nuked surface of earth transmutates into abnormal masses of festered flesh rising to fortell vengeance, While demonoid terminations are tacking down remaining"
  • Curse Of The Coffin - Nekromantix
    "born in 1989 destined to spread out fear twistet minds are torn apart but fear is shining through feel that burning deep inside our brains are set on fire sex drugs horrornights and rock 'n' roll are our"
  • Motorpsycho - Nekromantix
    "Rolling down a Corridor which is long grey dark and dusty Hear the screaming sound of rubber wheels on plastic floors Crying out his need for blood the motorpsycho is mad and thirsty He will catch up on"
  • Alice In Psycholand - Nekromantix
    "Living in a dream of a dirty mind playing with a friend called suicide laughing to herself to the end of the line It really doesn't matter if its wrong or right Chorus: Walking around talking about"
  • Way Down To Hell - Nekromantix
    "Wake up in the dark, dark night Fear is growing deep inside Though I know the way Still I am gonna pray Way down to hell Demon teds and Nekroman Are hunting the Kling Klong Klan Well, there is nothing"
  • New Born Son Of Satan - Nekromantix
    "Travelling through the desert of a billion empty minds Human race has fallen asleep, but I woke up in time I will show you something that you've never seen before Realize that partytime is knocking at"
  • Save My Grave - Nekromantix
    "Jeg ligger under lget - Kisten den er mrk og klam Kun rotter, flagermus og orme kan hre min klagesang (Chorus:) So won't you save my grave Oh, won't you save my grave Blandt kors og gamle grave p assistenskirkegrden Jeg"
  • Survive Or Die - Nekromantix
    "i met her in a bar - it was love at first sight i went to bed with her, yeah, the very first night tell me the truth doctor, please don't lie is it serious - will i survive or will i die survive or"
  • Part Two - Nekromantix
    "nails are pulled out one by one they laught at you they having fun in hell... crippled creeps in slimy graves will drag you throught the burning waves in hell... sweat and fear drives you insane you gonna"
  • Rockin' Reptile - Nekromantix
    "I'm a rocking reptile - I'm tough, I'm mean So you better watch out I'm the roughest reptile that you've ever seen I'll make you scream and shout I'm the poisoned creep in your horror night I'll take what"
  • Mama Don't Allow - Nekromantix
    "Well, Mama don't allow no coffin bass round here Well, Mama don't allow no coffin bass round here Well, we don't give a damn what Mama don't allow Gonna play that coffin anyhow Mama don't allow no coffin"

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