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nero into the night

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nero into the night

  • Nero - Theatre of Hate
    "A personal invitation to dance As Nero plays for the last time Tonight you will mix with The prophets without honour Play, play, play Nero The world burns but Nero plays, plays on The criminals who were"
  • Nero - Aloud
    "Rinse, repeat, water it down These boring beats are all around Play it on the radio until you play it out some more Advertise out on the air Sanitize the public square Squeak it till it's squeaky clean"
  • Into The Past - Nero
    "("Into The Past" to nowa piosenka Nero powstała na potrzeby ścieżki dźwiękowej do filmu "Wielki Gatsby")"
  • Nero Forte - Slipknot
    "I’m never enough you bleed me dry unsing me up dissatisfied and used another key to the empty spot in you I’m sick as fuck I am in my prime whet do you want? I guess it’s time… to see of you’re lost in"
  • Nero Su Nero - Africa Unite
    "Non posso pi aspettare non voglio stare qui rinchiuso dentro a un video spento canzone per juke-box che non vorrei ascoltare mai Grida Babylon keep you satisfied Sorda Babylon musica play so high Rit:Nero"
  • Into The Night - The Sweet
    "Andy Scott I was a king thought of everything Into the night Then I was out everybody shout Into the night I kinda was having lots of fun Into the night And now I've lost gotta count the cost Into"
  • Into The Night - The Motorhomes
    "Into the night we're alright Into the pale moonlight Nothing could go wrong When you're alone carry on Pull out the nails from your bones Keep on keeping on You've got nothing to fear Promise you will"
  • Into The Night - The Music
    "Tonight we'll start a fire You know we'll let it burn Somehow we'll over come it I'll never know I can't stop thinking about it It's eating away inside Believe me when I tell you It's mine You now know I"
  • Uomo nero - Giorgia
    "Uomo nero chi sei nelle favole non vinci mai uomo nero lo sai ne diritti ne doveri per voi gli occhi chiusi della gente ferma il tempo e si dimentica che i diversi sono uguali facile vedere che con le"
  • Fumo Nero - Pino Daniele
    "Credimi Il mondo non ha angeli Ma pieno di miracoli Perch la vita dura Credimi La Tour Eiffel ruggine E la cultura fragile C' fumo nero nel cielo Guardami Viviamo nell'immagine Ma poi restiamo la margine E"
  • Late Into The Night - The Battered Ornaments
    "It's getting late into the night The leaves are slowly turning red The days are falling shorter The trees they wake up sighing Every noontime I laugh sorrowed Every midnight I cry happy The fires they've"
  • Into the Night - Sirenia
    "Ah, ooh, ah Into the eye of the storm Deception and scorn Dark clouds form Into the depths of the sea I can not breathe I'm lulled into sleep I'm sinking deeper in a bottomless sea (Into the night)"
  • Into The Night - Sweet
    "I was a king thought of everything Into the night Then I was out everybody shout Into the night I kinda was having lots of fun Into the night And now I've lost gotta count the cost Into the night I couldn't"
  • Into The Night - Julee Cruise
    "now it's dark into the night i cry out i cry out your name into the night i search out i search out your love night so dark where are you? come back in my heart so dark so dark into the night shadows"
  • Into The Night - Angelo Badalamenti
    "Now it's dark Into the night I cry out I cry out your name Into the night I search out I search out our love Night so dark Where are you? Come back in my heart So dark So dark Into the night Shadows"
  • Into The Night - Lake
    "Into the night See the raging pack are hunting down their quarry Howl of the wild The shepherd guides his flock, he knows hell have to hurry Into the night Through the snow hunting life But its harder"
  • Into The Night - Timothy B. Schmit
    "(t. b. schmit) Keep on talking--i'll start walking Don't care about the things you say I've had enough of your bad love Can't take it for another day Even though you had me thinkin' Everything was all"
  • Into The Night - MDNGHT
    "Take me into your arms For your eyes I could fall You’re lonely through night If I told you know me Know me, know me (Into The Night ) /xx Take me to your arms For your eyes I’ll fall Everything I believe"
  • Into The Night - Bad Religion
    "Bad Religion Miscellaneous Into The Night in the city, the day is too hot and you're hoping for relief, cuz your head is filled with pain, but you get no relief, cuz the night is the same . . . in the"
  • Into The Night - Benny Mardones
    "She's just sixteen years old leave her alone, they say, Separated by fools who don't know what love is yet, but i want you to know If i could fly I'd pick you up I'd take you into the night and show you"

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