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never forget you lara larson

  • Lara - The Moffatts
    "Searched this world all over for that one special girl Who was lookin for love not diamonds or pearls From outta nowhere you entered into my life like a ray of sunshine so warm and bright Touched my heart"
  • Lara my love - The Moffatts
    "I've searched this world all over for that one special girl who was looking for love not diamonds or pearls. From out of nowhere you entered into my life like a ray of sunshine, so warm and bright. You"
  • Petty Larson - Luti-Kriss
    "Your hands hold more than you know. The way your eyes will talk to me. Every breath you breathe, Breathes right on Me. What's been done around: Round and Round Again. My eyes can see you Affecting me. But"
  • Never forget - Fleetwood Mac
    "Come on baby, could you ever be Just a little close to me Ooh ooh ooh Could we ever forget tonight? Come on baby, let's take a stroll You're feelin' warm so don't be cold Ooh ooh oh We'll never forget"
  • Never forget - Morning Musume
    "I'll Never Forget You wasurenaiwa anata no kotozutto soba ni itai kedo ne-shikatanai noneaa nakidashisoudeatta hi ni kanpai daneano koro yori mo kami ga nobita koto anata shitteta?deatta nowa guuzen nano?dakara"
  • Never Forget - Rheostatics
    "Don Kerr I just want to thank you. Okay, well, I'd like to please you too. But if I just can't have you, I will never forget. I'd like to alert you. I hope that I'll never hurt you, too. And if I can't"
  • Never Forget - Skulker
    "never forget what you want don't let people change your ways always walk on your own road the past is somewhere i'd like to stay sometimes it seems easier that way i'd better keep my eyes ahead the sun"
  • Never forget - Lauryn Hill
    "Yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeyWhy, why, why, why, why, why, whyWhy, Why, hehThey've got so much things to say right nowThey've got so much things to sayThey've got so much things to say right nowThey've"
  • Never Forget - The Unseen
    "its the dead of night and she wakes up screaming but her terror doesn't end when she's done dreaming she recloses her eyes and all she sees is your face bringing her back to that time and that place when"
  • Never Forget - Al-D
    "(*Al-D & (Z-Ro) talking*) Screw (what's the deal my nigga) Man, King Screw, dedicate this to you my nigga We love you forever boy (straight up much love) We ain't gon never forget you mayn Never forget"
  • Never Forget - Take That
    "Been on this path of life for so long Feel I've walked a thousand miles Sometimes strolled hand in hand with love Everybody's been there With danger on my mind I would stay on the line of hope I knew"
  • Never Forget - Dropkick Murphys
    "In a child's eye there's something I hope someday you'll know A friend's dedication, it's something to behold A mother's smile, it makes everything all right To a woman's caring hand I'll be holding on"
  • Never Forget You - Loraine McFarland
    "Verse 1 It's been such a long time Since i've been down this road And I can't help to think that That your all alone Cause it is so hard for me to write these Words of my love Words left unspoken I still"
  • Never Forget You - Mariah Carey
    "I won't see your smile And I won't hear you Laugh anymore Every night I won't see you Walk through that door 'Cause time wasn't on Your side It isn't right I can't say I love you It's too late to Tell"
  • Never Forget You - Zara Larsson
    "I used to be so happy But without you here I feel so low I watched you as you left but I can never seem to let you go Cause once upon a time you were my everything It’s clear to see that time hasn’t changed"
  • Never Forget You - Babyface
    "Written by mariah carey, babyface (1993) Performed by mariah carey I won't see your smile And I won't hear you Laugh anymore Every night I won't see you Walk through that door 'cause time wasn't on Your"
  • Forget - Drowning Pool
    "I can see it your eyes Why you're here tonight LookinG for that something sacred you'll never find And you know there must be some way To wash away the pain Just like you did your faith So we can Forget Forget Forget Forget"
  • FORGET - Marina And The Diamonds
    "Sometimes I think I’m not that strong But there’s a force that carries me on Sick of my small heart, made of steel Sick of the wounds that never heal Cause I have lived my life in debt I’ve spent my days"
  • FORGET - Ben Watt
    "Before I left there was a weekend when we walked We barely saw a soul for two whole days The Sussex downs after rainfall is as lovely as it gets But really I should let Let it all slide How the light"
  • Forget - Typecast
    "i remember, how could i forget unpredictable, but no regrets i'm drowning in endless waters, your hand is out there somewhere i guess its time to say goodbye, please no more lies i had enough, wasted time,"

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