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new day new way

  • New Way - Chris Rea
    "I go to work in a bubble I got everything I need I get so high on no trouble It's a great feeling, being free I say a prayer at thanksgiving I bless the night and the day I look up to the sky with a smile"
  • New Day - John Farnham
    "John Farnham, Phil Buckle, and Ross Fraser I'm looking forward, to seeing you smile We've been strangers, we've been lost for awhile A new day coming, a change at last All our problems, fade away in the"
  • New Day - Tymes 4
    "It's a new day Every morning when I wake There's a smile on my face I know today is gonna make me feel alright Got no worries on my mind Cause I left them all behind This feeling is gonna carry on into"
  • New Day - Patti LaBelle
    "Seems my life Is finally coming together Feels so good Don't think I've ever been better It's clear to me My future will bring The peace I've been living for will be mine Forever more It's a new day Open"
  • New Day - Avalon
    ""Chorus: It's a new day Oh, it's a new time And there's a new way I'm gonna live my life All the old has, passed away And the new has come Thank God, It's a brand new day Verse 1: Lookin' back on yesterday There"
  • New - July For Kings
    "We rolled the windows down we left our midwest town straight for the sunset perfectly wonderfully new I had a dream last night I was chasing lucid lights around the hazy night over and over 'till I find"
  • New Day - Bouncing Souls
    "People tell me they wake up everyday wondering if they'll be here tommorrow. I say live for today. Cuz everything you have is just borrowed. No progress made just sittin' around Tv's selling bullshit"
  • New Day - The Bouncing Souls
    "People tell me they wake up everyday wondering if they'll be here tommorrow. I say live for today. Cuz everything you have is just borrowed. No progress made just sittin' around Tv's selling bullshit"
  • New Day - Kieran Goss
    "There's nothing like the sound of laughter There's nothing like a smile And anything you see hereafter Is it worth the while? I know that you don't believe me I know that you doubt The stone that's in"
  • New Day - Voice Of The Beehive
    "(By Tracey Bryn, Peter Vettese & Melissa Belland) The night's so big I feel like a shadow waiting in the corner Nowhere to hide away safe Somehow light will always find me And tell me how to brave"
  • New - Paul McCartney
    "Don't look at me, It's way too soon to see What's going to be, Don't look at me All my life I never knew what we could be What I could do When we were new. You came along and made my life a song Oh,"
  • New Day - Wyclef Jean
    "We're gonna take ya back now, come on I like the way this is going down Ladies and gents Yo I'mma do this for the kids check it out Here we go, yo (Wyclef) We don't need no education (yeah) Says a young"
  • New Day - Absynthe Minded
    "Abysnthe Minded - New Day Last night I dreamed that all of you were gone I had not one relationship begun no name no face that you would know no place or home to call my own i drove around brussels by"
  • New Day - Gentleman
    "And it look like you left that behind Words and sounds combine Hafi give thanks fi the power of devine Lost in search of the big goldmine And ina darkness blind man a lead blind With no limitation i man"
  • New Day - Sheryl Crow
    "What we gon' do right now is go back, way back Bring in the groove I wanna dedicate this to those who never made it From kindergarten to the 12th I never graduated Yo but college wasn't for some of us So"
  • A New Day - Killing Joke
    "You You wake up to a new day Forwards We move towards a new way oh Come with me Gather with your torches Singing Dance by ??night we all are strong?? A new day....oh, a new day A new way...oh,"
  • Brand New Day - Albert Hammond
    "Albert Hammond It Never Rains in Southern California Brand New Day There's a brand new world around us Lots of good news on the way And for each and everyone of us It's a brand new day There's a brand"
  • The New Way - Face To Face
    "You're alright, you're alive, you're the number one They said that you're not ashamed of what you've done Everyone makes mistakes Make it up you'll be OK That's what they tell you You won't get the special"
  • Brand New Day - Al Kooper
    "Last night I had a dream that the world Was changing by leaps and bounds It started up in the bigger cities Than it spread to the smaller towns The people began to smile at people That they'd never even"
  • Brand New Day - Pigeon John
    "1st Verse: Hey hey hey hey hey it's a brand new day I know U2 said it but I'm gonna say it my way Just got some navy blue Wranglers on a deal Starbucks Americano Element at the wheels And you know"

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