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new for you - manuela

  • Manuela Run - Toto
    "Don't look now You better watch that sword that's hanging over you It's a long hard road and they will spit you out When they get through with you Don't hang your head So the wise man said Or boy you'll"
  • Manuel Goodbye - Audrey Landers
    "(00:17.35)Waiting (00:19.67)I'm always waiting (00:23.47)For a smile from you (00:26.47)A sign that you still care (00:32.00) (00:32.17)Breaking (00:34.36)My heart is breaking (00:38.20)When you look at"
  • Hotel California (Yahir Y Manuel) - La Academia
    "On a dark desert highway Cool wind in my hair Warm smell of colitas Rising up through the air Up ahead in the distance I saw a shimmering light My head grew heavy, and my sight grew dim I had to stop"
  • New - July For Kings
    "We rolled the windows down we left our midwest town straight for the sunset perfectly wonderfully new I had a dream last night I was chasing lucid lights around the hazy night over and over 'till I find"
  • Danko/Manuel - Drive-By Truckers
    "Let the night air cool you off. Tilt your head back and try to cough. Don't say nothing 'bout the things you never saw. Let the night air cool you off. I ain't living like I should. A little rest might"
  • Danko/Manuel - Drive By Truckers
    "Let the night air cool you off. Tilt your head back and try to cough. Don't say nothing 'bout the things you never saw. Let the night air cool you off. I ain't living like I should. A little rest might"
  • Manuela - Julio Iglesias
    "(Manuela, Manuela Manuela, Manuela) Se di notte voglio amore c una sola donna che lo fa: Manuela La sua vita in una stanza dove linnocenza non entr, Manuela Lei non dice mai parole odia il vento e il"
  • Manuela - Pudelsi
    "MANUELA 1. Smagana wiatrem rosła na zboczu Czy wytrwa, czy będzie żyła Czy kobiecą pokaże twarz Na dwoje babka wróżyła Nosił wody odrobinkę By tchnąć życie w ukochaną roślinkę I nawet w świętego hamaka"
  • Manuela - Alejandro Martinez
    "Los dos recorrimos el mismo camino una vez Descubriendo los sueos perdidos en una canción Y hoy me encuentra cantndola y solo escucho tu voz Solo un silencio que duele y me parte en dos. Puedes guardar"
  • New Day For You - Basia Trzetrzelewska
    "Hello again ---it's me Your shoulder's where I sit The half,nobody sees,of a silent partnership I am here---your help at hand I'm never far away A clear view from where I stand I'll be there if you"
  • New - Bethany Dillon
    "What is this sun that conquers mountainsSinging over what has been asleep ?What is it that softens all my doubting ?It's YouMorning brings a hunger for new eyesThat have been covered by the hurt of yesterdayWho"
  • New - Natalia 'Natu' Przybysz
    "And I've been thinking if maybe You are just a part of myself. And I've been hoping to keep You forever mine. It's been a lifetime of learning You better and better. So today i know You by heart. J've"
  • New - Natalia 'Natu' Przybysz
    "And Ive been thinking if maybe You are just part of myself.And Ive been hoping to keep You forever mine.Its been a lifetime of learning You better and better.So today I know You by Heart.Ive got a new"
  • New - Paul McCartney
    "Don't look at me, It's way too soon to see What's going to be, Don't look at me All my life I never knew what we could be What I could do When we were new. You came along and made my life a song Oh,"
  • Nothin' New For New Year - Harry Connick Jr.
    "I see my own reflection in the window I hear the people carry'n on below I know the one I love is out there somewhere To me that somewhere's not far to go Ev'ry year I make my resolution To find my love"
  • Ich Möcht' Gern Dein Herz Klopfen H - Manuela
    "You give me loving that I can't return You give me money that you know I'll burn I'll give you something that you can't give back Then, I'm moving right on down the track You've given everything you've"
  • A B C - Manuela
    "I'm writing these words like the fool that I am Trying to say something good like the person But it's all just a sham 'cos the writer I am not Could say anything, you'd believe them Just your A-typical"
  • Push for New - Aphasia
    "I can feel it rip through my skin I flow freely in the wind I cry, I try with the bloodstain in my life all we are is all we are and who are you? I should blame you for a love unfaithful but I'll save"
  • New Jersey - You me at six
    "Well I need you, my bed's without you, Oh no, This one, Only excusing on the ice, Surprise, Watch out, I wouldn't trust you with the words, Let that be a lesson learnt. The lights are on, and it's time"
  • Something New - Down for the Count
    "I think your moves have been exhausted. And I've never seen such canny boys as these. And if we break the ice and turn backs to them oh, the arrogance how it serves us well. I think you're running out"

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