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new song where are you now

  • Where Are You Now? - Galactic Cowboys
    "We spent that time in the park We laughed until it was dark and ending the day I used to walk with you home We used to talk on the phone with nothing to say And where are you now, long time no see I wonder"
  • Where Are You Now - Avion
    "Two years,eight months and four days Since I've known love For what it's worth I'm finding it hard to believe That I'll find love Upon this earth Destiny calls on a life As colors dim and fade So simple"
  • Where Are They Now - Barry Manilow
    "Outside the sky is water color grey Newspaper says to look for rain today No one around for company And so I turn to memories to pass the time away Each face that flashes back to mind Seems as it was untouched"
  • Where are they now - The Kinks
    "I'll sing a song about some people you might know They made front pages in the news not long ago But now they're just part of a crowd And I wonder where they all are now. Where have all the Swinging Londoners"
  • Where are they now - Cock Sparrer
    "I believed in julie when she said how easy it would be and i believed in tony and his written words of anarchy and i believed in joe when he said we had to fight and i believed in jimmy when he told us"
  • Where are they now - Strike Anywhere
    "I believed in Julie when she said how easy it would be And I believed in Tony and his written words of anarchy And I believed in Joe when he said we had to fight And I believed in Jimmy when he told us"
  • Where You Are - Jewel
    "I called you late last night Said you didn't feel like talkin' Had to blow off a little bit of steam Said you were tired of feeling so up-tight You make me so blue Oh, I get so lost inside of you, but I"
  • Where are you ? - Manafest
    "I'm staring at your picture dad Pulling up the past Trying to learn about this father that I never had So young, so wrong, and ye gone It's only, me, mom Virginia & God Were all alone, and are leader is"
  • O God Where Are You Now - David Crowder Band
    "O God, hold me now O Lord, hold me now There's no other man who could raise the dead So do what You can to anoint my head O God, where are you now? O Lord, say somehow Da da da, da da da O God, hold"
  • Where Are You Now? - Gufs
    "Here I am Lost without you I can't feel myself I can't even move There so much I want to say If I could get through to you Where are you now? Are you standing on the edge If you fall, will I see you again? Open"
  • Where Are You Now - Sophia
    "It's 5 a.m. And I stumble down Oxford Street The whiskey and gin They ain't helping things If I could speak I'd call out your name And if I could walk I'd run back to you again But where are you now Oh"
  • Where Are You Now - Roger Taylor
    "(Roger Taylor) Don't have much education Not much anyhow Just believed what they told me And oohee, leak at me now There must be more to life than this bum deal Same direction somehow Same kind of a reason Yeah,"
  • Where Are You Now - Justin Bieber
    "Where are you now When I need you the most Why don't you take my hand I want to be close Help me when I am down Lift me up off the ground Teach me right from wrong Help me to stay strong Take my hand and"
  • Where Are You Now? - Fisher
    "For the words we never said, And the life we never had, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. For the reason that I had to wave our world goodbye, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry. Where are you now? Now that I'm lost and all"
  • Where Are You Now - Blue Rodeo
    "You were so complete you made a perfect mess of my head I should have known better but I was bored and looking for kicks You were the open window a two lane highway headed West you were my adventure the"
  • Where are you now - Bad Boys Blue
    "People around me. People are talking.And I'm by myself laughing loud.Watching the strangers. When they are walking.Looking for you in the crowd.Cause you are my one and only and you're always on my mind.I"
  • Where Are You Now - Dream Theater
    "- John Petrucci Carry it away Carry it away again Have nothing to say Nothing to say again No one needs to be alone Get my ego on the phone Walking again Walking again today "
  • Where Are You Now - Ian Van Dahl
    "Where are you now Lie awake and wonder where you are tonight How will I know Search for a trace, I look around but you're out of sight Where did you go Thought your love for me was strong Was I the only"
  • Where are you now - Brandy
    "You just came into my world, A little boy without a girl. When you smiled at me, I knew it was on. We spent weeks that were a blur. We made love so sweet and pure. Then one day, you were gone. Where"
  • Where Are You Now - Nightcore
    "Where are you now, cause I need to have you right here next to me You're not around, oh where are you now. Just like a diamond from the sky You are a star shining bright, for me But now it's fading,"

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