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new world in my view

  • View - De La Soul
    "Yo.. we bout to get it (get it) get it (get it) get it (get it) get on down (down) down (down) Yo! We bout to get it (get it) get it (get it) get it (get it) get on down (down) down (down) Yo! Chorus:"
  • The View - Emily Haines
    "Who deserves a pretty tangled dream Green hillside, hands inside hands I lay before you like unclaimed land You drove your bulldozer over, Wrote your name in the sand I am new, watch the smoke move through You've"
  • View - Blues Traveler
    "Tranquility can end in all it's forms And disaster can rule the day I'm sitting in the center of hell And I yearn to strike the match And seldom surprised, the damned and cursed The plans of mice and men As"
  • View - Think About Mutation
    "enjoy the springtime your head still bleeds what is the difference love and hate? Look at my face don't hesitate I want to see when you smile come in the garden with usefull lights rewind the riddim of"
  • Bird's Eye View - Xzibit
    "(feat. Tha Alkaholiks) When it comes to shit like this I always get it right the first time playa haters and snakes waitin' for mistakes But that's the breaks the highs and lows Of the industry D.I.T.C."
  • My World View - Audio Adrenaline
    "I want to see the world through Jesus eyes see through Jesus tears I want to see the world through Jesus eyes my vision's not as clear I want to feel the world with the hands that made it know the pain"
  • Opposite View - Del Amitri
    "We could be away from here by ten o'clock tonight Pennies won't get us to heaven, I know but a borrowed car just might Look through my wallet There's enough for a hotel room But no, no, no, you say"
  • View Master - Ookla The Mok
    "I turned on the TV set to check up on Battle of the Planets At seven a.m. on Saturday But G-Force and Mr. Magoo went the way of the New Zoo Revue And all my Super Friends have gone away Daphne, Fred and"
  • Liquid View - Trail Of Tears
    "Deeply sown and never known The mirror bleeds the truth Deeply sown and never known Your presence is fading As I fill my glass and watch my own reflection then I know that I'll be gone As I raise my hand,"
  • Dominant View - King Prawn
    "check it i'm the fucking one without a jacket when i play with the microphone i rip it yes i wreck it fools in my way step out of my way with this lyrical style you're gonna get sprayed masterminded with"
  • Pay Per View - Allen Iverson f/ Harlem World, Mysonne
    "Allen Iverson f/ Harlem World, Mysonne Miscellaneous Pay Per View Change the beat now and take one of those sounds out Yo this is the answer Its a dirty, dirty, dirty game If we don't get the money"
  • My New World - Transatlantic
    "The place she called home was high on a hill, way up in a big house under the trees Day's in the sun she's seen by the river, reading a book, feeding her dreams Now she's a loner, now she's a stoner, no"
  • Brave New World - Hedley
    "Hello, I love you Won't you tell me your name? Hello, I need you Like a bullet to my brain It seems I'm never breaking free While you sit and watch me bleed When the night falls theres nowhere to go I"
  • My View - Avril Lavigne
    "people say, you are a bad human, cause you do bad things, but not you are bad, just the things you do. so listen to my version of life: politicians, adults, parents have their own rules: if you steal,"
  • In View - The Tragically Hip
    "I love you. You know I do Yea, it's perfectwell, it isn't and it is And I've been meaning to call you I've been meaning to call you Then I do I've been meaning to call you I've been meaning to call you Then"
  • The new world - In Flames
    "The great word of blessendness and a feeling of ease a cup of the well of freedom and a life we joyfully drink inside, all was new, but outwards nothing had changed an escapade, then to the altar to evaluate"
  • Room With A View - Atheist
    "Lie half-alive in my hospital bed Or to some of you that may be half-dead I.V. machines and tubes running to my veins Man-made life restores my withered remains A mirror of sorts appears before my being My"
  • New World - Prince
    "New world When the sharpest vibration Saves U from obliteration The intelligence of your bed reacts Covering U head 2 toe with an air-filled sack When the lines blur every boy and girl How we gonna"
  • New World - Hypocrisy
    "Can't you see them coming? Cannot see the sense of me All of them decide Deciding our ups, downs, and misery Addicted to fleshly skin Enough for me to swallow and take in Two worlds collide One with all"
  • New World - Bjork
    "Train-whistles, a sweet clementine Blueberries, dancers in line Cobwebs, a bakery sign Ooooh - a sweet clementine Ooooh - dancers in line Ooooh ... If living is seeing I'm holding my breath In wonder"

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