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next to you justin

  • Justin - Against Me!
    "They're advertising on the TV. "Become a soldier," It's still high school politics, you know. Nothing's changed, jocks and assholes still don't know shit about aesthetic. I think I smell a rat. We sold"
  • Justin - Korn
    "Fuck all that bullshit! You watch me play. I look away. Your lights turn bright. You found the light. Take, off in space. You and I. Time, off in space. You and I. You're gonna die! Wanna meet me,"
  • Justin-Se?orita - Justin Timberlake
    "Pharrell: Ladies and gentlemen Justin: Huh Pharrell: It's my pleasure to introduce to you He's a friend of mine Justin: Yes, yes I am Pharrell: And he goes by the name... Justin Whoa-ooh-ooh All the way from"
  • Next Experience - Next
    "INTRO-Rock-a-bye baby and it don't stop,when the shirts fall the pants will drop. Down will come boxers,panties and all. It's on, it's on,it's on. Yo(huh)this is RL, and what we tryna do right now is figure"
  • Justin Costa - Stafford
    "And this is pain, a ghost that seems to linger. It's something you and I have both felt, but at least there's a weight at the end of this long rope. (Just know that no matter who calls your name, you and"
  • Justin Sux - Nemesis 66
    "From what I hear You were a loser In elementary school You were a loser in junior high too You were shy And nobody was your friend I know you now and I understand And for all the times you put people"
  • For Justin - Dashboard Confessional
    "It's been a year now since you were here now And I've been trying to heal inside Dedications of how I placed And I see your resemblance in my face And on our birthday I said an extra wish for you (for"
  • Holy Grail (feat. Justin Timberlake) - Jay-Z
    "You take the clothes off my back And I let you You steal the food right out of my mouth And I watch you eat it I still don't know why Why our love is so much Oh, you curse my name In spite to put me to"
  • Next - Raised Fist
    "I just don't want to grow up by myself Believing in that way to change I don't want to buy my water out of the bottle And I don't want my brain to be chemically damaged I promised myself I would never"
  • Next...! - Seeed
    "'' '' Next! We're giving you stuff to relax, To have sex, to cheer you up when you're vexed You had a wife, now she's your ex Go get a life, we give you soundtrax! This is how we flex We plant this sound"
  • Next - Journey
    "(Dunbar, Rolie, H. Cogdell) Sitting in the corner of a room, thinkin' of you. Wonderin' what you're doing now we're apart. No use cryin', tears can't reach you now. Memories, fulfilling dreams. You"
  • Next - Michele Morrone
    "if you were in my head wouldn’t say I am wrong if you know my past you wouldn’t fly you think I am naïve I’ve try so many times a new begin the space turn around and se my empty glass you think I am"
  • Next - Grits
    "See it's not that you ain't fineIt's just that I ain't interested Yep you guessed it I'm the result of a love that never lasted cause lust was always present. I was hoping by the way I dressed and ignored"
  • Justin And Nova - Jericho Jones
    "Justin and Nova left today Go with the stake in ev'ry way Up to the moon Where they've never been Up to the sun In his light machine. Nova, who came from older time Shout like the serpent in the sky Down"
  • Get Here- Justin - American Idol
    "You can reach me by railway, you can reach me by trailway You can reach me on an airplane, you can reach me with your mind You can reach me by caravan, cross the desert like an Arab man I don't care"
  • Sunny - Justin Guarini - American Idol
    "Sunny, yesterday my life was filled with rain Sunny, you smiled at me and you really eased the pain But now the dark days are gone Now the bright days are here Sunny, I never knew one who was so sincere Sunny,"
  • Next To You - Darude
    "I've been waiting for a boy like you I've been dying to get next to you I've been dancing all night through I've been trying to get next to you To get next to you...x 3 I've been waiting for a boy like"
  • Next To You - Sting
    "I can't stand it for another day When you live so many miles away Nothing here is gonna make me stay You took me over, let me find a way I sold my house I sold my motor, too All I want is to be next to"
  • Next To You - Dance Hall Crashers
    "Tryin' to pretend that you are comfortable, I guess I know you better than you think. Tryin' to pretend that you are far away, I guess I better buy you a stiff drink. How could you try to forget what we"
  • Next To You - The Police
    "(Sting) I can't stand it for another day When you live so many miles away. Nothing here is gonna make me stay, (You) took me over, let me find a way. I sold my house I sold my motor, too. All I want"

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