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niXes - Circles

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niXes - Circles

  • Circles - Switchfoot
    "Another day Another sunrise Another factory call Another night Another sunset Another freefall Am I alive? Am I on purpose? Within the weakness Within the weakness Spinning out in circles In circles,"
  • Circles - Finger Eleven
    "You helped him, you laid by his side when he died. He held in his breath and you broke down and cried. You stood there, confused, you couldn't believe. You're helpless, and realize, it's better you"
  • Circles - Soul Coughing
    "When you were languishing in rooms I built to foul you in And when the wind set down in funnel form and pulled you in I don't need to walk around in circles walk around in circles walk around in circles walk"
  • Circles - Atlantic Starr
    "Circles, goin' round in circles Circles, goin' round in circles You're taking too much time to make up your mind Either you love me or you don't And all the other girls in your crazy mixed up world You"
  • Circles - Banaroo
  • Circles - Bruno Mars
    "Got me going in circles c-circles My heart is dizzy from you Got me going in circles c-circles Tell me what I'm supposed to do You got me up at night Feeling like You won't come thru Got me going"
  • Circles - Fates Warning
    "I thought I reached the final stage, Time enough now to catch my breath. Holding on to each fleeting moment, Until the winds of change come blowing through. And all the things I Thought I needed Go sailing"
  • Circles - Hooverphonic
    "Move on You'd better move on You're walking In circles Move on You'd better move on You're walking In tiny circles But now It is too late There's way too much preassure We both lost that little faith So"
  • Circles - In This Moment
    "Black birds swarming Letting me know I am saved Shadows dancing Freeing me from yesterdays Will I be saved, these voices are killing me Will I make it through the brink of sanity I know the skies will"
  • Circles - Pete Townshend
    "Circles, my head is going round in circles My mind is caught up in a whirlpool Dragging me down Time will tell if I can live without you I'm trying but I'll never get threw Circles bring me back to you Everything"
  • Circles - Acid Android
    "round and round you walk in circles in loops just roaming tomorrow's mundane but it maybe better than today ending think you don't want to unfinished matters left behind in circles moon and sun in turn"
  • Circles - All Time Low
    "Inquisitive and thoughtful, she was the challenge he'd been waiting for; a reminder that creativity runs deep like secrets. Dark eyed dreamers; they were a dangerous pair, Q next to U scribbled out on"
  • Circles - Post Malone
    "seasons change and our love went cold freed the flame cause we can’t let it go run away but we’re running in circles run away /2x I dare you do something I’m waiting on you again so I don’t take the blame run"
  • Circles - Nonpoint
    "Going around in circles again.Pedal to floor, back in the seat, purpose and will verus modern machine.Passing the slow, defeating the weak, all with the tar on the street,and the weight of my feet the"
  • Circles - Sophie Ellis-Bextor
    "You got me running in circles You got me listening to blues You got me running in circles You got looking for clues You got me watching my back I don't know where i'm at You got me pulling out hair In"
  • Circles - Corbin Bleu
    "Nathan: Hey Daley? Daley: Yeah? Nathan: I uh... I uh... I... Never mind. Just never mind. I can't believe it, feels like I'm the last to know I got a secret, I can't let out, I can't let go Too many"
  • Circles - BT
    "i'm on my knees and shes on her last defense though the tempest may breathe we know we're on our last pretense our love is cyclical it moves in circles shifting and convolving goes round again it shelters"
  • Circles - Drake Bell
    "Here we are at this party Everything is going down Music's playing loud Keep the pressure off my coffee table Momma said it's not loud Girls are laughing way too loud Jocks stand around Oh damn"
  • Circles - Seven Witches
    "Staring out the window Looking at the sun Birds fly high in the glare Slowly the morning comes Never knew the reasons Why this cannot end Trapped with inner feelings You're the chosen one Angel of mercy Descend"
  • Circles - Golden Earring
    "From the Album: * Keeper of the flame I'm up & you're kinda low Are you provin', that you don't want me no more Mixed up and I'm all alone And I'm ridin' around in circles I've been up - I've been way"

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