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nicol scherzinger your love

  • Fino All'Estasi (ft. Nicole Scherzinger) - Eros Ramazzotti
    "Sorridi provocandomi con gli occhi mi incateni qui Mi lasci andare tanto sai che puoi riprendermi You're drowning in the deep for me Sei sabbie mobili I love the way I'm drawn to you Tu sai accendermi Just"
  • Physical (feat. Nicole Scherzinger) - Timbaland
    "Let me into your life Gimme a minute Gimme the night I know a seceret spot where we can hide I'll take you there if your willing to ride Look around this place is no suprise I'm the girl and baby u the"
  • WINGS (feat. Nicole Scherzinger) - Black Eyed Peas
    "When I saw you in my dream Dream, dream, dream, dream You wore the crown, you were my king King, king, king, king I hope you know you are my everything Everything, everything You are the wind under"
  • Your Love - Nicole Scherzinger
    "Boy, you don't know how much I like you You're so hot, not to bite it Just a little, know you like it I'll do whatever you want Somethin 'bout you so enticin' Even when I try to fight it Knock me out"
  • Mona Lisa Smile (ft. Nicole Scherzinger) - Will.I.Am
    "Let me tell you about my girlfriend My girlfriend mona lisa She let somebody took a picture So she can be a fashionista She said she wanna be a model But what she wanna be a model for? She told me that"
  • Come To Me (ft. Nicole Scherzinger) - P. Diddy
    "It's bad boy bitch Do it to it P- It feels good to be back, I missed ya Relax ya mind, let your conscience be free and I'm rolling with the sounds of BBE (Do it to it) you know what time it is report"
  • I'll Be Your Love - Nicole Scherzinger
    "I'll be your love I'll never make you feel, feel alone If yesterday blindfolds your eyes I'll bring you tomorrow There's a time You feel like you're lost Feel the night will never end Through the daybreak It's"
  • Baby Love - Nicole Scherzinger
    "(Nicole) I remember like it was yesterday first kiss and i knew you changed the game you had me, exactly, where you wanted and i'm on it, and i aint ever gonna let you get away holding hands never made"
  • Punchin' (Punchin you in your sleep) - Nicole Scherzinger
    "You want me to be the last chick You'll ever have But I ain't like the last chick You ever had Smooth like butter Simple Real Soft Coming over nothing I'm letting you get off Your try to be the last dude"
  • Until U love me - Nicole Scherzinger
    "You know sometime when u see your self Just see your self Someone not good enough And though there's times when you feel like You can't do nothing right And then security takes ahold Obscures your vision"
  • Who's gonna love u - Nicole Scherzinger
    "Nobody, nobody, nobodynobody, a nobody,a nobodyA nobody, nobody, nobody, nobody..Wait a minuteNot a dream girl, not perfectionNever said I was from HeavenBut baby I could be the closest that you met (y'all"
  • Love Your Shotgun - Be Your Own Pet
    "Thought you were the only fish in the sea Thought you were the only fish in the sea Thought you were the only leaf on my tree Thought that you would miss me when we took that walk Thought you were"
  • I Love Your Grace - Make Up Your Mind
    "I love Your grace, I love Your mercy I love the way You help me when I call I love the truth, I love the power of Your name But You know I love Your presence most of all My soul takes refuge in the shadow"
  • Your Love - Neil Young
    "Your love is good to me I should be standing tall And walking proud Your eyes keep looking out And your heart keeps beatin' on Oh yeah, without your love I would surely die. Some night when I'm alone I"
  • Your Love - Boyz II Men
    "Your your your your love Oh, it's gettin' hot in here (it's gettin' too hot in here) So turn the lights down low And lets move our bodies in control You know what I need sweetie Take this time and you"
  • Your Love - 112
    "Your your your your love Oh, it's gettin' hot in here (it's gettin' too hot in here) So turn the lights down low And lets move our bodies in control You know what I need sweetie Take this time and you"
  • Your Love - Midtown
    "Josie's on a vacation far away Come around and talk it over So many things that I wanna say You know I like my girls a little bit older I just wanna use your love tonight I don't wanna lose your love"
  • Your Love - Fred Hammond
    "It goes beyond all knowledge (your love) Anything I've ever known (your love) Bearing what I never could (your love) Paid what I owed (your love) Covering my darkest side (your love) Unconditional it remains"
  • Your Love - Porter Wagoner
    "Look in my eyes let me see your love give me your hand let me feel your love With you in my arms your breath on my cheek and your kiss on my lips Oooh I can feel your love Whisper to me let me hear your"
  • Your love - Gigi D'Agostino
    "Mmsica: Your loveGigi D AgostinoLovelove for meis lovelove for meI call your name,i keep on looking for you,and i don't know,don't know where we're going,can't stop the night,it keeps on calling methere"

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